Janu-Fahey Month 2.1: True Blood

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Uh, so what do we have now? True Blood, not to be confused by the television series or the novel series the show is based upon so Jeff Fahey and Vampires? Only on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Now I might be excited about this one since I saw this in the bargain bins with Jeff and Billy Drago on the DVD cover. Then again, I reviewed one movie that Billy appeared in before and I got that DVD from the bargain bin so I might be concerned as well. No matter, this looks like your typical 1980s thriller and I like those kind of movies.

Billy Drago

And the interesting part is that director Frank Kerr was a former newspaper and television journalist and yes, I got that info from IMDB where everything is so official that I pretend to think it’s true. He has done little to be honest but upon research, I tracked down a website for one of his movies The Child King and it kinda is heartfelt to read since the movie focused on a kid with down syndrome and the idea for this movie originated from Frank’s brother Jeff who worked as a producer so whether True Blood is good or bad, I only state it that way and won’t directly criticize the director for this. Not only that, the movie also spawned an non-profit organization based on the movie’s title. Even if I never met him personally, he does come off a nice guy after all so kudos to him and his brother.

Frank Kerr

So going to the movie now and we meet up with Raymond Trueblood (Jeff Fahey) who is talking to his kid brother Donny (Rhett Creighton) in his bed before he and his gang goes to have a gangland brawl with rival leader Billy Masters (Billy Drago) who goes by the nickname of “Spider” (or as Raymond calls him “Spider-Man”). The fight got interrupted by an ongoing police car and Ray is caught by a police detective. However, Spider shot the detective and leads to Ray being framed as the killer. And then his partner shows up and… he’s played by James Tolkan! Dammit, I haven’t yet reviewed The Sketch Artist II and already there’s somebody else other than Jeff from that movie starring in this and not only that but take a look at this…

Strickland's Wig
Ray makes a run and takes Donny to the train station. Over there, two random detectives appear and Ray continues his run with a car chase that involves Detective Hanley (James Tolkan) in the mix. Ray escapes to the train and Hanley screams that he will get him someday. Ten years later and Ray returned to New York as a soldier. He returned to look for his brother which upon encountering his former gang buddy Bobby (Everett Mendes III), Ray became shocked that Donny is alive… and working for Spider! He went back to his turf and sees both Spider and Donny (now played by Chad Lowe) there. Donny told him to leave before shit breaks out and he did so what happens next? He decides to work at the diner owned by Aguado from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Frank Santos (John Capodice) hired Ray and he meets with fellow work-mate Jennifer (Sherilyn Fenn) and they are bumpy-at-first but became friends shortly after. Spider then sends Donny to rob a joint but a random cop shows up and leaves to a car chase, the chase ended with Donny injured and Spider escaping so Donny decides to hide out near Ray’s home. Ray takes Donny and hides out in Jennifer’s home. The following morning, Donny wakes up and runs back to the subway station with Ray going after him. At first, he lets Donny get away but Donny instead followed him and they are reunited. Over at Santos Diner, Frank got a visit from Hanley and his new partner Charlie Gates (Ken Foree) and are close to Ray. Also, Charlie found Donny’s blood while he steps on a used gum.

Bubble Gum 1
It took a while but Hanley discovered Ray and is about to shoot him. Ray instead used a fire extinguisher on him and escapes with Donny on a garbage truck. While hiding out in new apartment, Ray talks to Donny about finding their mother (who’s already dead) and had found that her last home is better than where are they living. Donny got angry and walks away because he prefers living in the streets. Donny then goes to the diner and apologizes for his attitude to Jennifer. Jennifer then tells Donny to meet tomorrow someplace else. Meanwhile, Ray goes to the police station and wants to make a deal with Hanley.

Jeff & James
Hanley agrees to keep Donny out of this and has himself turned in after Spider is caught. Following her meeting with Donny, she walks home only to find Spider there (with a stuffed panda and classical music playing) and attempts to kill her but Donny noticed his former gang member in the car so he runs to her place. She’s alive only to say to Donny that Spider is only looking for Ray. Back at their new apartment, Ray noticed Spider’s voice and they confront again in the rooftop. Spider shoots Ray before Donny appears and shoots Spider multiple times before he falls to his death.

Spider's Death
Ray survived and is let go by Hanley and Charlie and the movie ends with Ray reuniting with Donny at the station while Donny getting a kiss from Jennifer. Honestly, this movie is not bad but it does drag on a little. With good performances around, I can safely say that Billy owns this one since he played a deranged psychotic gang member well and he deserved it. Jeff of course is good and James, Sherilyn and Ken as well but if anything, Chad is second best next to Billy since he may be Rob Lowe’s brother but his role is pretty good. The action scenes are fine, there’s humor involved and a bit of hammy acting here and there but it didn’t affect the movie. It really is a good product of its time and is worth checking out.

Bubble Gum 2
Now before I go, I do have one news to mention – this is the last Jeff Fahey movie I gonna reviewing since after the disastrous time I am having, I am cancelling this theme month. Don’t worry, I got a good backup plan so here’s what coming at you.


Oh, I’m kidding. Janu-Fahey always continues (even though I’m reviewing The Sketch Artist 2 with both of them next time).


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