The Greatest Store In The World

December 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

So moving on from The Asylum, let’s see what else is there? Okay, we have The Greatest Store in the World which is based on a novel by Alex Shearer and has a bunch of celebrities like… Peter Capaldi and Brian Blessed! Oh yeah, you heard what I said. The Doctor and King Yrcanos together again in the same movie and to make it more awesome, S Club 7 is also in this. Okay, that last part is not really awesome but then again, it’s a Christmas movie starring Peter Capaldi and BRIAN BLESSED (And I have officially done my deed on saying his name out loud, it’s worth it). It goes to the point where whatever negative thing I say about this movie somewhat invalid even though I haven’t seen it before this year.

S Club 8

I do like to mention that it’s not the first time Peter and Brian starred together though. They previously starred in The History of Tom Jones and well, let’s just this one has got bit of news recently with Brian revealing that he thought he nearly accidentally killed Peter during the serial. Yeah, Prince Vultan nearly killed Malcolm Tucker. Granted, it was part of the story but at least they remained friends afterwards. Moving on from the awkwardness and this movie is the work of one Jane Prowse who made nothing much to be honest. She did make few movies and television works like say, The Craig Ferguson Story for example.

But anyway on to the movie. This tale focuses on Livvy (Elizabeth Earl) whom along with her little sister Angeline (Holly Earl) and their mother (Dervla Kirwan) are rendered homeless after their van exploded. With that, they decide to briefly reside into a store owned by Mr Scottley (Brian Blessed) for a few days on Christmas. There, they hide under their beds, having an montage with Bring It All Back by S Club 7 playing and even gave treats to a security dog while not getting caught. However, Mr Whiskers (Peter Capaldi) suspects on their appearance in the store at first and is thinking of giving them to the authorities.
Their mother didn’t make it on one night to hide in the store and the girls are just hiding by themselves. And then suddenly, Mr Scottley and S Club 7 appears out of nowhere (and behind a cardout of the band themselves). The group discovers the two and lets it slide but that’s before the mother gets in the store to get her kids. Mr Whiskers has his suspicions being correct and decide to keep it secretive. A couple of days later, Livvy discovers that the store’s Santa (Ricky Tomlinson) and his elf (Sean Hughes) are planning to steal the jewels but it then cuts to a cat-and-mouse chase.
Jelly Belly
The two crooks are caught along with the store manager Miss Greystone (Helen Schlesinger) who’s also the leader of the heist. However, the three girls got caught by police as well and are in trouble. Actually, Mr Scottley hears Mr Whiskers’ story and dropped charges while inviting them for Christmas supper ending the movie with Livvy and Angeline discovering the real Santa outside the window.
Okay, this movie is pretty harmless and good for all ages even if Peter and Brian didn’t star in it. It shows what life is like for people becoming homeless in the holiday season while having their own adventure. Both Elizabeth and Holly are themselves talented and anybody else (including S Club 7) is alright. The only issue I have is that it kinda disguises itself somewhat as a S Club 7 vehicle but they were relevant at the time and doesn’t infect much to the overall plot. So if you want an Christmas movie with laughter, tears and great storytelling, this is one of them and is worth checking it out. Next time, I’m taking on another good Christmas material and yes, it’s the one that I mention that is personal as well.


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