Asylum Seeker: Sharknado – Heart Of Sharkness

December 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

Finally, I got one more Sharknado movie to review left this year. And this is another joint by Jeremy Wagener so I don’t have much to talk about him except this, I now want him to direct a Sharknado movie. Not a documentary or mockumentary, a sequel to the franchise because while I already give good credit for his work on Feeding Frenzy, I am now also giving the same for Heart of Sharkness because surprisingly enough, he knows how to make a comedy (that and it now makes me wanna track down Chicks, Man). That, and he’s too good for this.


So the movie opened like it’s made as outtakes from Feeding Frenzy but then Jeremy himself brought up that there exists an original version of Sharknado to producer David Michael Latt. David became alerted and end the interview but a related source revealed he has the remaining footage of how Sharknado truly came to be and those footages focuses on the original director David Moore (Jared Cohn) whom unlike Ferrante and Levin, he tries to make it as arthouse and experimental as possible while he suffers from the same kind of directing ego that Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Michael Cimino.

David Michael Latt.jpg

And his ego drove the crew and cast including Zack Ward who’s the original pick for Fin Shepherd, Julie McCullough who nearly played April, Rachel True for Nova and Meghan Deanna Smith as Fin and April’s daughter. The behind the scenes footage goes from directions including Julie still wanna work even though she got amputated by Zack during filming and crew having strike and David has gone through the downward spiral before recieving help from screenwriter Daniel Burkowitz (Jonah Keel). However, David goes back to being the kind of director that changes everything by going to the ocean and getting killed by a live shark… and thus The Asylum wants to forget the original product and hires Anthony and Thunder and you know the franchise is born.


This is honestly a funny movie and while it may not be in the same class of mockumentaries like This Is Spinal Tap or Borat, it’s at least not in the same bad levels as An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. There’s no cheap jokes and it proves that The Asylum knows how to make fun of themselves while aiming at the Hollywood scene as well. From David’s original intention of having the movie start in French language to him using a Black Dildo on set to the cast and crew give their thoughts on him. It’s something and in my all honesty, this is the best movie in the franchise outside of the first two movies so kudos. Also, the movie ends with the director’s mother playing a topless zombie.


Joking aside, this review is already brief but I do wanna point out that this is the only Sharknado movie to not get a DVD release. Yeah, The Asylum website claimed it did get a release but I check other places and it’s absent so I brought this movie off Vimeo website instead and I have to know why and what’s the point. You release the documentary on one home market format but not this? I don’t know but whatever, at least I will take rest before another movie involving a 90210 star becomes a hero again and whatever my thoughts are is something worth looking forward to. I however have no good thoughts to what I’m gonna look next though because this next movie is not a Christmas one and I am trying to get to this so uh, you’ll see what I’m looking at next time so prepare yourself for an overdue review of something I hate.


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