The Ridiculous Six (Recap Epilogue)

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Merry Christmas Me. I supposed to finish up on The Ridiculous Six and yeah, I already recap the movie and brought up here and there on how bad this movie is. From the prologue, I mentioned if Adam Sandler is still a comedy genius even after all these times. And during those recaps, I brought up on the unfunny points, the baffling cameos and crap involving Rob Schneider’s donkey in which I do say it’s not a innuendo joke. Above all that, I am still talking about the movie because I mention on why I really didn’t like it so that is something worse answer so why is this movie one of the worst comedies I ever seen?


Well, before I get to my definite answer. I have thoughts involving this movie that makes me wonder. Now it is understandable that Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser is the first Happy Madison movie to be released online but only on Crackle. You can safely tell this is not theatrical release material because not the fact that it’s a sequel made several years late and for little reason but the fact that it looks like a very, cheap low-budget product. Compare this movie with the first one and you notice the difference in style. It’s a movie that looks more like an extended comedy sketch made by Funny or Die or College Humor but has David Spade and few actors from the first movie reprising their roles.


Despite that, it became the most viewed movie on the site and I know the news of The Ridiculous Six shortly before this premiered. It makes me wonder if it’s cheap and low-budget like the other one and surprisingly, it’s not. It definitely is more of a movie than a sketch. The budget, the effects, the cast and the setting is all there and it baffles me that Adam and his crew put their whole time and money to make this. So remember my previous joke that this movie is on Netflix because internet streaming movie is the future? That is not the case since after the critical failings of his previous movies, it led to Adam signing a five-picture deal with the streaming service and The Ridiculous Six is one of them but despite the fact that it is most viewed by Netflix subscribers, it still is critically bashed whether it’s the humor or the Apache culture controversy.


And then, I thought of something that clicks me. This is what it’s like for Adam to be stuck in Direct-To-Video failures. It’s basically this to Ernest Goes To School in terms of it but while Jim Varney still has an audience at that time and his direct-to-video works has its own praise, Adam however got the opposite approach. While he is gonna have another theatrical performance in Noah Baumbach’s The Story of The Day, it’s easy to know that 2016 is the first year that Happy Madison Productions didn’t release anything theatrical and it’ll be a while before we see a movie poster with Adam Sandler’s name and face on your local cinema. For all we know, it might not even happen so Direct-To-Netflix is where his comedy material is ending up now.


Since I just mention his comedy material, this is where it comes in and this is what I actually think of this movie. Outside of it being obviously unfunny, the reason is that there’s no point to watch this movie. It is a failed parody of The Magnificent Seven franchise and western movie genre. And speaking of parody, the other reason that there’s no point is because Seth McFarlane beat them to the punch back in 2014 with A Million Ways To Die In The West and it causes The Ridiculous Six to be a washed-up, irrelevant product and that’s the reason.


And speaking of having no point, let’s look at the lead’s arc. We start off with Tommy already living a good home and having a good fiancée and we end with the same exact thing. And with the exception of Danny, his brother’s are the same start and finish points of their arcs meaning their lives were good anyway. Ramon is living home with his pet goat, Lil’ Pete is happy as usual, Herm remains a mountain man and Chico is already a notable pianist within and outside the tavern so what makes a poor excuse for a plot is throwing their father to the mix and the adventure occurs but near the end, the father took a villainy turn and all their time travelling and doing heist after heist is a waste of time for them. At least Danny has a semblance of a plot which could be its own movie but the other five, their journeys are just filler time for them.


So yeah, this movie is old and not worth it and yet, it’s already watched by his fans and anti-fans alike so of course, we got four other Adam Sandler/Happy Madison movies coming. The Do-Over already came out and Adam’s buddy Kevin James got his True Memoirs of an International Assassin (which strangely enough is not a Happy Madison joint) and those two didn’t fare well so what are we gonna think of Sandy Wexler or the second season of Real Rob or anything else? Chances are we gonna think the same as this movie meaning that it’ll be disliked and not worth its existence other than Adam swimming on a pool full of green notes and that’s the obvious reality of it. It shows on how low can he go when he went from a comedy genius in the past to a hack in the present and I now wait for the day when we have no more movies from him.


I’m done talking about this because it’s getting too long anyway so overall, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Life Day and more. I am now gonna get a couple of my stuff done before Janu-Fahey Month is set so until then.


