Asylum Seeker: Sharknado – Feeding Frenzy

November 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

It is already stated that Sharknado is a franchise that made The Asylum hit big, it started off as a usual B-Movie but grew into proportions thanks to Twitter and we now live in a world where there’s three sequels, a mobile online, casino slot machines (I am not kidding about that) and even Archie Andrews pulling off his Bruce Campbell impression. I do stand that I like the first and second movie but the third and fourth is another thing entirely and until the franchise eventually dies down, I will see how good and bad this Sharknado universe has gotten but how does this really became a thing is an honest good question.


And this is when Sharknado: Feeding Frenzy comes in which documents the birth of the franchise whether we like it or not. Unlike the previous movies in the franchise, this is under the director of Jeremy Wagener who start it out with a little obscure flick called Chicks, Man (which I’m sure didn’t became a long-running joke in The Soup) and went to documentaries after that. Yeah, he has made Sharknado: Hearts of Sharkness but I’ll talk about that movie the other time. I shouldn’t bring his stuff up mainly because I hardly talk about Anthony C. Ferrante and Thunder Levin’s filmography but hey, he has little work so there’s that.


Now while there is no plot obviously, I don’t know what to talk about really so how can I review a documentary and truth to the matter is I already did. I reviewed The Times of Harvey Milk earlier this year and it’s tied with Gus Van Sant’s Milk but a single review of a documentary is tricky. I watched it and there is surprisingly much to talk about that I haven’t said before and Sharknado start it off as a fluke which is coming out of a mile away and they basically hired Ian, Tara and John Heard to be in the movie while they think it’s under the title of “Dark Skies” instead. And instead of walking off, they stood in because they wanna know how to tackle Career Suicide and it shows right down to Ian talking about it.


Not only that, they try to sell it to SyFy whom said no and that is saying something since it’s now the same network that said yes to Highlander: The Source. So after they filmed the first movie in a hot summer in Los Angeles, Twitter happened and what was once a movie that’s like any other Asylum movie became a cultural phenomenon which involves fan videos, news media talking about it and even a spoof with more famous actors shoehorn in their cameos. No, I am not kidding and I didn’t know that Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert DeNiro and uh… even the late, great Robin Williams said yes to being involved in a small Sharknado spoof!


Speaking of me getting a bit uncomfortable while watching this is the fact that there’s even an interview with Jared Fogle and yeah, this is a third movie I watched with this convicted sex offender making an appearance. Speaking of which, I am now getting to them talked about the sequels with the second being shot in New York because SyFy is based there and they said so, how they got Richard Kind to be in it for the last-minute schedule and so on. A little has been talked about the third movie as well which start off with union strike and the talk of more celebrity cameos and such.


In all honesty, this documentary is interesting and while I’m sticking with what I said on other movies, I just can’t ignore its existence and will see how long before the franchise gives up. It’s a total love/hate relationship for me and this one is indeed recommended since it shows that people working on the franchise has their heart put into it, it gains a devoted fanbase and anti-fanbase and it proves that laziness is not involved. What else can I say about this other than it’s a good insight to a movie about sharks mixed with tornadoes. So yeah, one more Sharknado movie to review for this year and after that, nothing much except the fifth one so who knows. At least there’s no rip-offs or porn parodies involving this franchise so hope I’m not jinxing that.



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