Asylum Seeker: Invasion Of The Pod People

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Ever since I started reviewing, I start it out as a request-type thing but grew out into a mixture of several Asylum movies, few awful television episodes and even a set of movies made by two people who I am not bringing up since hey, I’m already done with their shit. Wait, did the last one broke my “persona non grata” rule? Uh, I’m not going further on this. But anyway, the movie I reviewed got me thinking about nostalgia and this year, I thought it’s best to look back over my past material by reviewing new stuff that’s related to it one way or another. In other words, this year is the “nostalgia lookback” to many stuff I reviewed before including crap like The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse
So to start this kind of journey, I already brought up The Apocalypse so a movie by Justin Jones I guess. The movie of course is Invasion of the Pod People and let me tell you, this is one mockbuster to The Invasion which is a dumb, forgettable re-adaptation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers so it’s better to stick with the three previous adaptations instead. But if anything, it doesn’t have the word “apocalypse” in the title… and that it doesn’t have Rhett Giles in it so that’s a good thing, right?

Officer Barnes
The movie begins with the usual flying objects in space that you seen in Asylum movies at that time (no really, I’ve seen that shot before) before it cuts to the usual establishing shot of Los Angeles skyline (again, seen that shot before). We then meet with Melissa (Erica Roby) who’s watching the news about the asteroid attacks and she is really going by her business by going outside to watch the meteor showers. So yeah, falling rocks that might destroy Earth… eh, nothing interesting to her. And all of a sudden, it cuts to Melissa having sex with Andrew (David Shick) in a different building.

Flying Things
Melissa then drives and notice a strange guy in the path but ignores it and went on to the meeting with her boss Vickland (Michael Tower) and the conversation makes all the characters unlikable already. They’re talking about Taylor (Shaley Scott) who’s a model and we cut to Taylor being a model with a prima donna kind of attitude. Following that, Bailey (Lorraine Smith) enters Melissa’s office and gave her a strange-looking plant so Melissa could give it to her boss Samantha (Jessica Bork).

The plant (or plants) begin to give strange effects as one has transformed into a doppelgänger of Taylor while Taylor herself is calling the cops who strangely knows her name. The two Taylors meet and let’s just say the original copy is dead. Back to Melissa and she is having sex with Andrew again. Truly it’s a good time to do that given that we live in an age where… I don’t know… how about that Internet is already full of porn?

Sex Scene 1
Melissa discuss her relationship-of-sorts with Andrew and it plays out like a soap opera joke. Later that night, Melissa hears something strange and checks in to see what’s that noise. And surprise, that stranger in the streets she saw earlier sneakily appears with a guy and talks about what is going on before he shoots himself. The following morning, Melissa is driving to the streets like nothing happened before she notices the dead guy standing and… again, she’s driving like nothing happened! She then ends up on a pawn shop to check on the gun.

Melissa is back at her house with Bailey and they talked about Samantha and whatnot. Bailey then explains that Andrew might be hiding a skeleton in his closet and Melissa may check on what he’s hiding. And we then cut to Samantha snorting cocaine with the plant near her. She calls her boyfriend and argue about their relation before the plan takes form of Samantha. The following day and Melissa is meeting up with Detective Pete (Marat Glazer) about the dead guy Zach (Leigh Scott) and it brings up connections to her and the place she works.

Melissa is meeting with Samantha (well, a doppelgänger but moving on) and she’s beginning to come on to Melissa while being strangely happy (ain’t that obvious to why). Following it and Vickland talks to her about ideas while being angry and bossy. It’s night and Melissa and Samantha is having girl’s night out with Taylor and Melissa is finding it strange. And then we cut to Samantha’s house which involves… Melissa kissing Samantha and having sex while Taylor and a couple of other girls are having a threesome!

Sex Scene 2
Melissa wakes up wondering what she did last night and then tries to destroy the plant which strangely screams before putting a knife containing the plant’s blood for packaged evidence. Melissa is meeting with the detective and they talk about what’s going on (while background noises are louder than their dialogue) while giving him the evidence. Melissa then drives and noticing Andrew with his wife while seeing flowers that appeared in her place for unknown reason. Melissa is then talking to Andrew over the phone and Andrew brought up that Melissa was with Samantha and others the previous night which got her puzzled.

Plant 2
Taylor appeared at her door and she continues being puzzled. After Taylor gives her plant and exits, Melissa’s friend and co-worker Billie (Danae Nason) quits her job and finds the whole thing strange as well. Melissa then discuss the whole plot to Billie first and then Louise before Louise is revealed to be one of the pod people. She escapes and Vickland shoots Louise which makes him not one of the pod people. Vickland makes a phone call which makes him paranoid and then another Vickland enters with Billie being captive.

So it leads to Melissa holding the gun to one Vickland and accidentally shoots him before she gives the gun to another Vickland and he kills himself (not in that way) and whoops, Melissa is fooled with shooting the wrong Vickland as he and Billie are part of the collective (that, and she is dumb enough to know which is which since she would have known that the Vickland she didn’t shoot acts very alien). Billie then pleads Melissa to touch the plant but surprise Detective Pete enters and he’s also part of it… or not since he’s faking it by shooting the pod people members. Melissa and Pete escapes and Billie appears (the one who is human by the way) to join them.

The three hatches a plan to destroy all the plants and its pod people and it leads to Melissa packing her stuff before Andrew (the pod people one) appears which has her pointing the gun at him and shoots him. She then picks Billie up and Billie then gets a call from… the real Melissa! The call leads to Melissa herself being captured and Billie is afraid so the movie ends with her encountering another doppelgänger of herself and she screams which not really echoes Donald Sutherland’s alien scream in the 1978 adaptation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers but hey, this is how it ends.

Okay, this is not really good and it does remind me more of Asylum movies I watched around that time period instead of ones involving Zombies and Sharknadoes. The acting is bland (especially Erica who looks bored enough that she retired from acting after this), the production is obviously cheap and there are very repetitive twists and turns that makes it a bit confusing. On top of all that, the sex scenes are not really worth the admission even if you look it up on google search engine. It may not be as awful as The Apocalypse and it may not be one of the worst movies by The Asylum but it is bad and highly forgettable. In short, these following video sum up this movie (and yes, it’s obviously coming).


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