The Neighbors Episode 3 – Sliding Cake

June 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

I might have been too hard on calling this the worst series I have ever watched. Sure, The Room is considered by many as one of the worst movies of all time but it is also a memorable cult classic so maybe The Neighbors is like that as well. And also, I have given the second episode a quasi-positive review but given that we at what I called the Party episode of the series (even though there’s already a mini-party in previous episode and the ending credits party sequence), I’m sure that I give this one a negative review. But before that, I have to ask – Why is this show based on Tommy’s novel really?

I specifically asked that because the novel is not available anywhere and it’s not the first time Tommy is guilty of it. The Room itself is based on the novel that to date, is unreleased. Really, why bother pointing it out? The Disaster Artist is becoming a movie and has any right to have the “based on novel” credit. I’m just puzzled by this logic and do have to wonder how long before the novel of this show (and that movie) will eventually be released if at all. But enough wondering, let’s see how bad this episode is.

The Room Novelization
The episode begins in the laundry room where Mariana is attempting to seduce Troy but he rejected and wants to do his laundry along with him regretting the one time they did it. And all of a sudden, Mr B entered and tried to break it up because he is in love with her. Mariana explained he’s delusional and he left. Over at the office and Ed is telling Charlie and Bebe on if his notepad is left here. They didn’t see it which then leads to Bebe noticing Ed’s smell and like it. Ed then shows his own Tommy Wiseau underwear to her which leaves Charlie a bit jealous but as Ed left, he forgets about it.

Over at the Hallway and we see Cici arguing to Patricia about her being a lesbian or something. They continue arguing and then decides to fight each other. How this battle will be resolved is a mystery as we then return to the office as Lula enters and not only Bebe talks about the free gun she got from Troy but Tim and Ed said the same thing as well. Oh, and Ricky Rick entered and asked Bebe about “Crazy” Suzy which had Bebe flipped out because she hates her. Over at Troy’s Place and Mariana entered to argue at him about Cici’s chicken which he has absolutely nothing to do with. Of course, Cici appeared and wants but drugs from Troy and left but not before Troy and Mariana argued more by screaming.

Will this issue also be resolved? I don’t know because we return to the office abruptly as Charlie is preparing to give Bebe a surprise birthday party and it’s not much really. It’s the usual “invite everybody, get birthday cake and make up something to the birthday girl” kind of plan here with Tim faking his knee injury and so on. And as nearly everybody (except Ricky Rick and Joe, remember that guy?) hide beneath the couch which is located on uh, the other side of the office? The next room? It doesn’t specify much but Bebe entered and got her surprise. Tim then gives her the birthday cake but not before tripping over and had the cake land on Princess Penelope.

So it results to the kind of food fight that has Mariana licking Ed’s chest (don’t ask) before Ricky Rick entered (while Charlie disappeared a second after) and yeah, they continue to party and that’s about it. Okay, I was wrong on saying that the second episode is forgettable because this one is more forgettable enough that the later episodes didn’t really follow up on this. The catfight, the party and even the Troy/Mariana thing is not worth talking about.

Birthday Party
There is something to this however as this is the second episode that mentions the yet-unseen character of Crazy Suzy (yeah, I didn’t mention this before but thought it’s a throwaway line at the time) and Don appeared in this episode but every time he speaks, he clicks which is absent on the first episode. I don’t know if has to do with Tommy wanting an African with a click language tone or something but it’s not the last time we see to that effect. And other that, that’s it. The whole episode is basically what you already seen in previous episode’s promo but in condensed (and not well finished) form.

Fake Doggy
It’s a pointless episode that serves two strange purposes and nothing more. But hey, next episode is the start of the storyline where Tommy Wiseau is going to Hawaii for a vacation and have his job taken over by Tommy Wiseau. Well, the characters playing him. Also, Fidel Castro makes an appearance so ooh, how he appeared is really something so until next time.


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