Janu-Fahey Month 2.0: Psycho III

January 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Note: Due to my previous post where I talked about David Bowie and me being one of his longtime fans, I mentioned that this review was gonna be released on that weekend. I didn’t due to me still mourning the loss of David Bowie (along with Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey). In other words, January 2016 is really a depressing month. Sorry for the lateness and I will continue the theme month(s) even with a bit of delayed timing and trying to keep up in my positive mood.


I know Psycho, you know Psycho, a bunch of people who hasn’t seen the movie even know Psycho, it’s a movie based upon a novel that caused controversy at the time of its release and became one of Alfred Hitchcock’s notable masterpieces. It’s also a movie that took a long time to get its own sequel and established itself to be a franchise that honestly shouldn’t be. And after four movies (and a failed pilot), you all thought this is done but then Gus Van Sant decide to ruin it by having Vince Vaughn taking on an iconic role that Anthony Perkins was born to play (and also, the less said about the Bates Motel television series, the better).

Vince Vaughn

And Psycho III is a pinpoint to the franchise since it kinda signals the beginning of the end for Anthony Perkin’s career given that not only is it his directorial debut, but he has contacted HIV during the time of making and starring the movie. I like Anthony and outside of Psycho, he’s good in The Trial and Crimes of Passion and I am sad that he didn’t live longer than 60 years since he died on pneumonia. He honestly is one of the great actors of that time and will be missed. Moving on from it and you guys might be wondering why I’m talking more about Perkins than Jeff Fahey since he’s also in this movie as a supporting character, well I don’t know why but if anything, I do want to talk about somebody else who’s good at acting than Jeff in this month for once.

Anthony & Orson

With Emma Spool being missing for a month due to the events of Psycho II, Norman’s former boss Ralph (Robert Alan Browne) is concerned about it along with law officers and a travelling journalist Tracy (Roberta Maxwell). Meanwhile, we meet with Maureen (Diana Scarwid) who is questioning her religion after she left the chapel following her causing an accident that killed a nun and while doing that, she gets hitchhiked by struggling musician Duane Duke (Jeff Fahey). As they are driving through the night, Duane tries to make his way to her but with Maureen not ready to get laid, he kicked her out and drives to Bates Motel.

Jeff 1

Duane not only wants a place to stay but offers him as a job for assistant motel manager. With Norman relunctedly agrees, he goes to the diner where he used to work and tries to get interviewed by Tracy Venable (Roberta Maxwell) who thinks Norman is still the killer. And as Maureen enters, he begins to have flashbacks involving his first victim, Marion mainly due to Maureen resembling her so he leaves the diner. It doesn’t help that Maureen also became a tenant to the motel after he saw Duane again and is trying to help out.

Jeff 2

As for Duane, he spots Tracy in the bar and tries to pick her up but failed. And as Tracy noticed a matchbox belonging the hotel, she talks to Duane about Norman and he is quickly a believer-of-sorts. Back at the hotel, Norman is about to kill Maureen in an event similar to the first movie but as he discovers Maureen is sliting herself in the bathtub, he calls the ambulance instead and saves her for the time being. Following the bar interview, Duane noticed a girl and picked her up and we get Duane doing his uh, lamp thingy before he shagged her!

Jeff 3

After sex, he kicked her out and she calls up but Norman arrived back to kill her. She is kinda forgotten after as we now have tourists in the area celebrating by watching a football game. Both Norman and Maureen attempt to have a relationship but ended up falling asleep before Norman kills one of the tourists and hides her in the ice chest. The second victim’s disappearance begins to draw a bit of concern for everyone with Maureen leaving after Tracy explains Norman’s past.


This leads Duane to discover Norman’s mother’s corpse and take the corpse to a room which leads to a strange but interesting fight between the two which ended with Duane thought dead by Norman. With that, Norman decide to drive Duane’s car with both Duane and the victim in there. Duane awoke and tries to stop Norman but as the car is in the swamp lake, Duane finally met his end. Maureen decides to travel back to the hotel and reconnect with Norman but as he heard his “mother”, she slips and died by falling down the stairs and having a nail hit the back of her head.


It now leaves Tracy as the last person to stop Norman and tries to convince her that Emma Spool was Norman’s aunt and not his mother which was explained in the previous movie. Norman is about to kill Tracy but instead he kept stabbing his mother’s corpse instead and turns himself to the authorities ending the movie with him in the car holding the corpse’s arm with him thinking he’s free from the madness. Honestly, this movie is okay but then again, the other two sequels are good as well.

Norman 2

It is Anthony’s own take on the franchise that made him famous and has a couple of nods to the original. He plays Norman as good as always and obviously Jeff is fine in this because his character is such a womanizing dick who wishes to be rock star. Both Diana and Roberta are fine as well and I don’t know, the movie is just good since it involves a serial killer who is somewhat sympathetic and has a form of schizophrenia that you hardly see nowadays in horror movies (unless it’s High Tension or something). It is a shame that a remake and that television series reboot paint him as a more sadistic killer instead, uh damn Hollywood but overall, worth checking out.


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