Janu-Fahey Month 2.1: Sketch Artist II – Hands That See

February 28, 2016 § Leave a comment


Well, Janu-Fahey Month 2.1 is drawing to a close and what best way to do that is to bookend those two months by reviewing Sketch Artist II: Hands That See with Jeff Fahey and James Tolkan reprising their roles but not Frank McRae since he probably is preparing to star in Asteroid with Michael Biehn. But hope is not lost as got a replacement partner that’s played by Michael Beach. In addition, Jonathan Silverman and Courtney Cox are in this movie and it is timely since Jonathan was hitting it big at that time with The Single Guy and Courtney is already riding high with Friends.

The Single Guy
Lastly, Phedon didn’t direct this one so who took over the director’s seat for this one? Well, get ready for this. Jack Sholder of A Nightmare On Elm Street II: Freddy’s Revenge and The Hidden fame so fuck it, we got a winner here. Well, okay, he also made a failed pilot telemovie based on Marvel’s Generation X as well since while Finola Hughes did a better job as Emma Frost than January Jones, it doesn’t block the mind of Matt Frewer going all Jim Carrey on us with a bit of racial slur involved… that, and it has one of the worst farts gag in history.

Generation X
Well, we see how it goes as the movie opens up with a mysterious killer coming to the house of Emmy (Courtney Cox) and her husband Glenn (Jonathan Silverman) and the killer raped her. So as that happened, it then all of a sudden cuts to Jack (Jeff Fahey) and other police officers playing an Softball game. Yeah, that is an awkward and uncomfortable transition. Anyway, the game ended with the team losing because Beeks (John Prosky) didn’t get the ball in his hand. Jack and George (Michael Beach) then meet up a coroner on a recent murdered victim of “The Slasher” and it then leads to Jack meeting up with Emmy. Also, I should mention this but Emmy is not only a rape survivor… but uh, she’s also blind!

Courtney Cox
Jack decides to help her out since while she is blind, she can tell the killer’s description by feeling his face which worked. Not only that but she also touch Jack’s face and describes it perfectly. Following it, both Jack and George check out Emmy’s house and Jack interviews her again before she breaks down. After Jack calms her down, both Emmy and Glenn are at the park near the university and she is about to go back to her teaching but sits next to the rapist who threatened her about his appearance being exposed. She immediately runs back to Glenn and the rapist got away.

Later, the news release reports about Emmy and the rapist’s description and Jack heard about it which brought him a bit furious so he decides to go to Emmy’s class. However, the rapist got there first and is about to threaten her again. Jack stopped at the class as he is about to do that and the rapist escapes while killing a security guard nearby. His escape didn’t take long as while he pulled over by highway cops later is revealed to be Tim Rothko (Michael Nicolosi) who’s a bible student of sorts.

Michael 1
So with Tim caught, the movie is not over as it lands him in court while Emmy and Glenn went into hiding. The court case has a chance of losing with Jack drinking and Glenn wanting Tim be in prison so Jack went sober and tries to convince Emmy to take a stand and she eventually did. It didn’t went too well again but Jack has got an idea which might work – the idea leading to Emmy touching a random bystander’s face at the court and describe it to Jack. The plan worked successfully and Tim hulked out as he is about to attack Emmy but cops caught him and the movie ends with another softball game and Beeks has finally caught the ball with Jack and his friends winning.

Okay, I don’t really like this movie. I would have liked it but with rape being a notable subject (and with a blind person), I felt uncomfortable at times watching. Yes, it is fiction and it’s not the first thing I seen that tackles this subject since I’ve seen Irreversible and uh, That’s My Boy! But with this movie, I do say that I’m glad that the person who wanted non-consensual sex has been caught but still. Other than that subject, the movie also is really boring and that’s to due to the fact that it went from Jack and other characters finding the antagonist to a courtroom drama. The first movie has Jack checking out mystery which connects to his wife and that story is something. This one is just plain dull and forgettable (except the one where Tim rages out).


It also felt oscarbait with Courtney giving her all as a blind person and she did okay but it doesn’t help her getting any award mainly because not only I mentioned Friends but she is gonna be more known for Scream and Cougar Town so I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t wanna talk about this one. Jonathan did okay as well and while his performance is minimal, it is the only good part. Speaking of minimal, Jeff has his own here since this movie is hardly about him. Heck, James Tolkan has a small role here and to add this up, Lin Shaye is also in this but for only one scene that doesn’t serve any purpose at all. Michael however did an okay job as killer since he kinda have the looks of it.

Michael 2

I can’t fault Jack for this since he didn’t write it, the writer is Michael Angeli who also wrote the first film so it bears my mind on how these two movies are different to each other not in terms of story but in style as well. But why should I complain about it really? Michael is already big name thanks to Monk, Battlestar Galactica, Black Sails and… uh, Chyna: If They Only Knew! Yeah, he’s also a biographical co-author and celebrity profiler. It is not a good movie really and not worth checking out. And this ends the double-month edition of Janu-Fahey and I suddenly feel moody. Alright, I should go watch a few things and will come back possibly in a positive light.


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