The Neighbors Episode 4 – Black vs Yellow

June 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Well, here it is. The first of a storyline where Charlie goes on an Hawaii vacation and have his job taken over by Ricky Rick so I do have to wonder – why is he considered an antagonist of this show? I mean, he’s just a average jock stereotype that so far has done nothing evil before this episode. In addition to this, he’s also a son of a wealthy unseen character so it bears my mind on why he decide to take over as a landlord when he’s supposed to do stuff that rich jock stereotypes usually do. Yeah, I didn’t mention that part before this but this is Tommy’s show, it either comes up once or twice or thrown away like Joe the pizza delivery guy.

Speaking of coming up once or twice, this episode finally marks the debut of “Crazy” Suzy which was referenced by Bebe in an angry way. I assume she’s also an antagonist-of-sorts but upon seeing this episode, I assumed wrong. And before we dig in, there’s also one more person to bring up and that is Princess Penelope’s new butler Richard. He doesn’t appear in this episode (and the next two for that matter) and there is a minor but not-that-clear reason so uh, I hope it’s not direct to him being suicidal or something. Yeah, I should have brought up Fidel Castro instead but let’s not waste time and see what goes on anyway.

The episode begins with Charlie working on his computer (which him typing random letters like an idiot is assumed to be “working”) and then suddenly Ricky Rick entered and talked to Charlie. Yeah, unlike previous episode, Charlie didn’t disappear in a split second because he’s talking to a character that’s also played by Tommy himself (and an obvious body double wearing the wig). As Charlie mentioned that Rick is taking over for a brief period, he also brought up that his father is a rich man but enough all that. Let’s move on to Ed measuring the board in the office before Cici entered to greet Charlie for a gift – a gift being the tenants singing Frère Jacques… A nursery rhyme that involves a guy whose overslept and is supposed to wake up with the sound of the bells!

Frère Jacques
They sang the song and Tim makes a fool of himself by singing for himself and hugging all the female tenants clumsily. They left and Charlie explained to Ed about an unknown incident in the laundry room with Richard that caused a lawsuit. As I mentioned before, it’s not clear on what actually happen but there’s the reason why Richard is not gonna appear in the next set of episodes (and maybe the show again). Later, Rick prepares to work by asking Bebe on how to use the computer. He then ask if he could strangle Bebe… I don’t know why but Bebe explained that it’s a no-no. Rick licks the computer screen that’s showing a picture of a zebra (?) and flashed his Tommy Wiseau underwear before Bebe also throws a no-no at him. And then, Rick pressured Bebe about how long he could take a break from the job.

Rick And Bebe
Rick is then at Troy’s place with Lula hanging out and drinking vodka which then comes the most anticipated moment of all – Fidel Castro making an appearance. And how he made such an appearance? He opened the door, is confused, apologizes and left. The three then agrees that he’s really a dick. You know what? I think I should take a little break from this so excuse me.

Fidel Castro
Where was I? Oh right, Troy hanging with Rick and Lula. Yeah, that’s all they do before Lula decides to go out and start some riot with them. Excuse me again.

Troy's Place
Uh let’s just move on and look, we finally meet Crazy Suzy (Debbita Deb) who turns out to be either an adopted sister or cousin to Bebe. So sibling rivalry then, I play along with it. And what she does is nothing much really before Troy entered and ask Suzy to get water and soda which leads to Troy and Charlie quickly checking on paper to put money deposit or some shit like that. Suzy returned, gave just a water to Troy before he gave it back and left. Bebe appeared and is shocked that her sister/cousin is in the office. She wanted her out of the office before she changes her mind and wanted Rick out instead which leads to them arguing. Also, Rick caused a bit of mayhem by spilling water in the office before he attempts to do the same and failed. Suzy asked Bebe if she could take a week off and at first, Bebe agreed but they argue again.

Ricky Rick
Suzy left the office and Bebe is annoyed by her appearance. Later, Ed entered and begs Rick to get his check deposit today instead of later in the week. Rick then asked Ed to be a “runner” instead and Ed agrees. Ed then brings up that Laundry Room is known as a sex place which leads to Rick saying that the place could have a $5 entry fee and a camera installed. They both left the office and end up in the hallway and Cici appears complaining to Rick about Philadelphia and Patricia because she’s a homophobe I guess. Cici left and Troy appeared to be a bit homicidal towards Rick but he left as well. Lula then appeared wearing the same jacket Rick is wearing and the episode ends with Rick and Lula left to take a “break”.

What in the flying fuck? This episode is as best jumbled in places but in the worst way. What’s with Richard and the lawsuit thing? Why did Fidel Castro appeared? Better yet, why is this in the show? Why is my time wasted on anybody unlikable except possibly Tim? This one is a bad episode and oh shit, it will continue on from here. I am glad that Suzy finally make her debut but am puzzled on anything else. Lastly, I question Rick’s purpose for the show since he doesn’t do anything antagonistic and is just a dumb jock doing dumb jock stuff. Although, him causing a mayhem in the office with Bebe and Suzy is the only worthy thing happening on the show itself. That Fidel Castro cameo? Forget about it. So to end this review on a good note, I think I should delay the next episode review for one week and look on something else instead in case I don’t suffer a burnout because of this show so uh, until next time then I guess.


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