RoboCopOut Month: Android Cop (Asylum Seeker Special)

March 29, 2014 § Leave a comment


Well, we come to the close of the RoboCopOut month and why not end it by getting out of the 90s and get into a knockoff that cashes in on a remake of RoboCop this time around which is obvious given the image I made above. And with Michael Jai White and Charles S. Dutton in this one, it might be better than the other one even though RoboCop is basically a cyborg and not an android. I wonder if The Asylum knew the differences. Also, it’s my 100th article so that’s timely (as long as I don’t count two articles I deleted for my own reasons).


And oh boy, we’re not in a good start with the director (and screenwriter) for this movie. This one is done by Mark Atkins who brought us such Asylum fares as Princess of Mars, Battle of Los Angeles and Alien Origin. All of them that receive not-so-great acclaim (especially Alien Origin). It doesn’t help that he was the cinematographer for 2012: Doomsday, The Terminators and Alien vs Hunter so uh, I sincerely hope Android Cop is good one.

mark atkins

The movie beings in The Zone, a forbidden section of Los Angeles in the year 2037 (not 2045 according to blurbs and various sites) and we follow Hammond (Michael Jai White) who’s involved in a shootout that killed his unnamed partner. What happens next will be told as we jump straight to months later as Hammond and other police officers making their negotiations in The Zone that includes a gun-crazy grandmother. And then Andy (Randy Wayne), an android cop appeared and is it just me or does his helmet resemble Superman’s 1990s villain Conduit?


Nothing going on besides few shootouts before Hammond gets back to the headquarters and is so unhappy that in the tradition of buddy cop movies, he and Andy are assigned as partners on the case. They first went to save a jumper which is a short one since Andy connects to the jumper’s girlfriend and the incident is averted. And then, they went to the home of Mayor Jacobs (Charles S. Dutton) and investigates a “missing person”that involves his daughter Helen (Larissa Vereza) in the bed in critical condition while her mind is linked to her android counterpart that’s hiding out somewhere. The two went to the bar and did a good cop/bad cop situation which again, is a short one as they again go back to The Zone.

Android Phone

Helen appears and reveals to them why she’s here and it turns out that the civilians of The Zone weren’t suffering from radiation since it was all her father’s ploy to be a corrupt Mayor and made them sick with delivered foods and drinks. Shootouts happen and Hammond realized that Sgt. Jones (Kadeem Harison) were working for the Mayor. Oh, and remember that prelude story involving Hammond in The Zone in the beginning? Well, you’re not gonna believe this but Hammond is also discovered that he himself is an android copy of his human counterpart who’s also in critical condition in the hospital.


It’s now up to the three to get to the Hospital to save Helen’s human life before Mayor Jacobs pulls the plug. There’s car chase involved which ends with their own car crashing to a part of the Hospital building and… Hammond’s human self died which collectively ended his android personality. It’s only up to Andy to stop this but oh no, the plug has been pulled for Helen. But wait, it turns out she’s being sedated by her android nurse the whole time and the whole ordeal has been exposed which leaves her father killing himself.


The movie then ends with Andy getting in the cop with newly resurrected Hammond android and as usual buddy cop movies, they end on arguing with each other. Okay, the movie turns out all right and have a few laughs here and there. Michael pulls a good performance as well as Charles and Randy did try to pull off his monotone android police officer act there which kinda works. The story is usually there and it is watchable even with the movie using an “buddy cop” trope. The effect is also good and nothing cheesy to that effect (with the exception of Lens Flare that’s not as hurtful as Total Recall but is dumb anyway). Mark Atkins, you get a gold star on this one and hope you might continue that road.


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