The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 4)

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Finally, I gonna finish up reviewing the movie in detail and it is sad that instead of looking up any Christmas movie this year, I am stuck with this. Then again, I planned this extended review for a long while and think this month is an ideal to place because it’s already barely one year since this came to Netflix so this is such an anniversary I am getting myself involved in. And given that, there’s no bad movie dropping this month related to either Adam Sandler or Christmas so yeah, ain’t that something. I don’t know what I will look at next December but it is safe to say that it’s me going back to basics I guess.


The brothers are near Silver Canyon but needed a stop and stay with Tommy asking Danny to see the photo of Frank back when he was part of the gang years ago and not only noticing that Cicero is next to him but has a tattoo on his hand that triggers Tommy’s past and finding out Cicero is the one who killed his mother. When the night came, Tommy sneaks away leaving his brothers behind to finish the business by himself and he has reached the Canyon with Cicero and Frank there. Tommy throws the money at Cicero and he takes it but not before Tommy stops and talking about his mother’s death before he throws a knife at Cicero.


As Cicero died, Cicero’s gang prepares to kill Tommy but not only his brothers appeared by The Left-Eye Gang decide to help the brothers out. Frank however stops the battle before it started by handling them the money and the gang rides away. And the brothers finally meet the brother before Tommy tell him he’s still has cash enough to help his old man. However, it turns out Frank double-crosses his sons with the gang returning and with one kidnapping Smoking Fox so yeah, the battle is back on with one of the package revealed to be a bomb that exploded and Danny saving Tommy’s life when Frank shoots him. Danny then imagined Tommy as Lincoln by giving thanks for the save (and with a goat being Lincoln’s wife).


While Frank is taking Smoking Fox hostage and Tommy is after his father, the others are finding their way of survival with The Left-Eye Gang revealing to Clem that they faked losing their right eyes which got him enraged. Over at the cave, Tommy managed to rescue his fiancée while trapping his father and leaving him there with his own skills. The battle ended and Lil Pete writes another letter with his brothers now living in the village, Tommy and Fox getting married, Chico playing a piano with his penis and The Left-Eye Gang (and Mark Twain for some unknown reason) being wedding guests there. Besides Frank who might be left for dead, everybody lived happily after.


The movie finally ends and yet, this part of the recap is short. Well of course, I have stuff to say on what I think about the movie but looking back, I think I already did. I asked myself in the prologue on if Adam is still a comedy icon in this day and age, I brought up that it’s on my Worst of 2015 list and I present many reasons on why this movie sucks so what else is there to say about it? Well, I brought up on why I truly didn’t like it despite all I presented so what actual reason is my dislike for this movie? I hate to say it but it’s a big reason enough to make an epilogue out of it so I do apologize if I delay the inevitable but do trust me, it is a reason enough to give on why I may not review another Happy Madison Production stuff either for a long time or for good.

The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 3)

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When it comes to critical reception, it depends on what kind of opinion it represents and I do have to say that I’m not much for Rotten Tomatoes. There are movies I liked that is not certified fresh and there are movies I hate that is over 50% and over. And that site is just a consensus full of critics that likes or hates any movie along with an audience score that proves otherwise. And the thing about it is both this movie and Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Adam Sandler since both are 0% but it is more sad that The Master of Disguise, That’s My Boy and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is better than these two even though those sucked for various reasons.

Chuck And Larry.jpg

And honestly, I wish there’s a minus percentage because this movie is so below zero percent and how I say that is because we return with the six as they have woken up and got involved in the world’s first baseball game with Abner Doubleday (John Turturro) planning it out in the most terrible way. At least this movie has a bit of historical accuracy in that Abner is not really the inventor of Baseball as some claimed to be. But other than that, they played the game just to get info from Abner about Frank Stockburn and they did. Meanwhile, Doc Griffin is now giving exposition to the Left-Eye Gang while putting Smiley’s head back in the body.


Clem however is in charge of watching Smoking Fox which didn’t work since thanks to his right eye being damaged, Fox manage to escape so the whole capturing her because of Tommy is really as pointless as the baseball game sequence. Speaking of which, we return to the six as they plan another steal by having Pete motorboating a sheriff’s wife and the sheriff sentence him for public hanging which didn’t work out since remember I mention that Pete has a strong neck and is not concerned about being hanged? Yeah, he got hanged but is still alive and trolling the public with him swinging around.


