Independence Day: Resurgence

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1996 was once an interesting year for all of us, it still is as a matter of fact really since this year was locked into its own time period where Leonardo DiCaprio uses Shakespearean dialogue in a modern time setting, Don Johnson begins teaming up with Cheech Marin and Macarena is so bigger that I rather have everybody knew the brilliance of Fruitopia instead. It was a unique kind of year but nothing is compared to how Roland Emmerich decides to dig into the alien invasion genre and give it an epic feel that is still one of his few good movies to this day.

Bimbo Movie Bash

I hardly talk about Roland Emmerich outside of his work being ripped off in two Asylum movies so what do I say about this guy? Well, he did some okay-to-average movies that involves aliens and various disasters but then again, he sucks at telling history on the big screen. With movies like Anonymous, Stonewall and The Patriot, it’s clear that he wants to romanticized the past by changing it up and causing controversy. And when it comes to Independence Day, he wants to make a sequel since the first came out and after years of development hell, he finally released one and shows what the world is like twenty years after aliens invaded Earth with Independence Day: Resurgence. Oh, and spoilers ahead for those who wants to see this movie.

Independence Day UK

And what is it like is really different. With cities being rebuild and technology became advanced from fallen alien spacecrafts that the military is now operated in the moon, the governments have taken steps with preparations for a future invasion and with President Elizabath Lanford (Sela Ward) in charge. As for those around during the War of 1996 events, former President Thomas Whitmore (Bill Pullman) is being kind of reclusive with him warning the public about the upcoming invasion while David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) travels around as a Earth Space Defense director protecting Earth for what lies ahead.

Jeff Goldblum

But the aliens are coming back and with further plans to exterminate the human race so besides Thomas and David, it’s up to Steven Miller’s son Dylan (Jessie Usher), pilot Jake Morrison (Liams Hemsworth) and ESD General Joshua Adams (William Fichtner) along with Dr Okum (Brent Spiner) who has woken up from a 20-year coma to give another “Happy 4th of July” to the aliens with few disasters looming, a ship checking in on the ship drilling to the core and David’s dad Julius (Judd Hirsch) traveling to Area 51 to see his son with few passengers to keep him company or something so yeah, it’s another “family must unite in terms of disastrous event” type of movie but done in a downplayed kind of way.

Jeff & Judd

Now before I talk about this movie, I better bring up Hollywood’s weird obsession with making sequels several years after the original and why that is still going. I honestly don’t mind Dumb And Dumber To as much as everybody did (and I’m ignoring Dumb And Dumberer) but then again, there’s Vacation, A Christmas Story 2 and Kindergarten Cop 2 to question why they didn’t hear our outcry and rage that these should be left alone (unless it’s a Mad Max movie by the guy who created him in the first place) and it comes to this question – does anybody need an Independence Day sequel at this day and age?

Bill Pullman

Since the first movie, we have seen other alien invasion movies and shows that are either inspired by this movie or be its own thing like The World’s End and Pacific Rim and some were good but many are not that stellar and I see that Roland wants to recapture the same touch that he did back in 1996. And what should I say about this movie is this – he almost did. For one, I like the alternate history aspect of it and it’s not just the movie but its viral tie-ins that fleshed out this universe further. And the cast is a mix of most of the first movie’s returning cast and some new ones like Liam Hemsworth and Maika Monroe (who replaces Mae Whitman as Patricia Whitmore) that did an okay performance especially from Jeff and Brent.

Okun & Issacs

The special effects is also mostly good but then comes the issue which is this, I felt like I’m not watching a sequel. Instead, I felt like I’m watching a fan-edit of two sequels to the first movie and yeah, this explanation is sound because this was once intended as a two-part back-to-back sequel under the original title – ID Forever. The story may be a bit constant but it left out some parts that might be in its scripts (and in a extended cut, assuming that one exists) and instead throw in two parts that’s hardly needed – a subplot involving Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) which is pointless and sad that she would have more screening time and a subplot involving Julius that started out okay but ended in a dumb way which is when I’m gonna talk about the climax.

Judd Hirsch

The climax is all over the place and the movie itself is like that as well but back to this and yeah, Earth is saved from Bill Pullman doing the Randy Quaid sacrifice with a final line that was meant to be as American as his epic speech in the first movie (which by the way, he also gave a speech in this one as well) to Julius arriving to see David in a school bus containing the surviving kids and see the humans attacking aliens in action. Come to think of it, there’s even a dog that came out of nowhere during the attack scene and that dog appeared only for a minute that it seems like a very shoehorned nod to Boomer from the first movie.


I don’t really know if I like it or hate it anyway because I am really conflicted with this. It has some good aspects but has some bad and cheesy moments that I may watch this again and again but it is a sequel that honestly should have been done better which I hate to say it but Roland, you haven’t recapture the same touch so with you wanting to reboot Stargate, I think it’s better for you to retire and live your life because you already got enough money and wealth, what else are you gonna do now? Make a disaster movie involving Earth and Moon colliding each other or something?



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