The Neighbors Episode 2 – Princess Penelope Arrives

June 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Here we are on the second episode of The Neighbors, what have we really learned from the first one? I did explain it but really, it’s a show involving Tommy Wiseau playing two characters, a Pizza Delivery guy who might or might not be ever seen again (I seriously have to watch these two new episodes), blokes wearing Tommy Wiseau underwear, a stoner watching a Tommy Wiseau movie and oh yeah, that neighbor shouting and crying out for her pet chicken. Well, to be fair, there was a mention of a Princess Penelope so the good question to that is… who the fuck is Princess Penelope?

Princess Penelope
I knew there’s a Princess Catherine, Diana, Alexandra and even Mary who resides in Denmark but Penelope? The only reference to a Princess Penelope is the one who nearly married Krusty The Clown. the one who starred in The Royals and the one who stars in Penelope: Princess of Pets. Yeah, I’m looking into real world logics and I didn’t forget that she’s a fictional character really but look at it this way, this show also has Fidel Castro involved in a later episode but dammit Tommy, if you put a real world Cuban politician in your show then why not a real world royal princess hmm?

Fidel Castro
But enough talking about politics, let’s see how the show goes. The episode begins with Charlie getting change with the help of Bebe while discussing Penelope’s arrival and Tim singing in the hallways about the Princess. And suddenly, they also talk about having sex last night. Yeah, I didn’t see them being a couple on previous episode but hey it’s Tommy’s show, Chris-R could appear out of nowhere and pulled a gun at one of them. Mariana enters and is excited to meet Penelope before Tim appears singing in joy while asking Charlie and Bebe if they want Ice Cream. We got a cutaway to the exterior building shot before… going back to the office! Again, it’s Tommy’s show, a random alien could appear and disappear in a split second.

Tommy Wiseau
Charlie asks Bebe to check on his computer before she picks up a phone from Philadelphia who asked if she could meet the princess. She and Charlie said yes and hangs up the phone before complaining about Philadelphia constantly wearing the bikini. Charlie said it’s America and the complaint ended abruptly. Over at the hallway, Philadelphia meets up with Charlie and she felt depressed so they hug before he asked if she wants Ice Cream. Back at the office, Bebe then tells Charlie on why Philadelphia is feeling depressed and it turns out that Philly went to Patricia’s apartment and kissed her before she runs out.

Phily And Patricia
Ed enters the office and asked Charlie is he could get Penelope here while Charlie asked Ed to fix the Walkie-Talkie device. They both agreed on one other and as Ed leaves, Charlie says to Bebe that he wondered if Ed is uh, special! So a bunch of people entered the office and Penelope (Charolette Barlow) appears (while wearing a fez). Tim inappropriately touches Penelope on the bum cheeks, Charlie gives her the lease paper (why does a princess of British royalty get a lease paper exactly?) and Richard compliments her which leads to him being accepted as Penelope’s butler. The two left and Bebe mentioned that she forgot the flowers so Tim took and run out to give it to her. Oh, and Charlie has got his Walkie-Talkie back and has to wonder if it’s fixed.

Penelope With Fez
Over at Troy’s place, Troy is having a mini-party with Philadelphia and Patricia (Yenitza Munoz) and Patricia tries to come on to Philly but Philly acts like she’s not interested. Mr B (Branden Kong, which by the way is the unnamed Asian-American neighbor from previous episode) enters and exchanges money with drugs from Troy. And suddenly, Mr B tries to come on to two girls but failed before he left. Troy and Philly danced a little before Philly suggested the best idea she’s ever had – a threesome with Troy and Patricia. And it worked but given that it’s a sitcom, we are not gonna see that action. We then cut to Penelope and Cici meeting each other and given that we’re not getting a threesome, this is what we get that’s naughty instead.

Richard entered the office and complains angrily about eviction notice before Bebe asked if he could sign the lease extension form. He did and left while throwing the eviction paper. Charlie then explained to Bebe that Richard attempted suicide ten years earlier (which harkens back to my previous episode’s mention on Richard should be getting immediate help) and he knows this because the mayor (?) mentioned it via phone. Bebe decides to go easy on him. Back to Troy’s domain (well, the door of it which ha ha, the door number is 420), Cici and her pet chicken Fifi asked Troy for salt and pepper all while Troy is high enough to mistake Fifi for a tiger and wants to eat it. Nothing much beyond that.

Charlie later explained to Bebe that he’s going to Hawaii for possibly a vacation (he didn’t fully explained) before Tim enters with the ice cream which results to him “accidentally” dropping it. I say “accidentally” in quotes because a couple of seconds later, he brought a towel which might be outside the door to clean it. The episode ends weirdly and funnily enough with Charlie and Bebe talking and then abruptly cut to next episode promo footage (with next time text) and back to them talking and again, back to the promo footage but with proper sounds. I am not making this shit up.

Next Time Error
So like I said on previous episode’s ending note, nothing really happens in this episode. In fairness, it’s not a bad episode but it is forgettable. And Charolette did well even if she acts a bit bored. Nobody did a bad job (even Cici who is slightly annoying here) and the Philadelphia/Patricia lesbian storyline is not really necessary but it’s not as “all of a sudden” as Charlie and Bebe being a couple. Well, that’s all I got this one but next episode, it’s Bebe’s birthday so you know what that means.



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