They stolen cash and Tommy shoots the rope which leads to Pete flying to them. After their escape, they having fun in the river but the Left-Eye Gang appears and taken their cash and stuff leaving them back to square one. During it, Danny did show his special ability by coming out of the water after several minutes and shooting them. Walking alone in the desert, Tommy revealed to his brothers that their father is dying and they are shocked but still wanted to re-connect to him even if it’s for a short time. Danny then revealed what made him the way it is and that’s due to the fact that he was a bodyguard to Abraham Lincoln (Dan Patrick) who let John Wilkes Booth (Chris Kattan) go to “meet” the President because Danny is a huge fan of Booth’s acting work.


Following it, Herm discovered a way to get further cash and gold and that’s by stealing it from Ezekiel Grant (Jon Lovitz) during his poker game so Ramon decide to play along as a Mexican poker player with Chico and Herm as his back-up. Ezekiel invited General Custer (David Spade) and Mark Twain (Vanilla Ice) with Mark dropping some beats (literally) about his body of work. Ezekiel’s wife has taken Chico away from the piano and wants to fuck his brains out leaving Herm a bit panicked. He however did hear Ezekiel talk about the time he encounter Herm’s mother in a harsh, angry manner. Outside of the game, Tommy sneaks in by pretending to be a tumbleweed and it worked.


Herm followed Ezekiel to another room and strangles him because of what Ezekiel said earlier. The game however turned awkward with Wyatt Earp (Blake Shelton) joining in the game while being suspicious of Ramon’s appearance. The suspicion has led to Ramon giving a secret signal to his brothers by putting his two hands on his face with his mouth opened. And then, Custer then drops the worst pun reference in the whole movie by saying that he put on the same face when he puts his cologne in the morning… including the words “when I’m HOME ALONE” that came out of his mouth and he’s say it in a wink-at-the-camera manner.


The heist however worked with Ezekiel’s now widowed wife coming in wondering what she missed. The six escaped as usual and are near the singing windmill when they noticed the Left-Eye Gang all captured and trapped in the ground. They begged them to get out with Tommy agreeing only if they stopped doing crimes and wrong-doings, they decline and they about to walk away but the gang again begs to get out and agree to Tommy’s words so they are digged out.


I think it’s best to stop there and we are close to finishing the movie. It has gotten worse each by the minute and it’s not just the painfully shoehorned reference to a 1990 movie classic that made it bad, it’s not that Vanilla Ice is just playing Vanilla Ice with Mark Twain cosplay and it’s not Taylor acting so badly that he has lost fans of “Team Jacob” at this point. I will explain how bad it is in due time but suffice to say, it’s nearly over and I can see why this is at the bottom of Rotten Tomatoes percentage but it is more sad that even with that, it is also the highest-viewed movie in Netflix history. And you thought Fuller House was a huge mistake from the network. So anyway, until next time then… I guess!

The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 2)

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I’m continuing with this travesty and just when you thought the those first thirty-one minutes of this movie is bad, let’s just say that you ain’t seen nothing yet. And I’m not just writing on the terms of how bad this movie is but also how fucked up it is when we get around to it. Yeah, I still consider That’s My Boy as quite possibly the worst movie made by Happy Madison Productions but you can pretty much say the same for everything else like Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star or… a horror movie called The Shortcut?!?


Um, so let’s see what happens next and hope I’ll stay sane on this one. As Tommy, Ramon and Pete rides on to their next robbery which includes a simulated fellatio-like scene involving a donkey, a carrot and Pete lying down, Pete himself writes down a letter to his mother on how he’s doing before the letter has been taken away by a flying crow. He and the two are sleeping by the fire and Pete asked Tommy if they’ll be in trouble if they are caught. Tommy said yes and mentions the hanging with Pete might be fine with it since he claimed to have a strong neck. They then went to sleep but not before the fly distracts them which leads to Ramon accidentally shooting the horse.


The following morning and the three talk about stuff including Ramon mentioning the Taco Tree. But they are stopped near the cabin that’s linked to Frank’s back story, they went in there and encountered a mumbling fellow known as Herm (Jorge Garcia) whom turns out to be the fourth brother thanks to him giving the moonshine with “Stockburn” written on it. He also gave them a matchbox which is made by Gold Nuggets Saloon which is where the four have gone to and they are planned to steal the nugget away from the owner Smiley Harris (Harvey Keitel).


