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Okay, so now it’s time to look at a part of LGBT community that I’ve looked at once before a couple of months back and I am talking about Lesbians. Now how should I start with this without going all “girl on girl kissing is hot” or something? Well, it is the most popular part of the spectrum and gained anything from the “lesbian kiss” episode of any television show to being the most internet search in terms of adult entertainment. It’s hard to argue but we are living in a sexualized world and two girls or two guys either being love or wanting to experiment is in nearly everybody’s mind.

40 Year Old Virgin
And I already tackled one movie that’s kind of like this but that movie is really forced as a padding sexual content for an alien invasion that is frankly dull. So yeah, that movie sucks so time to look at a positive side of this which is not coming off as wank material and is more of a romantic story. I already looked at one Todd Haynes movie this month so I thought at first looking at Carol but I want something different. Blue Is The Warmest Color? Uh, this might be unreviewable at this point. Heavenly Creatures? That one actually has murder in it. Bound? There’s violence so uh, maybe but again, I’m looking at more positive side. And then I have found something and I have words to explain on why this one is actually good.

What I’m reviewing of course is web comics/graphic novel series Sunstone and focuses not only on the romantic and sexual relationships of two females but also the BDSM side of them. The story is told through the eyes of Lisa Williams, a woman who caught the attention of her love interest Ally through a BDSM fetish fiction that Lisa wrote online. These two connect through online before they decide to take the first step by meeting each other in their own experiment. The thing about that is Lisa has never done this before and Ally is just starting out. Their first meeting went off a bit clumsily with Lisa wanting to go to the toilet but they both eventually gone with it and what start it out as an experiment because them falling in love with each other and try to keep their romantic side interacted with their fetish.

Their relationship has led to their friends being involved like Alan, Ally’s friend and former boyfriend who helps her with the BDSM stuff, Anne, Lisa’s friend who is interested in BDSM and few others. Now before I explain why I think this series is worth checking out, I should bring out the sort-of controversial subject in terms of lesbian fiction – the subject being that it’s a fiction written by a man. The man being Stjepan Šejić who’s already a big scene in Image’s Top Cow imprint including comics like Witchblade and Aphrodite IX. This is his first project that involves BDSM, lesbian and romance that doesn’t involve superpowers and otherworldly adventures.

Now this is not me calling him out because there’s a reason for this – I honestly never seen a story like this before and it really is one of the most interesting things I have read in a long time. I don’t know if Stjepan and his wife (and artist of this series) Linda based this on real life since I don’t know their private life but it felt realistic and unique even though it falls under “Slice of Life” webcomics where it’s reality based but with a little fantastic elements added in. Lisa and Ally’s romance has been handled well, the dialogue is organic and the story is never clichéd. And while it is a lesbian romance and a BDSM fiction, I hardly see Sunstone as those two examples. Instead, I see it as what is quite possibly the perfect love story for the millennial generation.

Love Story
It makes sense and I am rooting for them as a couple more so than say, Kanye and Kim since I don’t see any form of cliché, sensationalism and the kind of romance that Nicholas Spark writes in his spare time. Now there is points that Lisa and Ally are considered pansexual than lesbians and I could see that as well. Granted, I only read three volumes (and nobody spoil me for the fourth one) but hey, I do hope that these two will have a happy life and ending so will check out more. So overall, I highly recommend this one and it don’t matter if I say it because it involves lesbians or BDSM, I brought up that I liked it more as a love story that’s occurring and you might agree with me on this so yeah, I’m always on look out for something new and surprising and this is one that I’ll go with. Now given that the three reviews I have done has a sense of realism one way or another, I will be looking into the Gay side of the LGBT community and have got a pick that has it but to the point that it’s actually non-fiction so until then.


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