The Neighbors: Season One DVD

September 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

After all the craziness, I should get back to intended schedule which is my so-called “Nostalgia Lookback” and I think I should extend this to next year because really, we have few months left this year and I felt like I didn’t complete much. So anyway, what am I looking at this time? Twelve Monkeys? I haven’t finished watched the second season yet. Another Coens movie? Maybe but other than catching up to three movies, I might give a positive review on anything else anyway. Twilight? Uh, do I have to review something related to it? Uh, here we go – The Room Screencaptions which I made at the time where reviews of the movie were briefly taken down so why not look at Tommy’s own sitcom again but in the form of a DVD that I brought.

And it’s kind of timely since there’s recent news of a documentary about The Room being pulled from festivals including an attempted one in Sydney Underground Film Festival. Tommy is really such a prima donna, isn’t he? And this DVD is pretty much the funniest thing I ever ordered. To start off with, I gonna talk about the front and back cover and the design is poor and look like a total bootleg item. The front has the cast including a weird guy in a crown that’s never in the first season and the way Tommy is in the pic is printed in bad lighting. The back however looks so much like one of those back cover to any porn including shots of sex scenes and I have to wonder if that is intentional or not.

The disc is alright but there is also a headshot insert card of Tommy Wiseau with an advert to his underwear brand right down to the sizes and all. Why it’s like that is beyond me but it should have been an advert of The Room on Blu-Ray or something. The episodes on the DVD are somewhat differed to the episodes previously aired on Hulu. For one, it’s gotten a “George Lucas Special Edition” treatment with Tommy throwing weird sound effects for no reason (and that’s saying something since the audio in the episodes itself isn’t fixed so expect usual clipping and bad audio). It also has a very few extended moments that is not worth discussing but also there’s the exterior building transition that went from this…


To well, this…

I already talked about the episodes themselves so do I need to recap all those six episodes again? Nah, let’s just skip to the special features and the first is an unreleased “To Be Or Not To Be” video which technically has already been released. You see, I once watched a special screening of The Room around the time Greg Sestero was in Australia promoting his book The Disaster Artist and during the screening is a little documentary about the book which includes that video itself. Oh, and the video is an unaired Street USA Fashions advert where Tommy is reciting Shakespeare while promoting products but with random photos of Tommy posing and stuff. Nothing much but it is worth checking out (well, the advert and not his photos).

The second feature is well, the Tommy Wiseau underwear advert that I already linked in one of my episodic reviews for the show. Skipping to third and it says Romeo & Juliet by Tommy Wiseau which by the way, I should point out something else but his name on the special features menu has a trademark at the end of it so I don’t know why but I guess I may as well do the same. It’s actually a music video short film known as Romeo & Juliette: The New Generation with a band known as Corscia Arts Club performing California I Follow with them wearing the famous Ricky Rick jacket. And the video has few cast members from the show just partying and stuff while Tim is falling for Juliette Danielle (yeah, Lisa herself shows up). It’s perhaps the closest way to say that this is the best thing Tommy Wiseau has ever directed.

And lastly, we have Shame On You by Tommy WiseauTM which is random footage from The Room and behind the scenes stuff. Nothing much really to be honest but it’s another thing you can look up on YouTube. The only downside to the special features is the original pilots (one of which is shown in this trailer) and it is such a shame because one does need to know how is it differed to the official pilot itself. As much as I still stand with this being the worst series of 2015, I can’t deny that this DVD is worth recommending really. Maybe it’s because of the advert, the music video or how six episodes were “fixed” for the release but it is worth checking out. So yeah, that does it for the DVD and now it’s a matter of time before the second season premieres so anytime now, Tommy WiseauTM. Other than that, I better see what is next in the “Nostalgia Lookback” series by looking at my 2010 stuff and what follows The Room Screencaptions is… my review of Metal Man!

Okay, I’m not gonna do that. And well, I got three TomCat Films involving superheroes left so I have to think of which one to pick. Other than that, it’s back to Zack Snyder retrospective and yeah, this is gonna be an interesting one so until next time.


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