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Back around 2000s, I took my time to see several episodes of Freaks and Geeks at late night television and I’m hooked on the show that it’s my first exposure to the works of Judd Apatow (or second since he produced The Cable Guy). Since then, I’m a fan of his movie works when it comes to The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People. And after those three movies came stuff I kind of avoid like This Is 40 and Girls which he executive produced. And then, Amy Schumer entered the picture which goes to the point of me being honest so – I don’t really follow her comedy antics.

Star Wars
Yeah other than that thing above, I haven’t seen her stand-up as well as her hit comedy show Inside Amy Schumer. The reason for that is I hardly watch television nowadays and the only comedy I could get into is Key and Peele, Archer, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and (until this year which recently ended) Parks And Recreation. Now I know somebody might comment that I should check her stuff out and I agree, I could her show out if I have free time. However, it goes to the point where I just watched Trainwreck which might possibly make me rethink what I just wrote.Trainwreck

The movie follows Amy (Amy Schumer) who is assigned to write a piece about sports doctor, Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) for S’nuff Magazine. However, she is also a party animal who cannot get enough of being drunk, doing drugs and having random sex with strangers while sort-of being attached to Steven (John Cena). After her relationship with Steven ended, she decides to jump into Aaron’s bones and her sexual adventures went from wild to trying out her actual relationship. And that is about the most synopsis I could give to the movie since I have to be honest here, it’s not a bad romantic comedy… it’s also not a good one as well.

Mind you, I don’t hate this movie in a passionate way. The reason I don’t like it is because it’s a Judd Apatow movie with the exact tropes and stuff that you expect. It focuses on a lead character encountering another lead character who knows celebrities left and right and get into raunchy humor and I’ve already seen that in Knocked Up and Funny People. I hate to say it but Judd is becoming a one-trick pony on this and given that I mentioned that Amy wrote it, it felt more like Judd himself wrote it instead.

Amy & Judd
At the same time, it felt like their take on Woody Allen’s movies about New York since it took place there (and even one scene which referenced Woody’s movie Manhattan right down to the famous Golden Gate Bridge sequence) There are other characters in this of course like Amy’s father Gordon (played by Colin Quinn) who is sent to nursing home in his twilight days and Amy’s sister Kim (Brie Larson) who is raising her family while being a bit annoyed by Amy and her father in this situation. As for Aaron, he did has his own story involved – he’s a successful sports doctor who is best buds with LeBron James and doesn’t come off one-dimensional. Then again, I felt like it’s Bill Hader playing Bill Hader here but in normal approach.

Bill Hader
Other than that, there is humor involved and I can’t deny that it’s funny to other audiences. As for my personal take on humor on this movie, LeBron is probably the most believable character to be involved in this and he surprisingly hit the mark that Warner Brothers might finally give a go on Space Jam II: Slam Dunkaloo. The other form of humor is the cinema conversation between Steven and Method Man which was meant to be a heated argument but backfired to the point that Steven said stuff that comes off homoerotic. The last point of humor in my opinion is the indie movie within a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe as The Dog Walker which I have to admit, that movie is better and funnier than what I just watched so why am I not reviewing that one?

Dog Walker
The story is okay but I’ve seen it before, the characters are fine and not hated (including Tilda Swinton playing an unrecognisable character that I thought it’s Cameron Diaz playing an english person there instead) and the jokes are the usual kind of Apatoweseque humor you expect (again, even if it’s written by Schumer). I’m not a fan of this movie but I don’t dismiss it either so it is worth checking out if you have the time whether you’re a fan or not and who knows, maybe the next movie Judd makes is a good one or not to me.


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