Meanwhile back in Tommy’s home village, The Left-Eye Gang appeared to kidnap Smoking Fox while one of them makes a name calling to one of the villagers whose name is actually correctly accurate when Beaver Breath asked how he knows her name. Tommy and the three meet up with barber, dentist and all-around exposition teller Doc Griffin (Steve Buscemi) who talks about Frank, the nuggets and the works while pulling Pete’s teeth out, shoving an ointment in Ramon’s goat’s butt and so on.


The four then went to the saloon and meet up with Smiley. However, Smiley has been harassed by Danny (Luke Wilson) who asked about Frank. Smiley then takes matter to his own hands and punches Danny repeatedly before being stopped by pianist Chico (Terry Crews). Tommy asked about Frank to Danny and he revealed to be another brother. Being surprised, Tommy then ask everybody to put their hand up if they are Frank’s sons which includes Chico so there, The Ridiculous Six is born. The six unites and hatches a plan to steal the nugget as well as what their special abilities are. Chico mentioned he plays the piano with his dick, Danny brought up he can breath underwater for six minutes and Herm just strangles. Chico then reveals to the brothers that he’s secretly black from his mother’s side which yeah, it’s not really secret to them since he’s played by Mountain Dew Camacho after all.


So the plan is underway and leads to Danny stealing severed thumbs from the saloon and Smiley being haunted on the top floor in the saloon including hookers, ghostly voices and a ventriloquist. He then goes down and notices what’s going on so he caught the five outside but Ramon is near him so as he attempts to knock him out with a shovel, he… uh, instead beheads him. The five were shocked before Herm decides to imitate headless Smiley shooting in the sky and they all laughed and a man just died in front of them no less. They sleep out in the fire again but not before they perform a musical number (including Ramon’s goat singing). The night ends with Herm imitating headless Smiley again and that’s it.


I don’t know what to say about this. This is so far a ridiculous (no pun intended), dumb parody that amounts to little-to-no laughs and it’s still not over yet. The thing that disturbs me is that I just watched Rob Schneider beheaded Harvey Keitel and that’s like a no-no but it’s on the screen and adds to the lamest form of shock humor imaginable. I’m only halfway there so next time, we get to them playing baseball, Pete proving that his neck is really strong and… the worst movie pun reference I have ever, ever heard.

The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 1)

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Before I start, I should point out something that I want to say personally. I started this site as a challenge back when I was (and still) a member of Channel Awesome forum back when it was called That Guy With The Glasses. I was starting out and wrote some things that’s not as polished and done proper as it was right now and heck, in several years time, I would say the same thing for what I’m doing now. I wrote reviews at the start that’s suggested by somebody else before I branch out and went from movies by The Asylum to doing a retrospective on a director that a majority don’t like. The thing is I’ve been inspired by the likes of The Agony Booth, Jabootu and others and I have been preparing to do a extended recap-style review for a long while now even if one hates it so why not look into this? It may suck but I’m doing it so let’s just go with it.

To begin the movie, we meet up with Tommy Stockburn (Adam Sandler) who’s riding to the store with his fiancée Smoking Fox (Julia Jones) to gather flour, peanut butter and other stuff from Clem (Steve Zahn). While Tommy is getting his stuff, Fox is then noticed and harassed by The Left-Eye Gang which leads to Tommy taking action. And he fought the gang by using his super-speed and related powers which makes me wonder if Adam Sandler wants to play The Flash. Anyway, the gang got defeated before Clem comes out with his shotgun and Tommy throws a carrot at his feet before he and his girl rode back to their home.

Living in a Native American village, Tommy enjoys his life with his family while Fox and her friends talk about how good he is (which is enough to lose the Bachdel Test) before his biological father Frank (Nick Nolte) arrives looking for his son. After he found him, Tommy is having nightmare flashbacks to how his mother got killed and it woke him. He meets up with his dad and they talked about why he’s here. Frank mentioned he’s dying and wants to offer his son $50,000 which he refuses. One of his friends in the tribe overheard it and wants to take the offer but with Tommy present, it’s still refused. On the next morning, a group of bandits as led by Cicero (Danny Trejo) arrive looking for Frank to get the cash from him.

