RIP David Bowie

January 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

I hate writing eulogies and hate being in mourning to people I’m a fan of. And this is one of those because I’m like a major fan of this guy. When it comes me writing one of Leslie Neilsen years ago, I can’t deny that he has made some bad apples. And when I wrote Death to Smoochy review which kinda counts as one for Robin Williams, yeah he has Old Dogs and Flubber in his belt but he’s still a memorable comedian. Anything and everything by David Bowie to my knowledge is not filled with bad moments (not even Dancing In The Streets, Tin Machine, The Laughing Gnome and Never Let Me Down).

Now I could be wrong since let’s say that I have yet to see Bandslam and Arthur and the Invisibles but I have actually listen to every album he has ever released from his self-titled album that he wishes to ignore to well, the recent Blackstar album. I have seen him acting like The Man Who Fell To Earth (which I have two DVD copies of) and August (which is kinda forgettable but do remember his appearance in it). I even brought a bootleg copy of his fabled “Leon” suite outtakes that prior to me buying it was once hard-to-find in the internet circuits. Uh, dammit, I could go on and on about this… but I do have to keep this article as simple and perfect because David is indeed one for me and us all. He may not be god but he is now meeting one and we all sad to see him go.

In my knowledgeable history, the first time I came to know him is either of those two things – Labyrinth or China Girl music video. I’m sure it might be Let’s Dance instead but my childhood is rough memory circuit. Since then, I’ve seen his music videos, acting, interviews and anything else. When he dropped Where Are We Now? back in 2013, I was surprised that he is back and thinking 2013 is one of the good years and my thought was right. And when it comes to Blackstar, I am joyful that he’s gonna release another album soon and by the time it came (and I’m not talking the rough mono vinyl rip that leaked weeks prior), I liked the album from start to finish and that is saying something since the last album I liked from up to down was uh, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

And last week, Lazarus video dropped and my happiness was there because the album is about to come out. It lead me to post my “best of 2016” where I state that Blackstar is the first good album of this year and it lead me to think 2016 is the year of Bowie. Why not? 2013 was one, 1995 was one and even 1987 was one despite what people said about Never Let Me Down which by the way, I like the self-titled song (well, the single remix of it). Then came yesterday when 2016 is not only the year of Bowie… but it became the final year of Bowie and I didn’t see it coming along with everybody else in the whole world.

I do have to repeat that I hate writing eulogies and hate being in mourning and I’m probably gonna jinx it but 2016 might not be a good year for me. I might be entirely wrong but it already is not into a good start. I also gonna confess honestly but I myself came out as bisexual back around August of last year and before that, I thought I was straight but have constant bi-curious urges that I try to avoid but the thing about it is that to me, life is something we all have to face even in fears, regrets and deaths and it’s what makes us human. So what I did had happened and don’t want to be some closeted case plus I honestly didn’t regret it and don’t see it as a phase so I like who I am and I am still the same person. Now the question to that is did David not only inspire me in terms of music, movies and writing but also in sexuality? Partly yeah.

There is other inspirations but I won’t get too much to it and my eulogy to him is already becoming my coming out note so let’s back to him before I watch Labyrinth. David Bowie was once David Robert Jones but throughout his career, he came to be known as Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke, Plastic Soul, Thomas Jerome Newton, Jareth The Goblin King, Nathan Adler, Phillip Jeffries, Nikola Tesla, Lord Royal Highness and in recent times, he is known as Blackstar and not a Gangster. He was and still is a talented singer, awesome actor, memorable songwriter, friend to other celebrities, husband to Iman (and former to Angela Bowie) and father to few children including famed director who was once Zowie Bowie. He is an icon that is never forgotten and this is my own eulogy.

Before I go, this is nothing to do with this article but there might be a small, tiny break for my themed Janu-Fahey Month(s). There is one coming out this weekend of course but after it is a little pushed back so I need a little time to get past through the mourning and all.

Rest In Peace, David Bowie. Thanks for being part of our lives.


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