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You all might already noticed that I’m fan of Time Travel stories when it comes to me reviewing movies like 12 Monkeys, Time Under Fire and even Quantum Apocalypse. Yeah, I’m somehow counting that last one as “time travel” movie now so that is something I thought I’ll never say. So anyway, while I’m preparing myself to give thoughts to something that I’m not looking forward to, I might as well hold those thoughts and review a time travel movie released this year that I am hoping is getting a cult following because… oh god, this movie is so awesome that I honestly don’t know how to handle a review without spoiling it even by a small piece.

Ethan Hawke

And it’s all thanks to Martin and Peter Spierig which is already a good sign if you’ve seen Undead and Daybreakers. Now I actually know the story before seeing the movie since I read All You Zombies by Robert Heinlein a few years ago and it’s an interesting time travel story that is worth a read so do check it out (but after you see the movie, trust me on that part). So when I heard that they do this movie after their plans for Dark Crystal sequel didn’t work, I am hoping they won’t mess it up and go the Sound of Thunder direction of novel-to-film translation.

Ben Kingsley
Taking place in 1970, it follows the bartender (Ethan Hawke) who has a chance encounter with John (Sarah Snook) who is passing his time while the city is having an alert involving the mysterious Fizzle Bomber. John explains his story on how he was a female who has lost her love and child in separate occasions while looking for ways to get a job from Mr Robinson (Noah Taylor). It was at that point, the bartender is revealed to be a time traveler from the future and he helps John find the love of his life and that is as far as I’m gonna tell the plot right here, what happens beyond that is for you to see for yourself.

Noah Taylor
Again, this movie is good and might be the sleeper hit of the year. Ethan gives a good performance while collaborating with the Spierig brothers for the second time. Noah also deserves a performance here but keep in mind that he is somewhat channeling his role in Vanilla Sky which I hope doesn’t take you out of the movie (or connect this movie with the other one canonically which is a sound theory but moving on) but the best performance throughout is Sarah Snook playing both Jane and John. It is her first starring role since Not Suitable For Children and it depends if she might be the next best thing to hit Hollywood but other than that, she stole the movie through and through.

Sarah Snook
As for the plot, it’s faithfully adapted save for minor changes. It has its time settings from the short story while expanding it with a plot to give the movie somewhat a unique alternate history approach. It does starts off as an average “bar story” approach before it slowly cuts to time travel approach so do expect that to happen. I don’t know what else to say about this movie other than recommending it so really, do check it out and you won’t feel disappointed but do prepare for asking questions about what you just watched (that is unless you know time travel lingo for a while like me).


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