Janu-Fahey Month: 100 Degrees Below Zero

January 29, 2015 § Leave a comment


With this month coming to a close, it all comes down to this – Jeff Fahey starring in a movie by The Asylum. Yeah, he starred in schlock movies from time to time and everybody does but when it comes to him in a movie that specializes on ripping off other movies, I honestly got nothing to add. However, Jeff Fahey in a movie by The Asylum that involves the same scenario we’ve already seen in The Day After Tomorrow. All I have to say is that this is another bad Fahey vehicle, isn’t it?

Absolute Zero
Now I could bring up R.D. Braunstein’s filmography but he only directed this and Layover so uh, let’s move on to the co-writers H. Perry Horton and Richard Schenkman instead. Horton is just a usual writer-for-hire for The Asylum since he’s involved writing other movies so nothing much to talk about him here. As for Richard, let’s say that he brought us The Man From Earth and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies so this might slightly be a positive thing to make me think this movie could be good. But judging from the synopsis, it’s gonna be exactly like what we already seen in 2012: Ice Age.

2012 Ice Age
I am probably not gonna like this movie but moving on. A great event occurs in Mount Hasan at Turkey which causes a massive volcanic eruption enough to bring about a second ice age, it got alerted to news services that doesn’t exist in the real world along with Colonel Ralph Dillard (John Rhys-Davies). This leads to pilot Steve Foster (Jeff Fahey) and his new wife Lacey (Judit Fekete) to attempt to go to Paris and rescue Steve’s kids Taryn (Sara Malakul Lane) and Ryan (Marc McKevitt Ewins). However, they landed on London due to ash clouds so the rest of the movie involves the kids surviving while acting annoying from Ryan being fascinated by french woman Angelique (Zsófi Trecskó) and Taryn not believing her father is a hero.

Paris is suffering from earthquakes before its temperatures are dropping rapidly and this leads to the Foster kids (and Angelique) to get towards the Eiffel Tower as a place to see their parents. Meanwhile, Steve and Lacey drives from London while speaking to Ralph over the phone. Ralph mentioned that he is leaving in London to survive to the only normal environment safe zone which is… Australia! Okay, I’ll just go with it since that sounds reasonable but what about other places outside Europe like America or Canada or Mexico? Oh what does it matter, I’m nitpicking a low-budget science fiction movie.

The couple arrived to helicopter hangar and quickly gets to their kids (and Angelique) eiffel tower to rescue them before the ash clouds covered France. They then attempt to get to Ralph’s place and well, they crashed about a couple of minutes near there but they survive and the movie ends with Australia becoming a possible dystopic overpopulated environment. This movie is enjoyably bad and really hilarious to watch. It is a usual family in apocalyptic disaster movie that we already seen many times before with the usual case of bad acting, effects and storyline but is it worth checking out anyway? Oh yeah, it’s worth checking out.

Jeff Fahey is playing a usual character while John is hamming it up from top to bottom even when he mispronounce Hyperbole twice in less than a minute. I originally suspect he’s gonna be a British actor playing an American general but Sliders already have that with Roger Daltrey in two episodes and I’m glad he doesn’t go to that exact route. Sara and Marc are slightly alright but I mentioned they are annoying while Zsófi is just simply there as an Hungarian model actress playing a french person and I should note that the movie is primary filmed in Hungary instead of France so yeah, that’s a case of California Doubling trope there.

Oh and Judit is also simply there to be Jeff’s character’s wife and nothing much. It’s not as bad as the other Asylum disaster movie I brought up twice but uh, not much great either so this movie is only worth it as a one-time viewing. Well, I’m done for Fahey’s movies for now so will get back to it next January so let’s see what happens next. Until then.


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