Asylum Seeker: Road Wars

July 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

Given that Sharknado III: Oh Hell No will be airing later this month (and I’m having little to no expectations on this one), I think it is a perfect time to look at something by The Asylum so uh, how about Avengers Grimm which mixes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with Casper Van Dien? No, maybe San Andreas Quake which is so much a knockoff of San Andreas that it might involve family reunited on whatever the fuck disaster event is about? Nah, too easy and repetitive. Uh, 13/13/13? No, I might save that one for the future so I may as well take on a knockoff to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome… That’s the latest movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron right?

Tina Turner
Self-Deprecation joking aside, let’s see why Road Wars somehow brought back the Maxploitation genre that dominated video stores in the 1980s and early 1990s with movies like 2019: The Fall of New York and Hell Comes to Frogtown. This is the second movie I reviewed that has Mark Atkins in his directorial credits and I did like Android Cop so maybe this movie is a good mockbuster to Mad Max: Fury Road. If not, then I’ll review TomCat Film’s own knockoff Furious Road this weekend. Alright fine, I’ll still review that movie if Road Wars is good anyway so everybody besides me wins.Alien Origin

The movie starts with couples Kevin (Phillip Andre Botello) and Nakada (Chloe Farnsworth) driving their car which resembles the interceptor towards the abandoned petrol station. However, as Kevin noticed a body inside the station, it turns out to be a zombie and he ate Kevin on the hand so it leaves Nakada to think if she could kill her boyfriend or not. She claimed she did but Kevin became zombified and is locked in the trunk. Meanwhile, we meet their friends Dirk (Kelcey Watson) and Macon (Nikki Bohm) who is enjoying their quiet time before they noticed an memory-loss person (Cole Parker) in the desert so they took him in.

Cole Parker
At the camp, team leader Dallas (John Freeman) discuss his plans involving their survival, supplies and the coming appearance of the amnesia guy but that’s before the alarm is heard and zombies appear at night (which to them is commonly known as “nightwalkers” since they are not immune to daylight). They all survived the night and on the next day, Nakada and amnesia guy drives to some place where Dallas and few gang members are held. Dallas complained that bringing amnesia guy is somewhat a risk and so on. Amnesia guy then remembered a place to get weapons and other supplies and are planning to drive off but Nakada’s secret on keeping zombified Kevin is revealed and Dallas revises the plan a bit.

Zombie Kevin
So they are driving off to the coalmine but before that, Dirk explained about there might be such thing as daywalkers since he heard stories about it. Over at the coalmine, Dallas, Dirk, Nakada and amnesia guy are gathering stuff but not before two villains appeared with their Mad Max-like vehicles. The two villains – Mandheim (Michael Foster) and Deerhead (Jerry G. Angelo) – locked the place up and the four are armed alone against nightwalkers so they shoot the dead before they escape but with Dirk dying quickly when he got outside. One of the villains then noticed the amnesia guy and calls out his name “Thorne” to them.

Thorne decides to play along the game but not before the villains explained Kevin in the trunk, the car being rigged with C4 explosives and they mentioned another car driven by which is their friends who’s not in captive. Thorne stops playing games and decides to be a hero in this game. The three drives to Thorne’s former camp with their leader Reaver (Micah Fitzgerald) with Mandheim and Deerhead as captives as they wanna trade them with their friends and weapons. Reaver at first disagreed but when Thorne brought up C4, he decides to back down and the heroic group is reunited but not before zombies appear so time to shoot those nightwalkers.

The heroes drove away and Reaver with his few goons lock themselves in their hiding place. Also, Thorne has a girlfriend – Orsini (Marianne Bourg) – who was kidnapped by Reaver but got released during the shooting. Later on, Macon mentioned there’s a farm facility nearby which they could attempt to cure Kevin of the zombie disease and they all agreed to go but not before Reaver and his goons appear and Dallas does the talking before he dropped it and they all shoot each other anyway and so on. Orsini and Thorne reunited with Thorne remembering her. Later at the facility, they decide to try on the cure and Kevin is conscious but with a memory loss. They test out if he’s still infected by giving him a glass of water and he spits it out which means he didn’t pass. With that, Dirk’s talking about the daywalkers legend is proven true with not only Kevin but also Thorne as well.

Revived Kevin
With that, the gang also turns on Thorne and he has a flashback with Orsini killing him. The conflict caused Orsini to slice Macon’s neck with her sword and she ran off outside with Thorne to shoot with the heroes. Nakada is then pointing the gun at Kevin while few die along the way. After Orsini got shot and left to die, Thorne decides to surrender after he sees the little girl of the group – Emily (Victoria Claire) – holding the gun at him and he just goes off and disappear with Orsini’s lifeless body. Nakada also comes to terms with accepting that Kevin is dead by finally shooting him and the movie ends with her driving off alone with Emily.

This movie is indeed ripping off Fury Road with Thorne being the Mad Max analogue but flanderized for 90% of the movie and Nakada being the Furiousa of this piece and Chloe did act well there. It’s alright and not bad but it’s better to watch Fury Road instead since that movie is one ultra-violent stylish masterpiece while Road Wars is just trying to mix that movie up with The Walking Dead (or The Asylum’s mockbuster television series Z Nation, whichever way works) and it kinda worked well. The best part of the movie for me is John Freeman who did a good job playing the leader while Kelcey also did well as the wise cracking but sadly deceased character. The cars are good and the weapons are lifted off from the blockbuster movie right down to the flamethrower.

Lastly, This movie has a unique soundtrack with post-punkesque music by Peg Leg Love and dammit, I don’t know if I watch this movie again but I do wanna hear their songs again so kudos on Mark Atkins and The Asylum for bringing in a surprisingly good music band this time. So with this one being done for, I’m getting out of the Asylum movies for now and going back to TomCat Films which might be surprising it is about time I’m about to review one of their movies that doesn’t involve a rip-off superhero character. I hope that’s a good thing.


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