My Early Thoughts On “Terminator: Genisys”

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s me talking about something involving time travel again and yeah, you should have known my style by now. I’m pretty much an average fan of the Terminator franchise since well, I liked the first two movies with a passion, don’t mind the third and (surprisingly) fourth movie and can watch the television series when I need to. Oh, and there was that Asylum knockoff I remember seeing once years ago that I kinda forget (except for the ending and a twist). So anyway, when there was the fifth movie coming with a ridiculous subtitle, it’s been said to be both a sequel and a reboot in a similar way JJ Abrams once took the helm on Star Trek. And a trailer is out so let’s see how that one goes.

Well, that happened. And to put it honestly, I really want to check the movie out. Not in the sense that this movie might be as bad as the last one or me going hipster-like and say that I will watch it ironically. No, I want to see the movie now because it looks freaking awesome despite what I just witnessed. I’ll get back to it shortly but for now, let’s see the casting call and who else is involved in Terminator: Genisys (that really is a dumb subtitle).

First taking the role as John Connor is Jason Clarke. He seems like an alright actor but I hardly seen him in everything. I did see him in Death Race and You Can’t Stop The Murders (which is a funny flick) but that’s it so I got little to say about this Australian actor besides seeing him in only two films. Yeah, I suck at this so let’s see the other Clarke in the picture playing Sarah Connor – Emilia Clarke. She was Daenerys in Game of Thrones so fuck it, she’s already perfect as Sarah Connor. Really, I’m just being honest here, she could be as perfect as Linda Hamilton and Lena Headey so what could I say about her that doesn’t need any explanation? Nothing at all.

And the father of John Connor has to be cast so let’s get John McClane’s son in on this. Okay, this one is another that I gonna come off as honest. Despite seeing him in A Good Day to Die Hard, I don’t see much of his work besides that. Yeah, this is me going back to Jason Clarke part. Although I might check out the Divergent series and Jack Reacher when I have free time (which is after January, I hope) and yes, he is alright as Kyle Reese but dammit, he is also perfect as Captain Boomerang in upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Sorry but really, it’s a better fit for the role instead of say, Sam Worthington. And now on to Matt Smith as “????” according to one magazine cover.

Matt Smith
I’m a Doctor Who fan and whatever the role he plays, I don’t care because he might be good in this. If the character he’s playing is John’s high school buddy Tim, okay since I might be the only one to wonder what happened to that guy. He might be in his fifties if he survived the nuclear holocaust though. There’s also Courtney B. Vance of Law and Order: Criminal Intent fame as Miles Dyson which is really a nice fit. There’s also J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi  (as Danny Dyson), Michael Gladis and Douglas Smith so nothing bad about them – especially J. Jonah Jameson himself because really, the actor is awesome in anything.

JK Simmons
And I forgot to mention the Terminators themselves besides Arnie of course because I’m a fan of the movie so you probably expect my take on him as one of the characters he’s known to play. Other than that, he’s not the only T-800 model in the movie. The other one is played by Aaron V. Williamson who’s previously known for stunt work and for being a fitness professional. Looking at the trailer, his face might be replaced by Arnie’s face (presumably like Terminator Salvation) so I don’t know. His role might be a bit part so talking about him might be a bit pointless at this point.  There’s also the T-1000 model which is now played by Lee Byung-Hun. Yeah, Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe movies.

Storm Shadow
Okay, he’s known for anything else like RED 2 and Three Extremes but again, it’s Storm Shadow as T-1000. It might be good or might be bad and I have nothing much bad to say about him even if he played Storm Shadow so we’ll see. Now to the people behind the work (besides James Cameron who’s somewhat involved in this movie). Oh Alan Taylor, the director of The Emperor’s New Clothes and Thor: The Dark World. What do I say about him? Probably that he might be better than McG in directing a Terminator movie. Yeah, I got nothing bad to say about him since his body of work is alright so he might be good in this.

