Janu-Fahey Month: Iron Maze

January 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


Already we on to the second week and this time, we went from a movie that I felt was wrongly criticized badly to… uh, a movie that is honestly bad. Yeah, I gonna agree with the public on this one. I knew there will be a time I get to a bad movie starring Jeff Fahey and this might be the one. I felt less interested in this after watching it and let me say that I can agree with this being sold at the cheap bargain bin with crap like The Trial of The Incredible Hulk and uh, Man of the Moon! Okay, why is that only two dollars worth nowadays?

Jim Carrey
Now this movie is made by Hiroaki Yoshida whom at that time already hit it big with Twilight of the Cockroaches and that one has its cult status enough that it inspired a certain short film in MTV’s Liquid Television that later translated into a 1990s live-action vehicle starring Jerry O’Connell. I think you know what I’m talking about. But here’s the thing, Twilight of the Cockroaches is his directorial debut and Iron Maze is his… directorial demise if you will. Granted, he still finds work in producing and acting since then but ooh boy, this is a bad way going from making an anime film to an live-action movie.

Joe's Apartment
The movie primary focuses on the attempted murder of Sugita (Hiroaki Murakami) on the steel mill in a town known as Corinth. As Jack Ruhle (J.T. Walsh) investigates why he nearly died, Barry Mikowski (Jeff Fahey) at first gets away from the scene of the crime since he’s a suspect but he then turns himself to the police and mentioned he’s responsible for the assault. However, Sugita’s wife Chris (Bridget Fonda) is calling Jack on the phone while driving for several hours which places herself as another suspect to the case.
Bridget Fonda

It then reveals two sides of the story with Chris saying that Barry is just a maniacal bell boy/steel worker who wants to rape Chris while plan to kill Sugita while Barry said she’s the one who wanted him dead. It’s not long until Sugita wakes up and reveals that it’s neither since while he tries to turn the steel mill to an amusement park, he has a grudge on Barry and that’s due to him having an affair with Chris. They thought it out in the steel mill, Chris nearly kills Sugita by dropping a metal from above and Barry goes back to fighting Sugita on above but not before he falls thanks to the fourth person involved in this event. And that fourth person is… Hob from RoboCop 2!

Yeah, Mikey (Gabriel Damon) is responsible for having Sugita fall to his near death and he has a legit good reason since Barry is the only person Mikey looks up to when nobody’s around. Both Barry and Jack went back to the steel mill to get Mikey and it results to Barry helping his young friend out before Jack decides to let them go, Chris goes on her own journey and Sugita was wrong about hating Barry so he became friends along with Mikey ending the movie.

Happy Ending
Now, in honesty, the movie is only good in one thing – the relationship between Barry and Mikey since this subplot might be the only positive about this because outside of it, this movie is crap. Jeff might acted well along with J.T. and Gabriel but it didn’t help making me like it. Bridget acted like she really doesn’t want to be here and Hiroaki plays a character that really comes off unlikable. The movie stretches itself to boredom and a bit of confusion that ends in a anticlimactic note.

Surprisingly, it’s based on Ryuonosuke Akutagawa’s In A Grove which later forms the basis of the story to Akira Kurosawa’s acclaimed masterpiece Rashomon and I can’t help by say that it’s best to check that movie out rather than this one. However, if you want to check a movie as a drinking game for those pointing out the boom mic in each scene, this is a good example. Damn, I reviewed one Jeff Fahey movie that I didn’t much like so maybe next one is good because it’s time for him to go back to virtual reality territory and no, it’s not The Lawnmower Man II since he didn’t star in that one.

Boom Mic


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