Janu-Fahey Month 2.1: Johnny 2.0

February 17, 2016 § Leave a comment


Yeah, I know I started it off late and trying to catch up as fast as possible (note to self, plan in advance the next time I’ll do another theme month) so now, I have to wonder – does Clones really sucks? I do ask the question because this movie was released around the same time that the infamous Clone Saga was still happening in Spider-Man comics and there’s the whole “Boba Fett is Jango’s clone” thing which ruined the most-famous character. And lastly, I think Jake 2.0 is a clone of this movie instead due to the fact that it starts with J and ends with two point zero. And yeah, we sure do have Orphan Black as an exception but why the hate. Maybe I myself an imperfect clone of a reviewer who doesn’t pad this review up.

Jake 2.0
But anyway, Johnny 2.0 is a late 90s sci-fi romp made by Neill Fearnley, possibly a clone of Neil Fearnley who made Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork and Mindy. Joking aside, he really is nothing but a television-at-work director so I’m sorry, do I have to explain anything else? Maybe the next review doesn’t feature another one of those directors with similar body of work because already, this is less of a Janu-Fahey Month and more of a Janu-Fahey On TV Month… which might not be a bad idea.

The Marshall
Let’s just get this show on the road. The movie begins with a home terrorist group destroying one lab after another for freedom while recording their actions and send it to the news crew, a report drew notice on Frank Donahue (Michael Ironside) and Johnny Dalton (Jeff Fahey) who are doing research on cloning. Little do they know that the group has manage to invade their workplace and Frank pulled out a gun enough to kill one member before the two settled on a fight that caused Johnny to nearly died on head injury. Frank manage to save him and Johnny later woke up to find himself several years in the future… oh, and Frank told Johnny that he’s a clone. Given the title like Johnny 2.0, you do expect it to be about clones since I already brought it up anyway.

Jeff & Ironside
Frank showed Johnny 2.0 (and yeah, I’m calling him that) a picture of his original counterpart who is alive and well but “vanished” himself twelve months prior so expositions follow with both and Bosch (John Neville) giving the 411 on Johnny 2.0 including the point where he only has a week to live. So Johnny 2.0 has been paired up security member Taylor (Michael Rhoades) to track down original Johnny’s whereabouts. Johnny 2.0 then noticed Carlos (Von Flores) and they both are after him and his friends in a suburb that looks straight out of Max Headroom. They later find themselves in Church of the Holy-Gram (huh, that’s funny but also dumb pun) and Carlos and his man shoots Taylor while capturing Johnny 2.0.

Church Of The Holy-Grams
Trapped by the gang, Johnny 2.0 meets Nikki Holland (Tahnee Welch) in the cell and he explains what he’s doing and all, which leads to Nikki pretending to be a prisoner. Frank’s team of henchmen… I mean, security guards found the church through tracking system implanted on him and caused a shootout while Johnny 2.0 escapes and then helps Nikki and Carlos so he switches team. Johnny 2.0 and Nikki then meet up with her friends Dan-O (Cliff Saunders) and Phil (Eugene Lipinski) who checks on the clone and his “tracking system” whereabouts. Johnny 2.0 and Nikki later find a quiet spot enough to dance alone and making love just before Johnny 2.0 got briefly attacked by his original self.

Old Johnny
The fight stopped and the two settled while Taylor reawaken back in Frank’s building and prepares to get the Johnnys and their friends which breaks into the base. Original Johnny however didn’t survive enough since he got shot and both Johnny 2.0 and Nikki are then caught by Frank and Taylor which Bosch reappeared to give us a couple of twist moments – one is that he’s a holographic projection and that his brain patterns belongs to none other than a preserved body of… the actual, original Johnny Dalton!

John Neville
And also, the “one week to live” is a lie so that’s a cliché I didn’t see outside of Escape From LA. Nikki later escapes and stopped Johnny 2.0 (still using that name) from getting killed in transplant to his original counterpart which leads to Johnny/Bosch destroyed along with his holographic patterns. Nikki then pretends to be Bosch in a meeting with other businessman from around the world and she relieved and escorted Frank out. The movie ends with Johnny 2.0 and Nikki winning victoriously and the world is still in a dystopian state since Frank and Bosch are not really leaders of this futuristic society.

Michael Ironside
This movie is not bad but it makes me feel like I should watch a better cyberpunk vehicle instead since it has similarities to Johnny Mnemonic and Blade Runner (with one part of the score being inspired by The Terminator). As usual, Jeff did good as both Johnnys and Michael Ironside is always sold as a bad guy while John Neville did a good turn playing one as well. The other actors are merely forgettable and the story did track on a bit so it’s a slow, action piece that is only worth seeing once. Again, it’s not bad but only can be rewatched if you want a Cyberpunk kick with a low-budget feel.


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