Frank agree to Cicero’s proposal as long as his son and friends are not harmed and they rode off to the Singing Windmill in Jawbone Fall where the money is buried. Tommy however wants to save his father so he decides to go to a nearby town and rode the money from the wealthy and filthy rich. He hitches a ride and went there as a complete stranger including a crooked bank manager played by Chris Parnell. However, He is also noticed by Esmerelda (Julia Vera) and offers him a stay. Tommy shortly tells Esmeralda about anything including Frank’s name and Esmeralda reveals to Tommy that she and Frank had a one-night stand which has her later giving birth to her son and Tommy’s half-brother Ramon (Rob Schneider).

Tommy meets up his half-brother for the first time and explains the plan which Ramon asked if he could join in. He said no but Ramon doesn’t take no for the answer so he awkwardly hugs Tommy as well as brushing his hair. He quickly accepts but not before he sees Ramon’s goat farting shits on the wall. The two then plans to rob the bank the following morning with Ramon and his goat going in the front to annoy the banker while Tommy sneaks in and opens the safe stealing cash while discovering a message from his dad written in chalk.


Meanwhile, Ramon and his goat’s actions were notice by Lil Pete (Taylor Lautner) and he ask him if he wanna help out. Ramon then spills the beans about the plan and Pete also mention his father is Frank. As Tommy is getting set to escape with the three, Ramon’s goat shit-farts again and towards the banker and the three half-brothers ride on to their adventure. Elsewhere, Clem wants to join the Left-Eye Gang and the gang themselves mention that to be part of the gang, you must have no right eye. Clem brought up that his left eye is noticeably badly seen anyway but he does so anyway by ripping the right eye out in front of them.

Okay so far, the movie didn’t get on to a good start. It’s really unfunny including the donkey’s shit-fart gags and nothing much is presented. There are jokes but with native american names like Smoking Fox and Never Wears Bra (seriously, there’s a character with that name), it’s hard to not notice on why it hits controversy on the community and news media. I’m only nearly thirty-two minutes in and I’m just bored and puzzled by its existence even with Adam Sandler playing a character who’s a superhuman for no reason. One could say that it’s because he’s adopted and raised by the tribe but you’ll see that it’s not the case in later parts of the review. So yeah, it’s just the beginning and do prepare for what’s coming.

The Ridiculous Six (Recap Prologue)

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It has been a long time coming and now I’m about to re-watch the movie in all its 120 minute glory but as much as I hate to say it, this is gonna be a different kind of review since it won’t be a one-shot or a two-parter in this case. I decide to stretch it out and recap everything about this movie while hopefully not lefting stuff out and I always wanted to do this to be honest. While I mention that The Ridiculous Six is one of the two worst movies last year that I plan to review (and yeah, I waste my time on not getting to Accidental Love but will get to it hopefully and eventually), I have to rethink myself on this – is Adam Sandler still considered himself a comedy genius?


And that question has an answer that will yet to reveal because look, I still grew up and like some movies he starred in. I still say Jack and Jill sucks but it’s not as worse than anything else which then goes to the point where I then say That’s My Boy is the “worst” portion and to this day, it’s one of the worst movies I ever seen. And Pixels? It’s better to skip to the end credits which involves an 8-bit recap of the whole movie in just a few minutes (but put it on mute if you wanna ignore the song). It’s also not just his movies but I have seen him in other stuff, that episode of Undeclared he starred in? Pretty okay. And his SNL appearances is a hit and miss. What about him singing Hallelujah live? Admittedly funny but won’t hear it again (which btw, rest in peace Leonard Cohen).


It also goes to his signature company Happy Madison Productions which outside of his starring roles, the movies have more misses than hits. The ones starring Rob Schneider is bad but can’t ignore that it’s watchable. Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts is meh (except Joe Dirt 2 which sucks except for Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken as usual). The Master of Disguise? Bad but has quotable stuff you can’t ignore. Grandma’s Boy? Awesome. The list goes on and I didn’t get to Kevin James part yet.


The thing is that it’s hard to ignore Adam Sandler having comedy standards that hit audience including the ones that cringed us and will he ever get his act up and do proper comedy movies that’s laughable? Possibly not but he did try at times. And this finally comes to The Ridiculous Six which is his first foray to Netflix so fuck all the audience who goes to cinemas, the internet is the future. And yet, this movie falls to the same line as his other movies priors which is the fact that critics and audiences alike bashed it and not just for the fact that it has Adam’s name in it but the controversy direct to Apache culture which is parodied there.


