Janu-Fahey Month 2.0: Sketch Artist

January 10, 2016 § Leave a comment


Yes, it’s that time again where I delve into the collected acting works of Jeff Fahey and see how awesome is he in one movie and maybe how paycheck-wasted he is in another (assuming that part exists). And to one-up this event, I am making it two months worth of movies mainly because there is plenty of movies he has appeared in and I have an unnatural addiction of seeing them all. And the first movie to start off with is the early 90s made-for-TV thriller Sketch Artist which includes Drew Barrymore, Sean Young, Frank McRae and James Tolkan so hey, a movie with Jeff Fahey and Principal Strickland. I have been waiting to see the team-up since… well, about now apparently since I preferred a team-up with Hellboy and John Constantine.

Principal Strickland
As usual, it’s time to look at the director of this which is Phedon Papamichael and he is already well-known in the Hollywood scene since he works as a cinematographer with the likes of Alexander Payne, Judd Apatow and Jon Turteltaub. Heck, he’s nominated for one on Nebraska and I liked that movie. Before I get to this movie straight away, I should point out that this is the only Jeff Fahey starrer to have a sequel where he reprised his role so hey, if this movie is good or bad, who knows if the sequel will be a step up or down… that, and I need to look into Cyborg Cop II and Cyborg Cop III.

Jeff plays Jack Whitfield, a police sketch artist who is facing his home problems with his wife Rayanne (Sean Young). However, a murder happens at night which has the killer being witnessed a following morning with messenger girl Daisy (Drew Barrymore) that made her a witness. She meets up with Jack in the station and describes the suspect which makes Jack find one person that fits the description and his wife is a perfect fit to it. He follows her to ask what the suspect is wearing and then he called her at night to meet in her place but nobody answered. Daisy is then found dead in a crime scene and Jack is now targeted as a prime suspect.

Drew Barrymore
Not running away from this, Jack decides to investigate further by talking to another suspect Claire (Stacy Haiduk) which helps a little but following the visit, he decides to “borrow” a car and pretends to be a police officer to another suspect. This leads to him having some sort of stakeout in the home of Paul Korbel (Tchéky Karyo) and when he left, Jack continues breaking the crime by taking pics of him having sex with a hooker and breaking into his house when he left. Funnily enough, he called Paul on Paul’s phone and wants to meet. Later on, he meets with Paul before Rayanne appears and turns out to be Paul’s lover. But Jack throws photos of Paul shagging a hooker which leads to Rayanne shooting Paul before he convinces her to turn herself in and the movie ends with him returning the car he “borrowed”.

This is an okay start for this theme month(s) and the movie is fine but I don’t see why it got a sequel since with the exception of a couple of sex scenes, this is just a one-time viewing and you watch something better afterwards. Jeff obviously is good but the other actors are good here and there, James have a minor role and Frank played a good best friend while Sean plays a stereotypical wife with a secret. The storytelling drags a bit and the music score is early 90s instrumental guitar rock genius. It is just your typical 90s erotic thriller that exists before it peaked with Basic Instinct and The Color of Night. Worth checking out if you into those types of movies and I will see the sequel soon but for now, how about we look at a sequel of a better thriller instead.


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