Asylum Seeker: Captain Battle – Legacy War

October 25, 2014 § 3 Comments

After three movies of nothing but volcanoes, an asteroid and Colin Firth getting into a couple of bar brawls, I bet it’s a good time to look at some lower budget superhero movie that capitalizes on Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise and oh boy, is this really a good time. Captain Battle: Legacy War is another TomCat mockbuster like Metal Man and The Amazing Bulk but this time, it’s a different kind of superhero movie from the company since this one is actually based on a golden age character that itself is a knockoff of Captain America rather than being “original”.

Comic Book
This one is directed by David Palmieri who has few direct-to-DVD stuff which includes Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs Tsunami. I don’t know how one disastrous event is battling against another but I gonna admit, it’s an interestingly funny title. Also, he directed Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman which is funny since there’s two uses of the word “Snake” in the title. Maybe they got the title after finding out that the word “Manos” in Manos, The Hands of Fate is spanish for well… Hands.

The movie begins with Jonathan Battle (Tom Newth) who’s on the car chase shootout with some nazi skinheads but got involved with really-fake explosions and died. Meanwhile in Northern Iraq, his son Sam (Cuyle Carvin) got shot by random Iraqi soldiers and is facing death but thanks to the serum created by his friend Brandon Storm (Andrew J McGuinness), he not only survives but has gained strength. Cut to three months later and Sam is back home while having a surprise visit from Brandon. They went to some hotel room and talked about the serum before Brandon’s sister Jane (Marlene Mc’Cohen) appears and after meeting Sam, the movie suddenly cuts to skinheads enjoying their time at a stripper bar with a montage. Ha, unexpected transition.

The skinheads kidnapped one of the strippers (even using a gun in the bar which reminds me, where the fuck are the bodyguards and anybody’s who not an nazi with their own weapons?) and use her along with other kidnapped girls as possible experiments. While Sam is taking Jane home, Brandon also got kidnapped and is held at their base of operations as well. Sam and Jane is figuring out what happened while Jane mentioned that Jonathan’s accidental death is actually murder and they meet up with Jonathan’s friend Steve Kelly (Pete Punito) who tells what has been happening. And then, the lead villain a finally ppeared and well, let me just show you the villain.

The Necromancer
The villain is of course The Necromancer (Jenny Allford) and she wanted Brandon to work on serum that’s enough to bring upon the fourth reich. After a long talk, Steve gives Sam his father’s stuff including the uniform and then both Sam and Jane encountered some nazis which results into Jane getting kidnapped and Sam interrogating one of them who’s left behind before… he lets him go. Wait, a hero lets one of the villains go instead of punching him or take him to a police station. That’s what just happened in this movie. Back to the nazis hideout and The Necromancer revived Heinrich Himmer (Todd James Jackson) thanks to the serum and for a decades-long resurrection, he look like a poor man’s excuse for The Red Skull.

Himmler 1
Sam finally dons the identity of Captain Battle which is a good costume but his identity is sort-of given away since the “mask” he’s wearing is just an eyepatch. There are fights with him against the Nazis and with only two random police officers involved (one of them looking like a pornstache police officer that just came out of Miami Vice costume party). A couple of Nazis got hit by kidnapped females, Himmler got killed again by Battle and The Necromancer got away leaving the movie open-ended with a sequel that to this date, hasn’t been made.

Captain Battle
Well, this movie is indeed bad but unlike the previous three, it’s also enjoyable. The acting is average, the action is cheesy and the plot is similar to 1979 Captain America movie but at least it doesn’t come off boring. I honestly do say that I hope a sequel for this is made but doubt that’s gonna happen. I may be wrong about my previous dislikes on superhero rip-offs but who knows? There are few others along the way. Now the month is nearly done so you know what? Next time I’m reviewing Sharknado II: The Second One and hope this month ends in a good note.

Himmler 2


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