Janu-Fahey Month: Virtual Seduction

January 25, 2015 § Leave a comment


If there is one thing to explain me being a fan of Jeff Fahey, it’s because of few things I’ve seen of him in like Lost, Planet Terror and the best Stephen King in-name-only adaptation I’ve seen which is The Lawnmower Man. Yes, this movie is ridiculous, dated and silly but stuff based on King’s words even by loosely standards do have those traits at times. I mean, I like The Langoliers as well but that’s beside the point, The Lawnmower Man is honestly a good popcorn entertainment and Jeff is one of the few good things about it. After that, I saw him facing the dangers of Virtual Reality again with Apocalypse II: Revelation and that movie is alright with some moments.

Apocalypse II
So this brings me to Virtual Seduction as directed by Paul Ziller who made such apocalyptic and disaster flicks such as Collision Earth, Stonehenge Apocalypse, Ice Quake, Polar Storm, Android Apocalypse, Solar Attack and Ms. Bear. Okay, that last one doesn’t count but he did also bring us the remake of The Philadelphia Experiment which in my opinion is an alright remake. People may hate that one but I don’t because at least Michael Pare said yes to starring in a remake of one of the few 80s movies that made him relevant at that time. But anyway, let’s get on to Virtual Seduction and see if there’s nothing uh, apocalyptic about this.

Jeff plays Liam Bass who’s engaged to his girl Paris (Carrie Genzel) while being friends to Laura (Ami Dolenz). However, Liam’s night with Paris turns from good to worst as two thugs entered their picture, steal their car and shot both of them with Paris being dead. Flashing forward to 1997 and Liam seems to have move on from that incident with him and Laura now being a couple. Meanwhile, he’s assigned himself to Cybernetic Laboratories as a guinea pig subject on a virtual reality program after its previous participant (played by Michael McDonald) panicked and quits the game.

Liam’s adventures in virtual reality goes successful enough that he became the first man to receive a virtual reality pod in his own home. Despite that, he continues his VR adventures but with him encountering a simulation of Paris which he rejects at first but decides to fall in love with her including when they made some finger painting love. Their affair turns to the attention of its creator Dr Grant (Frank Novak) who’s a greedy antagonist responsible for keeping Paris in the program while causing Liam to lose his taste on actual reality and remain in a fantasy world. Laura found out about it and with the help of Anderson (Meshach Taylor), they try to help bring Liam back to the real world before it’s too late.

However, Liam cannot break away from his love with his dead fiancée and decide to get married which is enough to kill him. He then died and then revive himself and then in a twist, Liam finishes his VR adventure while Paris continued to have adventures with his VR counterpart. The movie ends with everybody but Liam and Laura celebrating the arrival of 2000 by being in virtual reality pods (hopefully without being compatible with the millennium bug of course).

The Fly III
The movie is a alright mixture of virtual reality and low-grade erotic thriller. It’s no Basic Instinct or Color of Night of course but it is easy to know that this movie cashes in the success while playing on television as part of Roger Corman Presents fixture back in the nineties. Jeff Fahey is good as usual and all other actors is well – meh – to the most part. I mean, they are fine despite coming off a bit one-dimensional with the exception of Ami Dolenz. Also, the story is nothing more but a usual love triangle involving reality and fantasy with one man caught in the middle of it.

So really, the movie is okay to check out if you’re into cheesy 1990s virtual reality love story mumbo jumbo but nothing more than that. Well, I got three down and one to go so next time, I’m ending this month on a cold note… uh, a good kind of cold note (I think).


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