And whether it’s the fault of notable Sandler collaborators – Frank Coraci or Tim Herlihy – or even Sandler himself is a mystery. We now live in the age where we complain about anything in Hollywood whether it’s reboots or sequels or whitewashing or whatever, it’s hard to ignore and any of us get triggered by the fact that Donald Trump said some racist stuff and all that. Some say that the future of Idiocracy is becoming reality and yeah but so does The Running Man which oh shit, that movie mention that the economy collapsed next year so let’s see the host of The Celebrity Apprentice survive in this cheesy 80s suit again.


It’s what I like to call “The Butthurt Generation” and I am part of it since I do get butthurt over movies, music, television series, comics and anything in the media. I may complain a little but really, my typing fingers is uncontrollable that I might say “Fuck Gene Simmons” or “Seriously, Dave Chappelle? I thought I knew you” so yeah, our opinions are open even if it’s the ones nobody liked. And complaining about Adam Sandler is a common thing so yeah, I’m about to review The Ridiculous Six and might across saying shit similar to this. So later this week, I’ll start the journey and you all get the point on why I chose this movie as the worst for last year and why I now avoid his stuff since then. Yeah, I haven’t got around to The Do-Over yet and don’t know if I want to so that’s something that’s off the upcoming Worst of 2016 list.


Asylum Seeker: Sharknado – Heart Of Sharkness

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Finally, I got one more Sharknado movie to review left this year. And this is another joint by Jeremy Wagener so I don’t have much to talk about him except this, I now want him to direct a Sharknado movie. Not a documentary or mockumentary, a sequel to the franchise because while I already give good credit for his work on Feeding Frenzy, I am now also giving the same for Heart of Sharkness because surprisingly enough, he knows how to make a comedy (that and it now makes me wanna track down Chicks, Man). That, and he’s too good for this.


So the movie opened like it’s made as outtakes from Feeding Frenzy but then Jeremy himself brought up that there exists an original version of Sharknado to producer David Michael Latt. David became alerted and end the interview but a related source revealed he has the remaining footage of how Sharknado truly came to be and those footages focuses on the original director David Moore (Jared Cohn) whom unlike Ferrante and Levin, he tries to make it as arthouse and experimental as possible while he suffers from the same kind of directing ego that Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Michael Cimino.

David Michael Latt.jpg

And his ego drove the crew and cast including Zack Ward who’s the original pick for Fin Shepherd, Julie McCullough who nearly played April, Rachel True for Nova and Meghan Deanna Smith as Fin and April’s daughter. The behind the scenes footage goes from directions including Julie still wanna work even though she got amputated by Zack during filming and crew having strike and David has gone through the downward spiral before recieving help from screenwriter Daniel Burkowitz (Jonah Keel). However, David goes back to being the kind of director that changes everything by going to the ocean and getting killed by a live shark… and thus The Asylum wants to forget the original product and hires Anthony and Thunder and you know the franchise is born.


This is honestly a funny movie and while it may not be in the same class of mockumentaries like This Is Spinal Tap or Borat, it’s at least not in the same bad levels as An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. There’s no cheap jokes and it proves that The Asylum knows how to make fun of themselves while aiming at the Hollywood scene as well. From David’s original intention of having the movie start in French language to him using a Black Dildo on set to the cast and crew give their thoughts on him. It’s something and in my all honesty, this is the best movie in the franchise outside of the first two movies so kudos. Also, the movie ends with the director’s mother playing a topless zombie.


Joking aside, this review is already brief but I do wanna point out that this is the only Sharknado movie to not get a DVD release. Yeah, The Asylum website claimed it did get a release but I check other places and it’s absent so I brought this movie off Vimeo website instead and I have to know why and what’s the point. You release the documentary on one home market format but not this? I don’t know but whatever, at least I will take rest before another movie involving a 90210 star becomes a hero again and whatever my thoughts are is something worth looking forward to. I however have no good thoughts to what I’m gonna look next though because this next movie is not a Christmas one and I am trying to get to this so uh, you’ll see what I’m looking at next time so prepare yourself for an overdue review of something I hate.

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