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Well, it’s another review of another story involving a collision course between Earth and a form of space rock. Only this time, I’m reviewing something I haven’t seen since the late nineties. Now back then, NBC aired the mini-series Asteroid and it was as you can say “an event”. At that time, I was just a 12-year-old kid who thinks the mini-series is alright and decent. Keep that in mind, that was the same exact year when I thought Batman and Robin was gonna be a good movie. So years have passed and I re-watched it recently and oh god, this mini-series/movie is boring. It’s really, really boring. It’s so boring that I think I agree when I say Armageddon having a Criterion release is a good thing. Yeah, I went there (and I sadly wish I didn’t).

And honestly, I may as well as summarize the plot as quick as possible. Following a small meteor hitting in Billings, Montana, Dr Lily McKee (Annabella Sciorra) discovered a comet is going to pass by Earth on the 4th of July (surely a good date for a movie that took place a year after Independence Day hits the big screen) but also knows two asteroids – Helios and Eros – are coming our way. At first, Kansas was evacuated and nothing much happened. Sure, a little meteor that’s part of Helios hit the dam and flooded parts of the town but beyond that, nobody died on that day.

Drunk Driver
And then, the government decide to stop Eros by having fighter jets fly in the air and shoot them with friggin’ lasers. It almost worked but only to the point that the asteroid became fragments which some hit Dallas where Lily’s son and father resides. Following the disaster, she along with FEMA director Jack Wallach (Michael Biehn) went there to find them. Speaking of which, Lily’s father fell on the hospital roof and her son Elliot (Zachary Charles) walks endlessly to the ruins before somehow ended up having his own life in danger by being within the impact crater area. Long story short, Jack rescued Elliot and that’s about it.

Michael Biehn
While I already brought up the fact that this mini-series is boring, I can’t deny that it has little moments and acting to say the least. Michael Biehn did act like a character rather than half-assed it and Michael Weatherly is just being Michael Weatherly but as a doctor with glasses. And both the impact scenes to Texas and the infamous “laser fighter jets” sequence is worth watching. Sure, the special effects are noticeably cheap but it’s simply made for television back in the nineties so what’s there to argue about? Although, the CGI asteroid is space in The Asylum’s The Apocalypse is slightly better than the CGI asteroids in this one. Uh, that’s something that I should not think about.

So yeah, it’s a mini-series that loses its awesome cred while becoming heavily dated and going nowhere. It started off with nothing, segue to the good moment of disaster and returned to nothing. I do have to mention that the version I’m watching is a two-hour edited for DVD version rather than the uncut one but it’s been a long while since I saw the complete cut on television so hopefully, there’s nothing I missed on that one. Oh, and I didn’t bring up the director’s filmography because well, he only made two Darkman sequels and several television works which is not saying much. Okay, those Darkman sequels is saying much but moving on. Ah dammit, this is something not worth revisiting so best to avoid this one.


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