The Neighbors Episode 1 – Meet The Neighbors

June 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

The Neighbors. A show that’s a long-awaited follow-up to Tommy Wiseau’s directorial debut The Room, it is so long-awaited that it began production shortly after the movie itself had been given the Rifftrax treatment and searching its home from Adult Swim to uh, Adult Swim, it has found its place with Hulu. So what do I say about watching the show that reveals how Tommy can do the Sitcom technique? Well, you know how Seinfeld is considered a show about nothing? Yeah, That show has memorable characters, well-known storylines and anything else that is the opposite of “nothing”. The Neighbors however is really about nothing.

Tommy Wiseau
This is possibly the worst series I have ever watched and I’ve seen awful shows from Woops! to Allen Gregory to Shasta McNasty to even a rejected US pilot of The I.T. Crowd. Show me something and I can tell you that these shows are bad but not as bad as this one because I didn’t laugh, I got annoyed and at times, I felt nothing. What’s the comedic value about this? Uh, a house full of tenants doing whatever stuff. It’s kind of being done before like Friends for example. And given that, I have to watch these four episodes again in the purpose of reviewing which it might be the regrettable thing I ever did for this site. Also, two more episodes came out at the time of this writing so yeah, I’ll get to those next month.

The first characters we meet is the building’s owners Charlie (Tommy Wiseau) and Bebe (Gretel Roenfeldt) as she talks about Princess Penelope coming to the building for a visit and asked if every tenant is invited to meeting her. He agrees and then Tim (Raul Phoenix), the first of the tenants enters asking Charlie if he could borrow twenty bucks. Charlie then asked Bebe to borrow twenty bucks off her before she mentioned that Tim already owed her twenty bucks which leads to Tim giving it back to her and then left the office.

Money Gag 1
Troy (Andrew Buckley) then enters and complains about the eviction notice before throwing 850 bucks at Charlie. After that, we got the first exterior scene of the apartment building with the theme looping. It’s the first but not the last since we get more of those throughout the series that makes it perfect for some drinking game so take a shot. Back to the show and we see Richard (Alexander Hult) talking to the mirror about getting a job or killing himself. He gets a knock from Philadelphia (Karly Kim) and she asked him if she could borrow salt and pepper for her cooking chicken (and in a bikini if I may add). Surprisingly, the salt and pepper is just by the door in two coffee mugs and he gave it to her.

Back to Charlie and Bebe’s office and they got two random unnamed tenants – an Asian-American and an African-American – appear complaining to each other about Wi-Fi issues and their racial issues. Charlie stopped it and called Ed, the super on fixing the Wi-Fi. And then, The African-American tenant complained about hearing that the Asian-American is having sex with everything that moves including a chicken. Over at the laundry room, we see Mariana (Jessica Lieberman) getting it on with Ed (Jonathan Freed) before Tim entered with a chicken and explained he saved the chicken after falling from the window. Tim left and Mariana and Ed returned to having sex in a public place.

At the hallway, we meet Ricky Rick (Tommy Wiseau again) and his girlfriend Lula (Cheyenne Van Zutphen) as they met up with Tim and Troy. Nothing much happens except Lula spraying cream on Ricky’s face. Back at the office and both Charlie and Bebe got another complaint from a tenant. This time, it’s Don (Christopher Cooper) who talks about him cheating on his wife Monica (Suzanne Wachtel) with his gay friend Patrick. Monica entered and the couple fought with Charlie and Bebe being surprised that she’s several months pregnant. She left before Don does and Tim returns to ask Bebe if he could borrow twenty bucks which leads to him giving the money to Charlie. Charlie then gave it back to Bebe and then Tim asked Bebe yet again if… you know what’s coming.

Money Gag 2
Following the money gag routine, we meet with Cici (Pamela Bailey) and she invades Troy’s place by complaining to him about the whereabouts of the chicken (while Troy is smoking through the pipe). Also, Troy is watching The Room with subtitles on television. I got nothing to add but just though I say it anyway. They continue arguing before she lefts. Over at Philadelphia’s place, she is rubbing her with cream before she got a knock from Cici and it’s the same, exact argument. Cutting to Joe (Brian Kong), a pizza delivery guy who knocks the door on two unnamed female tenants (one of which is wearing a bikini as well) and nothing much except the bikini tenant gives cash that’s hidden in her bra and panty.

Bikini Girl
After that, Joe is walking by taking his shirt off and meets up with Philadelphia about where to find the owners of this building which leaves back to the office. Joe asked if there’s a vacancy available and Bebe decide to go with Joe moving her with doing any checking on his background. Also, I should mention that this is so far the only episode Joe has ever appeared so I don’t know why I am bother mentioning this part of episode. Ed appeared and mentioned the phone lines are down and that’s about it. We gone back to Cici as she is screaming on the hallway floor with Charlie appearing briefly doing his phone conversation. Nothing much happens and Cici continues screaming in agony.

Charlie returned to the office and the part about Joe being accepted as tenant is still going. Back at Troy’s place as he is visited by Ricky Rick and Lula. Ricky gave the cash to Troy and they discussed about whatever but not before Lula asked if she could buy a shotgun from Troy. He did and mention it’s a hundred bucks which then leads to Lula using her hypnotic charms on him and got the nothing from nothing instead. They left and Troy wondered what happened to money she gave him before he decides to forget about it. Over at Cici’s place as Tim is waiting to give Cici back her pet chicken. She appears and the reunion happened before a bit of the argument and the episode ends with a random party montage involving the cast.

A little really happens on this episode and will continue to be that. So far, the only likeable character is Tim but anybody else comes off as either dicks, sociopaths (in Troy’s case during his confrontation with Cici), sexists and even racist stereotypes. I mean, I tried getting the names of four unnamed characters in this episode and the credits didn’t help much. I find it funny that the episode title is called “Meet The Neighbors” which yeah, we do meet them but wish we didn’t instead. But probably two worst things about this episode (and overall, the show) is the repetitive exterior shot scene that I mentioned earlier and Cici who is quite possibly the worst character I have ever seen.

Her role in the show is that she is highly annoying and loud. Sure, some characters are also loud as well but her tone is enough to make her win the loudness war if she got involved in the music business. She also comes off as more of a racial stereotype caricature that’s one-dimensional and while her role in this episode is a bit differed to her role in later episodes, it doesn’t help really. So yeah, this is the first long episode to the series that finally came out this year. I think I should join the drinking game now and be dead drunk but next time, I will look at what happened when Princess Penelope comes for the visit. And let me tell you that the outcome will be pointless anyway.


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