The Ridiculous Six (Recap Prologue)

December 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

It has been a long time coming and now I’m about to re-watch the movie in all its 120 minute glory but as much as I hate to say it, this is gonna be a different kind of review since it won’t be a one-shot or a two-parter in this case. I decide to stretch it out and recap everything about this movie while hopefully not lefting stuff out and I always wanted to do this to be honest. While I mention that The Ridiculous Six is one of the two worst movies last year that I plan to review (and yeah, I waste my time on not getting to Accidental Love but will get to it hopefully and eventually), I have to rethink myself on this – is Adam Sandler still considered himself a comedy genius?


And that question has an answer that will yet to reveal because look, I still grew up and like some movies he starred in. I still say Jack and Jill sucks but it’s not as worse than anything else which then goes to the point where I then say That’s My Boy is the “worst” portion and to this day, it’s one of the worst movies I ever seen. And Pixels? It’s better to skip to the end credits which involves an 8-bit recap of the whole movie in just a few minutes (but put it on mute if you wanna ignore the song). It’s also not just his movies but I have seen him in other stuff, that episode of Undeclared he starred in? Pretty okay. And his SNL appearances is a hit and miss. What about him singing Hallelujah live? Admittedly funny but won’t hear it again (which btw, rest in peace Leonard Cohen).


It also goes to his signature company Happy Madison Productions which outside of his starring roles, the movies have more misses than hits. The ones starring Rob Schneider is bad but can’t ignore that it’s watchable. Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts is meh (except Joe Dirt 2 which sucks except for Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken as usual). The Master of Disguise? Bad but has quotable stuff you can’t ignore. Grandma’s Boy? Awesome. The list goes on and I didn’t get to Kevin James part yet.


The thing is that it’s hard to ignore Adam Sandler having comedy standards that hit audience including the ones that cringed us and will he ever get his act up and do proper comedy movies that’s laughable? Possibly not but he did try at times. And this finally comes to The Ridiculous Six which is his first foray to Netflix so fuck all the audience who goes to cinemas, the internet is the future. And yet, this movie falls to the same line as his other movies priors which is the fact that critics and audiences alike bashed it and not just for the fact that it has Adam’s name in it but the controversy direct to Apache culture which is parodied there.


And whether it’s the fault of notable Sandler collaborators – Frank Coraci or Tim Herlihy – or even Sandler himself is a mystery. We now live in the age where we complain about anything in Hollywood whether it’s reboots or sequels or whitewashing or whatever, it’s hard to ignore and any of us get triggered by the fact that Donald Trump said some racist stuff and all that. Some say that the future of Idiocracy is becoming reality and yeah but so does The Running Man which oh shit, that movie mention that the economy collapsed next year so let’s see the host of The Celebrity Apprentice survive in this cheesy 80s suit again.


It’s what I like to call “The Butthurt Generation” and I am part of it since I do get butthurt over movies, music, television series, comics and anything in the media. I may complain a little but really, my typing fingers is uncontrollable that I might say “Fuck Gene Simmons” or “Seriously, Dave Chappelle? I thought I knew you” so yeah, our opinions are open even if it’s the ones nobody liked. And complaining about Adam Sandler is a common thing so yeah, I’m about to review The Ridiculous Six and might across saying shit similar to this. So later this week, I’ll start the journey and you all get the point on why I chose this movie as the worst for last year and why I now avoid his stuff since then. Yeah, I haven’t got around to The Do-Over yet and don’t know if I want to so that’s something that’s off the upcoming Worst of 2016 list.



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