Janu-Fahey Month 2.1: Body Parts

February 21, 2016 § Leave a comment


This one is an unplanned piece. Originally, I was planning to do Absolute Zero as a callback to my last year’s review of 100 Degrees Below Zero but to make a long story short, my room became a colossal claustrophobic mess thanks to those two dumbass painters back in October last year so I can’t find a copy of this one. Really, this theme double month is not going exactly to what I plan not just with this but delayed timing as well. But hey, it could have been worst. I could have a month reviewing nothing but Marlon Wayans comedies like Fifty Shades of Black… and no, I am not planning on doing that… ever… Little Man sadly ruined me enjoyment on him and his brothers!

Little Man
So here enters Body Parts instead and already this interests me since not only is it another Jeff Fahey horror movie but Brad Dourif also stars in it is about time I’m reviewing another movie starring the one and only voice of Chucky. And why I do remember Phoenix after all this time is beyond me? This movie is one of the few directorial efforts of Eric Red who is little known for directing but more known for writing with such films as The Hitcher, Blue Steel and Near Dark so we might get a good kick out of this.

Eric Red

The movie begins with credits of creepy music and a drawn anatomy of a human being which makes me wonder, did I put on Re-Animator by mistake? No but whatever, Bill Chrushank (Jeff Fahey) is a college professor interviewing criminal suspects like Ray Kolberg (Paul Ben-Victor) who goes by the nickname “Cobra” and is sent to prison for killing his high school sweetheart because he’s a bit crazy. As he prepares to go to work, he noticed a flat tire in another car which caused it to lose and he nearly got in a car crash. It didn’t happen at first but a truck behind him crashed to his car and it cost him his arm in the process.

Car Accident

Bill’s wife Karen (Kim Delaney) is being discussed for replacement arm by Doctor Agatha Webb (Lindsay Duncan) and she signs the documents so is about to have an arm transplant with a hospital full of masked nurses holding their shotguns (?) and uh, this transplant scene kind of creeps me out. Also, would it surprising that it happened on the same day as the crash? He got his new arms and it took a while before he tested them and having his family getting back to normal. However, the new arm caused minor movements and having strange flashbacks to something he never sees so upon seeing Cobra for the second time, his arm’s prison number is being noticed by another and Cobra panicked enough that he doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.


So he decides to check for the previous owner of his new arm which turns out that it previously belong to serial killer Charley Fletcher (John Walsh) who is dead. He then investigates further by finding out the other arm has been giving to now-successful artist Remo Lacey (Brad Dourif) and the legs were transplanted to basketball player Mark Draper (Peter Murnik). He meets with them a couple of times and the second time being in the bar which includes a fight with a drunk who knows about Bill’s arm transplant. Shortly after, Mark tries to walk upstairs normally but it behaves like he’s losing it and calls up on Bill and that’s before a mysterious killer slaughtered him and takes his legs.


Both Bill and Detective Sawchuck (Zakes Mokae) decide to go to Remo’s house after Mark’s death but the killer already caught up to him and the two already saw it. As they to drive off after the crime scene has been set, the killer drives next to Bill and placed an handcuff on his arm which leads to the killer being a composite of body parts with Charley’s head. It leads to a car chase before Bill shoots the chains of the handcuffs and “Frankensteined” Charley got involved in a car crash. He survived but carrying limbs with Doctor Webb helping him so Bill now has to take the matter alone while stealing Sawchuck’s car in the process.


Back in the hospital, Bill confronts Doctor Webb before being knocked out by “Frankensteined” Charley. And as his arm is about to be taken off, Bill controlled its use and escapes while shooting the limbs and killing Webb and Charley in the process. The movie ends with his life finally getting back to normal as he and his wife are relaxing on the tree in the park which makes a resemblance to John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band album cover in the process. Of all the Jeff Fahey movies I reviewed in a while, I had to simply say that this might be one of the best ones out of the whole lot because hot damn, this movie is creepy and very, very good.

Brad Dourif

And the best part is that it’s adapted from the novel Choice Cuts by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac whom their previous works was adapted into movies like Les Diaboliques and Vertigo so yeah, I can see why this movie felt very Hitchcockian. While admittedly Jeff gives an alright performance along with Brad, it’s the story and few make-up effects that counts. I heard that this movie’s advertisements were cancelled in Wisconsin due to the killings caused by Jeffrey Dahmer and I can’t blame them because this movie is part of the splatter genre and has some better body horror than uh, last year’s Fantastic Four. Dammit, I can’t get over that disastrous movie.


But really, this is an underrated piece that is worth checking out and perfect to watch in a Halloween night. Maybe it is a good thing I reviewed this instead of Absolute Zero because I don’t know, I read it somewhere that it’s “The Day After Tomorrow but set in Florida” and I suspect it’s another disaster movie that involves family values so it’s all cool. Anyway, it’s getting to hopefully normal next time since well, I do have two movies that I’m gladfully didn’t lose so until then.


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