Patrick: Evil Awakens

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

There is a good reason to why I’m reviewing this movie at this time. Back before I’m doing a month on Robocop knockoffs, I originally plan to do a month on remakes that is a mixed bag and I’ve changed it because of one good reason – the movie didn’t get a DVD release until March of this year. Yeah, that’s the only reason I gonna give you (that and I’m trying to find time to review this). Beyond that, this is technically the second movie I’ve reviewed that’s made or set in Australia. I say technically because I deleted my Last Ride review and why I deleted it? It’s quite possibly the worst one that I’ve ever wrote.

Last Ride
Coincidentally, The remake of Patrick shared something in common with my other review which is the first Mad Max movie (yeah, the one where I made a certain goof) in that I’ve mentioned the original movie briefly at that time. Not only that, Mark Hartley’s documentary Not Quite Hollywood is given a mention in that review as well so it kinda comes full circle since he’s the one who directs this remake so how does he fare on doing a movie that’s not a documentary? Well, let’s look…

The remake focused on Kathy (Sharni Vinson) who’s a nurse arriving from Australia and set to work in a clinic that’s administrated by Dr. Roget (Charles Dance). There, she meets Patrick (Jackson Gallagher) who is a comatose patient with something extraordinary within him. Not only has Patrick has a sense of communication with Kathy but he uses his telekinetic powers to get in his way to be obsessed with Kathy in a sexual manner while killing a couple of people along the way so Kathy must find ways to stop him before her time is up. Also, Dr Roget sets his experiments on the patient with the aid of his daughter (and head nurse) Matron Cassidy.

Now on to what I think of it, this movie is a good remake but I had very minor issues involved. While I’m okay with the story being retold similarly while giving something new, it’s also the kind of remake that has the same exact set of traps that was emulated in other horror remakes made in recent times. You want Jump Scares? Here you go. You want this to be more dark and moody? You got it. You want few of the cast to look like they either modeled or looked hot? Hey, that’s what Michael Bay did so let Mark do the same. Those are the minor issues, it felt like I’m watching a Platinum Dunes reboot but unlike those kind of movies, this one is at least done better.

Charles Dance
Yeah, this movie is not a waste of time and made for a good reason. Mark knows the genre that is Ozploitation and this is basically his other tribute to it. I do hope he goes to that path again in the future. Other than what I mentioned about the cast earlier, they do act well and has some clever ones. Heck, Charles Dance gives a terrific performance right down to “I got it from the raffle” line (which was lifted and changed from the original but he did well) and to be honest, Rachel Griffiths looked somewhat creepy which is something different the her role’s original movie counterpart.

One last thing is the score which is a mixed bag since while it is a good score, it’s also mostly over the top at the same time. I don’t know, I liked the original movie score by Brian May (yes, that Brian May) along with the alternate score by Goblin (which is only heard in Italian cut of the film but there’s an soundtrack of this worth tracking down) and I hardly talk about soundtracks in this site so that’s just me. So anyway, do check this one out but do check the original first just in case.

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