The Neighbors Episode 6 – Triple Vanilla Sex

July 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

Okay, one more episode for the time being so how do I start with this? Honestly after me bringing up Tommy’s underwear brand, I don’t know. Maybe I should talk about my take on each character on the show since I already brought up Ricky Rick on the fourth episode so how about my unlikeness on Cici? No, that would be a massive long rant that goes nowhere plus I think I already brought up why I don’t like her a couple of her times so she’s kinda off-limits (but not when I talk about what she’s doing each episode). Hmm, of all the characters in the show, I guess I’ll go with Tim since he’s so far the only likeable character in the show. Now why do I like this guy instead of Troy or Princess Penelope or heck even Richard since he’s almost the second best character thus far?

Well, I know somebody who is similar to Tim to be honest and I’m still friends with the guy. Sure, he doesn’t carry basketball all the time but he does have the mannerism of him and even got clumsy at times so really, I kinda know Tim like I know one of my buddies. And as for the actor playing him… well, Raul Phoenix has his work as producer and writer on other stuff and he may not be as high-profiled as Tommy in terms of it but I decide to check on his stuff and I found his YouTube channel which is worth checking out. In fact, I can show you his demo reel to see how playing Tim in the show is not just the only good thing he’s ever done.

Uh fuck it, can I just not review this episode and watch more of his stuff instead? No? Come on, it’s hilarious and more of so-bad-its-good style than this show… Oh Okay, I’ll get to the episode. We begin at the office with Tim asking Rick about wanting his net in the basketball court but Rick just goes with his brain not being working. As Monica enters to talk about conversions, Rick does his Tiger Style again along with strange sound effects place in from Rick mentioning that Monica’s baby is ticking to I don’t even what’s going on anymore… uh, back to the show. Lula entered and wanted to spent time with Rick so with that, Rick wants Tim to substitute for him with Monica being his temporary replacement.

Tim Taking Over
Over at the hallway, Don goes to talk to Troy about what Triple Vanilla Sex is and Troy mentioned that he invented it (because why not?). Before Troy mentioned the meaning, Rick appeared and said that Don owned him ten bucks before he left. So Troy explained that Triple Vanilla Ice is what happens if you mix Vanilla Ice Cream with Weed and that it costs 40 bucks to do that. Don at first decides to go get his money first but then he wants Troy to mix it together before Troy declines like a dick. Back at the office, Monica asks Tim on what Triple Vanilla Sex is and before Tim reveals it, Troy enters and wants to know where Rick is. Tim doesn’t know and gives Troy a number for complaint before Troy acts like a dick towards Tim.

Troy Being A Dick
Troy then suddenly discovers that Monica is pregnant and wants to talk about it before Tim interrupts which leads to Troy acting like a dick again and left the office. Back at the hallway, Don talks to Cici about Monica slapping him because he slept with Patrick. Cici became surprised about it (even though she already knows about the love triangle) and begs Don to get help. Okay, nothing much there. Meanwhile at the office, Princess Penelope entered and complain to Tim about Philadelphia going around wearing a bikini (or in her own words “walking around naked”).

Cici vs Penelope
Penelope left and then, Philadelphia entered to complain about Penelope being rude to her. And then Troy entered to ask again on where’s Rick before he left. Returning to the hallway as Ed tells Mr B that Hallway Room sex costs five bucks which Mr B pays him for but before he explains his problems, Philadelphia quickly appears and asks Ed if he’s gonna join her in the pool later. He agrees and she left. So Mr B explains that he has a problem down below and Ed gives Mr B a pump to fix the problem but mentioned that its rental fee is a buck (and extra for cleaning it). Mr B pays him and Ed decides to go let Mariana know about Mr B having his small issue.

Ed's Pump
Back at the office (we really going back and forth in office and hallway in this episode), Rick appears with his “Dark Knight” helmet which has Tim wearing it briefly. And then Troy appears and is surprised that Rick is in the office. Rick then tells Troy to sit in the chair and as usual, Troy is being a dick to Tim by throwing stuff, messes with office material and gives Tim a complaint number which the zero number. Rick then ask Troy to take over the office for five minutes and he and Tim left but Rick returned ten seconds later to tell Troy that he’s messing with him. Troy then asks Rick about hiring prostitutes with Lula being the pimp (because according to Troy, nobody expects a female pimp).

Tim With Helmet
Rick then brought up that Ed is sick and having some accident (in the pool with Philadelphia?) before the episode end with Troy leaving as well as Lula appearing and both her and Rick left the office empty. Uh, this episode is okay and nothing bad happens except one thing – why is Troy acting like a fucking dick? Maybe he’s stoned out of his mind but seriously, what the heck man. I don’t know but next episode’s promo doesn’t help resolved it better which involves Ed making a heated argument with Troy. It’s watchable and one of the alright episodes. Speaking of next episode, the Mr B’s subplot involving his issue might (or might not) be resolved while Cici is shocked to see somebody having sex – my money is on either Don, Patrick and Monica or Philadelphia and Patricia. Other than that, I’m gonna look into Sharknado III (and maybe other stuff before more episodes of this show makes its way to Hulu).

Next Episode


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