RoboCopOut Month: The Demolitionist

March 22, 2014 § Leave a comment


So after Cyborg Cop, we gone back to a legitimate RoboCop rip-off and this time, it’s 1995’s The Demolitionist. Now, I don’t know how to explain the amount of casting there because one IMDB reviewer said it’s basically “Cult Horror Actors: The Movie” and that person is dead right on that. No really, how cool would a movie be if you put Tom Savini, Jack Nance, Heather Langenkamp and few others together? Well, you get a VHS that is best autographed in various horror conventions but as an entertaining schlock movie itself? That’s really a good question.

The Demolitionist
As usual, director’s check time so let’s see what Robert Kurtzman’s body of work is like. Well, he is not known much except he wrote some story known as From Dusk Till Dawn. Okay, I kid about not knowing the Gecko Brothers kicking vampires ass so I’ve seen the movie anyway. He is known for directing a few as well like Wishmaster (one of the movies which has that “Wes Craven Presents” in the title) but beyond that, he is more notable for being a well-known makeup artist and supervisor for movies like The Green Mile and… uh, The Animal! Maybe he lost a bet or something at that time so moving on.

The movie begins with prisoners Mad Dog Burne (Richard Grieco) and his brother Little Henry (Randy Vasquez) awaiting for their execution. After meeting up with Father McKenzie (Jack Nance and yes, that’s an reference to Eleanor Rigby) and its warden Thomas (Reggie Bannister), Mad Dog escapes death but his brother on the other hand got accidentally electrocuted to death. Over at his base in some biker warehouse, he gives a speech with everybody including Roland (Tom Savini) and undercover police officer Alyssa Lloyd (Nicole Eggert) before having a party.


Meanwhile in the City Hall, Mayor Eleanor (Susan Tyrrell), Higgins (Peter Jason) and Professor Jack Crowley (Bruce Abbott) got caught by a group of incoming criminals but Jack stopped them and they all survive while Eleanor greenlights his Lazarus Experiment because of it. Back in the warehouse, Alyssa got easily caught by Mad Dog while they shoot her partner Daniel Dupre (Andras Jones) and both are left for death. It’s Jack to the rescue and he resurrected Alyssa while Daniel is a comatose state. And then, Higgins went to the church and is actually working for Mad Dog. Alyssa is resurrected and montage ahoy as she is trained to be tough while having weird nightmares and put Daniel out of misery.


She escapes but returned shortly after and becomes the title character as she fights for justice (including shooting a window to a wedding store for no reason except having flashbacks). She gets a little bump but decide to take on the big bad. Meanwhile at the warehouse, Bruce Campbell won a raffle and killed Higgins. Yeah, Bruce Campbell is in this and that’s really his motivation for the movie. And then The Demolitonist appears and there are shootouts happening before Mad Dog died by having her injecting him. Oh yeah, they wanna rip-off the gruesome transformation of Emil on RoboCop so yeah, it makes sense.

Bruce Campbell

She nearly died but Jack faked her death to the public and well, that’s how the movie ends. Eh, the movie is alright but not great in my opinion. I do admit that the casting is interesting and odd (seriously, Nancy Thompson as a ditsy news reporter?) and there is some good to the story but there are problems as well. It’s mostly pretty slow and not much action-packed as the other two. It did however have satirical notice and there’s cheesy camp involved so of anything, this movie is worth checking out for that while it’s recommended for completists of any actors who starred in it.


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