The Neighbors Episode 5 – RR (Ricky Rick) Takes Over

July 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Okay, back to the show and um, I don’t know where to start with this. Well, I should talk about Tommy’s own underwear brands that seems to be the dumbest form of product placement I ever seen. Granted, it’s not awful than Al Pacino doing Dunkin’ Donuts or Michael Bay throwing Xbox around in The Island but still, why promote your own product in your own sitcom in every single episode? I should be changing the show’s title to Tommy Wiseau’s Underwear Galore and that sounds like the most nightmarish porno around. And given that, this episode is no exception and it is very noticeable near the end.

Also, I checked the website for those brands and it turns out that Ricky Rick’s jacket is also for sale along with underwear brand for females which makes me wonder – if there’s an underwear brand for woman in the website, why isn’t it on the show? Okay to be more specific, you should by now that Philadelphia is a character who always walks around in her bikini so where’s the scene where she wears the ones Tommy promotes instead? And speaking of which, we see male characters showing their underwear so uh… no, that might make the show a bit more sexist. Oh boy, I now think I’m unintentionally promoting his underwear brand without his own knowledge so um… hey, here’s a commercial that Tommy is involved in.

I meant that one where he’s quoting Hamlet but anyway, I’m now either gonna get paid or sued by Tommy if he discovers this site so let’s just jump into this episode. It begins when Monica enters the office and talks to Ricky Rick and Suzy about the baby charge. Rick then thought an idea and said that she doesn’t have to pay for it, all while he is doing what he called “Tiger Style” (which is basically him using his pen and wave it around like crazy with sound effects, I don’t know why that suddenly happened). Rick then gives Monica a gift which is a paper airplane he made and she felt happy about it. Meanwhile at Troy’s apartment, Lula comes in and hangs with Troy while Ed explains that the ceiling fan is fixed and then he left.

Lula then hypnotizes Troy again and asked him about his fantasy is. Obviously, it’s having sex with Lula and she fulfilled that fantasy before he unhypnotoized Troy and doesn’t remember what happened. As she leaves, Troy is wondering what makes Lula so good and then overacts the fuck out with him saying “I’m such a happy camper” a couple of times.


Back at the office, Cici talks to Suzy about something and what we have is Rick coming in dressed in a knight helmet and metal gloves with roller skates. He explained he’s The Dark Knight (?) while showing his abs (which is computer generated) and caused a little mayhem.

Dark Knight
He left of course and I don’t know what just happened. A while later, Don comes in and talks about his confessed love with both Monica and Patrick before Cici complains that it’s against god’s rules. Patricia then entered and confess her own love before Philadelphia appears and they argued with Troy attempting to stop a catfight. Philadelphia bitchslap Patricia in front of them and the two suddenly left. While Philadelphia stands in the hallway, Princess Penelope comes and wonders where Richard is (I wondered about as well) before she argued about the way Philadelphia is dressed and they argued all while Philadelphia tells the princess to try on Vanilla Sex. Penelope then wondered what it is.

Vanilla Sex
They continue arguing all while other characters walked passed minding their own business (including Don and Monica who is back together) before Penelope decides to go and complain about Philadelphia’s near-nakedness to the new bosses of the apartment complex. Tim goes to Philadelphia and wondered what just happened before Rick goes to them and asked her to stop whatever the argument is about and let it go like they all just seen Disney’s Frozen. I’m not joking about that, they keep saying “Let It Go” like it’s a catchphrase to the show.

Let It Go
Rick returns to office before Philadelphia comes in and complains about a leak in her roof and that the leak is caused by a waterbed owned by Patricia (which would make it more than a ceiling than a “roof” unless Patricia really lives on the roof). Rick does his Tiger Style again and she left before Patricia entered and wants Philadelphia evicted. Rick then asks Patricia to take a number for the complaint and to come back in ten minutes. As she left, Lula entered and Rick doesn’t want to talk to her because of her having sex with Troy earlier. He felt depressed and Lula left which leads to Patricia come back and complains again.

Depressed Rick
Patricia then mentioned to Rick and Suzy that Philadelphia is both a crackhead and slut. Rick then points out that he needs evidence for this (yes, he needs evidence that she’s a slut and crackhead) and will get it before she leaves with getting her hugged by Rick. Troy entered and talks to Rick about Lula hypnotizing him more than once but Rick feels depressed again. He left and the episode ends with Rick showing his Tommy Wiseau underwear before they left the office. This next pic is what is gonna happen next episode.

Next Episode
As usual, nothing much happens in this episode and I find it funny that it’s called “RR (Ricky Rick) Takes Over” even though he already took over the previous episode. It’s a tad bit okay episode but it also waste a bit of twenty plus minutes of your time really. I guess the only good thing is the Ricky Rick dressed up as a knight but beyond that, that’s about it. Oh, and Troy overacting counts as okay as well. I really got not much to say except that the next episode explains what Triple Vanilla Sex is about. The answer may not really shock you.


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