Merry Christmas Mr Bean

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Given that today is Christmas Eve, I thought of giving a look at Christmas tale that is actually good for once. Now I may be called a Hypocrite when I say that I don’t want to review something from my childhood that’s basically unreviewable today but really, I reviewed a lot of Christmas stuff that sucks so do give me a break on this. Besides, I did mention that this year’s Christmas is not gonna be great for me and I have a legitimate reason so for now let me talk about one of the best characters that’s played by Rowan Atkinson himself, Mr. Bean.

Board Game
I first came to known this character during the mid 1990s and Mr Bean is basically this generation’s answer to Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character. He was first created as a similar character known as Robert Fox back in 1979 and the act became so hilarious that it took until 1987 that Rowan decide to tweak it a little and became more well-known which ranges from a television series, two movies, a cartoon show and even a dating game show appearance. Now this 1992 episode titled Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean is really one of my favorites of the show and it remained on my memory until this day and beyond so let’s have a look at this one and see why it still holds up in these times.

The episode begins with Bean parking his car to a huge store although almost like how a drunk person parked his or her car. Following him exposing an Santa Claus by taking off the beard, he finds his ways to get the Christmas lights all while unplugging the store lights. He also did his own rendition of the Nativity scene by using toys from to a helicopter to a T-Rex to a freaking Dalek. His playtime has been stopped by a store manager though. He then attempts to expose another Santa but as he pulls the beard, he is stunned that it’s real rather than fake.

Bean then encountered his girlfriend and she wanted the ring for Christmas but he mistakenly thinks a photo near the ring is the one she wants. He then tries his way to win a free turkey by cheating by using the weight machine and a calculator. Later on, Bean tries to be helpful with an Salvation Army member by holding the money basket and he is helpful in the way that he spots a pickpocket kid so the kid gives him the whole stuff he steals even from inside his mouth. Giving the basket back, Bean is then subject to be the composer for the army’s brass band and did it comically.

After that, he is on the mission to get the tree but as it’s sold out – the only alternative for that is to steal one with crowded people involved and neither of them didn’t notice it. He returned home with a cut-down size of the tree (the remains are outside his home) and sets up his envelopes by setting it to one person he knows – himself. The envelopes containing the same Christmas cards by the way. He then sets up making his cracker by taking the fuses on all that he has and combine it into one. As he’s getting a bit tired, he then sets up three stockings – one for the mouse all while him saying meow. Bean turns the telly and sees a bunch of war films (and one horror film) which turned him but not before the choir is outside his door.  He sits on his chair and watches them sing which leads to him closing the door like a jackass.

It’s christmas morning and Bean is very hyperactive about this. He gives the gift for his teddy and the mouse (which includes the mouse trap) while he himself got his favorite gift – another Stocking sock with the same design. Hours later, he is preparing to set up the turkey by stuffing it in with his watch inside it. And then came the part where his head is inside the turkey. Let me tell you it’s one of the funniest scenes of the episode and it worked so well that there’s no imitations that’s better than this.

Bean’s girlfriend arrives to the door and he hides himself away from her. She then discovers him with the turkey on his hand so she helps out as hard as possible which worked the second time. Oh, and he got the watch back but the turkey is out the window. Bean opened his gift from her which is a pirate ship tool kit and then he exchanges her with the photo from earlier. She has gone sad and cried but not before he gave her another gift which she thought was the ring but it turns out to be a hook for the photo. She left a second after leaving him alone for the holidays.

The episode then ends with opening his cracker which caused the explosion in his apartment. Again, this episode is one of my favorites and if you never seen it, I suggest you should check it out along with the whole series. It is also better to see this along with Blackadder Christmas Carol if you want more of your Rowan Atkinson fix since both are funny in its own way and direction. If you have seen it, do see it again and hope you’re still liking it as much as I do.

Now the reason on why I decide to review this episode and the part about me having a possibly sad, depressing Christmas is really a personal one. You see, Mr. Bean is not just a favorite of mine but for my own family itself. One of which is my mother who is the point of the reason. She was born in Christmas Day in 1957 and on 21st of February this year, she passed away due to complications involving both cancer and her hepatitis. This is really the first Christmas I along with my two sisters gonna have without her mortal presence if you will and yeah, that’s the reason I said all this.My Mother

Honestly, I’m not making this review to bring everybody down. I actually made this in my case of nostalgia as well as this being dedicated to her since it’s one of the few shows that she and I both liked. Granted, she is also a fan of The Nanny unlike me but everybody has their own opinions. If you have a loved one who either has a birthday or wedding day that falls on this day or liked this holiday so much even if that person has different beliefs, do spent it with that person and give him or her a gift because we all live in one life at the moment and don’t know what is beyond our own mortal coil. And also don’t be like Scrooge and hate on this season, try to celebrate and be joyful about it. I am spending Christmas with my family and maybe next Christmas would be better but I can’t lie if it’s not gonna be the same as before. So all in all, Merry Christmas and hope that next year is a happy one.


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