Janu-Fahey Month 2.0: Every Woman’s Dream

February 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

295888_fullNote: Despite its lateness, this review (and the one after this) is intended for Janu-Fahey Month 2.0 while the other four are part of Janu-Fahey Month 2.1. In other words, January 2016 really sucks and February is already here so uh, let’s just get to the review.

Well, we’re on to 90s cheesy romantic thriller. This one is a very mixed genre even since there is one Basic Instinct on that side and there is Sleeping With The Enemy on the other side and nowadays, we could watch those for comedic purposes but then again, we might sleep on it and forget that we were watching it afterwards. It also may be as god-awful as any found footage movies or spoof movies but there is a bit of charm somewhere or everywhere. And this movie is a good test for me since this is one movie that came out shortly after this type of genre craze died out.

Color Of Night

But there is a funny side to this, the movie is based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury, an well-known christian novelist so Jeff Fahey in a christian movie? I’ve seen Revelations so this might be hilarious to watch. The director Steven Schachter might add to the charm as well since well, I haven’t seen all movies but upon checking his IMDB page, he has made seven movies that starred William H. Macy (plus William co-wrote a few of those including this one) and this movie is not one of them. It doesn’t help that one of Steven/William’s collaborations is Above Suspicion starring Christopher Reeve as a paralysed cop… that got its premiere six days before Christopher got into an accident that left him paralysed until his death. Uh, yeah, this review got depressing so fast so uh… can we cut to the first image of Every Woman’s Dream to hopefully lighten us up.

Jeff 1

The movie begins focusing on how Mitch Parker (Jeff Fahey) became obsessed with woman to the point of him marrying Candy (DeLane Matthews). While living with Candy’s family, he tries his best to not having his family life collide with his life of working and sleeping with random woman to the point where he lied to his wife about working with CIA. At that point, he met Liz Wells (Kim Cattrall) on the airplane and they kindle their own romance which now goes to the point of him marrying her as well.


Mitch then is working his ways to keep his marriage with Candy a secret from Liz and vice versa while he begins to suffer from financial problems. The problems made Kim’s father John (Walter Addison) suspicious and did a quick checking on Mitch. After that, he told Liz about Mitch not working for Disney (yeah, another lie Mitch made up) and leads to Liz going to Mitch’s office. Liz still believes in her husband and they went out to drive before Mitch discovers his other wife which leads him to think having Liz moved to the same town as Candy a bad idea and decides to alert Candy and the family to get out-of-town because of bogus CIA danger.


It took a bit before things go almost back to normal when Mitch and Liz are spotted by Candy’s friend while he unsuccessfully tries to buy a new house and Candy grows suspicious on what’s going on as well which has her calling CIA. Back to Liz and she goes back to Mitch’s office to find… a different person working there. Mitch himself is having a double marital crisis right down to holding captive on Liz and tries to reason with her before he walks away. Liz then hires a private investigator and then found out about Candy so they plan to go to cops about this and destroy his reputation.


This didn’t go well for Liz when Mitch spotted her and tries to reason with her again. And then, he shot her a few times and got himself arrested ending the movie with a narrator (Paul Linke) finishing up this story. Uh, this is a strange movie. To clarify a bit, it may come off as a romantic thriller but it jumps into psychological thriller, comedy about infidelity and whatever that I’m not sure what kind of movie it is. It is at best okay for one-time viewing but I hate to say that it’s probably a least-favorite of mine in terms of Jeff’s body of work.

Jeff 2

One thing I should brought up is that this movie is also somewhat a period piece since the events taking place is within late 80s to early 90s timeframe and did it work? Well, I didn’t notice any nostalgic values on this movie so no chance of Jeff Fahey dressing up like he came back from Miami Vice convention to be honest. And the christianity aspect is very minimal here which is not much really. It’s really a forgettable schizophrenic piece and only suited if you’re a completist so uh, I should watch something that I hope is better than this.



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