Alan Taylor
To the two producers and we have David Ellison who was the executive producer of True Grit, Jack Reacher (again, I’ll watch that movie) and Star Trek Into Darkness (which I’m somewhat still defending). Then again, he also executive produce World War Z and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Uh, I hope his involvement in this film is a good thing. There’s also his sister Megan Ellison who has a better work than him. I mean, she won a Golden Globe for American Hustle and is nominated for four other films so hey, we might be in good hands.

The Ellisons
The third producer is Dana Goldberg who’s similar to David Ellison mainly because they work together in Skydance Productions. On to the screenwriters now and we have Laeta Kalogridis who’s best known for… um, Birds of Prey? Oliver Stone’s Alexander? Uh, Pathfinder? Oh boy, me saying “we might be in good hands” earlier has shifted to the opposite direction. But she is the co-writer for this so let’s see what the other writer, Patrick Lussier has done and maybe he has good stuff. Well, he directed Drive Angry and that was a good movie. He also did Dracula 2000 and it’s two sequels. Okay, I only seen the first one but really? You got the guy who connected Dracula with Judas Iscariot, really?

Dracula 2000
Uh okay, it may be a fluke. Their work on Terminator: Genisys could be more superior than their previous work (and again, Drive Angry is a good movie so let’s pretend that one doesn’t count). Where the heck am I on now? Oh yeah, the plot to this movie which I will get back to earlier. Now I know about the plot synopsis weeks before the trailer hits and when I read that the T-800 (the one played by Arnie) is now a father surrogate to Sarah Connor in this new timeline that Kyle Reese has somehow stumbled onto to, I’m surprised by the whole alternate timeline aspect of this. Sure, it sounds like it comes off a bit like fan fiction but let me honest on what I’m gonna say, the whole Terminator franchise hasn’t come off being a singular continuity since after the second movie.

Why do I say this? Well, there was this original ending to Judgment Day where John Connor somehow is not a criminal and is instead a politician and wealthy father in a utopian future (plus Sarah Connor didn’t die of cancer). Sure, that one changed to a different ending that segues to the third movie. Or the second third movie since before Rise of the Machines, there was T2 3-D: Battle Across Time which is part Universal attraction, part movie plus it has the cast from the second movie including James Cameron, James Bruno and Stan Winston as the co-directors. Oh and in continuity sense, it has John Connor traveled forward to the future to witness the T-1000000. If anything, this one is the original Terminator 3 and I am pissed that it somehow became non-canonical thanks to the other movie.

T2 3D
And we got Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines which has the whole “Judgment Day is delayed, not aborted” thing (again, this movie throws Battle Across Time out of the window) and there’s the Zack Whedon-written comics which plays out as a prototypical version of Genisys and oh you should check this one out if you haven’t. And there’s that awkward crossover with Superman which I think it’s best to avoid. And of course, there’s the television series which… has its own set of multiple timelines!

Mars Attacks

Now you see my point on this, the Terminator franchise has more than one timeline being present and causes enough headaches that I bet there’s a Crisis on Infinite Earths-like event involving this somewhere. This is why I think the only two movies are fully connected to each other while anything else is its own thing one way or another. It probably doesn’t more continuities than the Highlander franchise but it’s dammit, it’s close. Hold up, does that mean that Terminator: Genisys is the “Highlander: The Source” of the franchise? I hope not because I don’t dare compare the second movie with Highlander II: The Quickening and both of those movies are miles apart from being identical to each other.Font

This is already becoming a confusing article (and sorry if I did cause it). So really, what I’m saying here is that I sincerely hope this new one doesn’t suck because I’m already pretty positive for the trailer, the casting, the director, most of the creative team and the surprise take on the franchise. Plus it’s the set up for a new trilogy so just hope this one is a success enough to have two more movies. And lastly, Arnie is already back into one of the roles he’s best known for playing and might save the franchise from becoming irrelevant enough to rebooted by a dumbass hack director about a few years. Yeah, I don’t want another Total Recall/RoboCop crap on this one so please don’t fuck this up.



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