Man Of Steel

November 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Okay, truth be told time. I first got into comic books back in the early nineties mainly because of Superman. Now this was around the time the whole “Death of Superman” was happening so I got into comics at the sort-of right time. The plus side to that is that I didn’t become a 90s Kid who’s obsessed with collecting in a speculator’s standpoint, I got into it as a way to escape from the harsh side of the real world and that’s what comic is to me. To see the fantastic side of Earth and beyond with superheroes, aliens and so on and hoping that real-world physics and news won’t get to it. It eventually got to it starting from the early 2000s and at first, it was okay but became annoyed by it over and this is when Christopher Nolan comes in and change how we look at movies about superheroes for better or worse.


And thanks to the Dark Knight saga, Hollywood studios thinks campy and comical blockbusters won’t work so fuck it, let’s reboot everything with a Nolanesque formula. And the DC Extended Universe franchise is no exception since it follows the Dark Knight saga blueprint right down to hiring Nolan and wife Emma Thomas as producers. They both however stood back for the next movie as executive producers and for reasons I get to but I have to ask – Why Zack Snyder? Is it because of 300 and Watchmen? Is there nobody besides him qualify for the job? Well, I may never get the answer so instead, the question is why I feel indifferent about Man of Steel?


First taking place in Krypton in its final days before the destruction, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) decides to break the rules by getting the codex which includes genetic codes of his planet’s inhabitants and plant it inside his child Kal-El. However, as General Zod (Michael Shannon) caused an uprising and fails to stop the rocket carrying the baby from launching to Earth. He kills Kal-El instead and is sent to the Phantom Zone along with his army leaving Lara (Ayelet Zurer) to watch the planet burn before she dies along with it. As for Kal-El, you know how the Superman origin story goes right? Well, it’s almost like that.


Kal-El who goes by Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is facing his life in Smallville, Kansas with him learning his superhuman abilities while being branded outcast possibly except Lana and Pete Ross (I don’t know, he’s friends with them but we barely see their friendship in flashbacks) before going on his walking journey working jobs. It’s not until he goes to the Arctic and attempts to find a spaceship that links to his heritage, his journey became discovered by a traveling reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and the ship’s functioning range has alerted Zod and his team whom escaped Phantom Zone and roam around the space for few decades.


And this is when shit broke loose as Zod and his army demands Kal-El to be surrendered with demands for the Codex (which he didn’t know was fused on Kal-El) but long story short, Kal-El refused and Smallville has been caused by superhuman fight chaos. The fight has led to the army led by Nathan Hardy (Christopher Meloni) to trust Kal-El and as he becomes known as Superman, he plans to stop the destruction of Earth which equals to Metropolis getting totaled. Buildings crumble, lives were lost and Kal-El snaps Zod’s neck before more human lives were lost. The movie ends with Kal-El taking his job at the Daily Planet and his relationship with Lois grew more.

Oh god. It is understandable that at this day and age, this movie caused a massive backlash and divided across audiences and I grew up with Superman thanks to the comics and movies starring Christopher Reeve. So this movie is me saying that this is not my Superman movie, it is a Superman movie but it’s not my Superman movie and is more of a Superman movie for somebody else who likes the grounded reality aspects of it. On one hand, it has an engaging story and the acting is fine but it also puts me in the gloomy mood when I now see this interpretation of Superman as the guy who snaps Zod’s neck during his first mission. Now it has been commented that Superman has killed before one way or another but no, I am not in favor of this.

There are also points I don’t agree with but what I’m gonna write is already been spoken before so at this point, there’s no point on complaining about it because this is how DC Extended Universe (or the “Murderverse” according to others) is formed and here to stay. When it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does have a bit of grounded reality base but at least it is light-hearted at times and knows how the comics work (for the most part) so yeah, I am mixed about this movie and that’s all there is. I don’t like it and don’t hate it either and just leave it as the one where the only worthy line Zod has ever said is “I Will Find Him” instead of “Kneel Before Zod” which in all honesty was the funniest handled line in the movie.


So now I’m getting set for BvS (and Suicide Squad) to end the retrospective before Justice League comes out next year but yeah, going back to Sharknado territory next so until then.


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