The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 2)

December 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’m continuing with this travesty and just when you thought the those first thirty-one minutes of this movie is bad, let’s just say that you ain’t seen nothing yet. And I’m not just writing on the terms of how bad this movie is but also how fucked up it is when we get around to it. Yeah, I still consider That’s My Boy as quite possibly the worst movie made by Happy Madison Productions but you can pretty much say the same for everything else like Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star or… a horror movie called The Shortcut?!?


Um, so let’s see what happens next and hope I’ll stay sane on this one. As Tommy, Ramon and Pete rides on to their next robbery which includes a simulated fellatio-like scene involving a donkey, a carrot and Pete lying down, Pete himself writes down a letter to his mother on how he’s doing before the letter has been taken away by a flying crow. He and the two are sleeping by the fire and Pete asked Tommy if they’ll be in trouble if they are caught. Tommy said yes and mentions the hanging with Pete might be fine with it since he claimed to have a strong neck. They then went to sleep but not before the fly distracts them which leads to Ramon accidentally shooting the horse.


The following morning and the three talk about stuff including Ramon mentioning the Taco Tree. But they are stopped near the cabin that’s linked to Frank’s back story, they went in there and encountered a mumbling fellow known as Herm (Jorge Garcia) whom turns out to be the fourth brother thanks to him giving the moonshine with “Stockburn” written on it. He also gave them a matchbox which is made by Gold Nuggets Saloon which is where the four have gone to and they are planned to steal the nugget away from the owner Smiley Harris (Harvey Keitel).


Meanwhile back in Tommy’s home village, The Left-Eye Gang appeared to kidnap Smoking Fox while one of them makes a name calling to one of the villagers whose name is actually correctly accurate when Beaver Breath asked how he knows her name. Tommy and the three meet up with barber, dentist and all-around exposition teller Doc Griffin (Steve Buscemi) who talks about Frank, the nuggets and the works while pulling Pete’s teeth out, shoving an ointment in Ramon’s goat’s butt and so on.


The four then went to the saloon and meet up with Smiley. However, Smiley has been harassed by Danny (Luke Wilson) who asked about Frank. Smiley then takes matter to his own hands and punches Danny repeatedly before being stopped by pianist Chico (Terry Crews). Tommy asked about Frank to Danny and he revealed to be another brother. Being surprised, Tommy then ask everybody to put their hand up if they are Frank’s sons which includes Chico so there, The Ridiculous Six is born. The six unites and hatches a plan to steal the nugget as well as what their special abilities are. Chico mentioned he plays the piano with his dick, Danny brought up he can breath underwater for six minutes and Herm just strangles. Chico then reveals to the brothers that he’s secretly black from his mother’s side which yeah, it’s not really secret to them since he’s played by Mountain Dew Camacho after all.


So the plan is underway and leads to Danny stealing severed thumbs from the saloon and Smiley being haunted on the top floor in the saloon including hookers, ghostly voices and a ventriloquist. He then goes down and notices what’s going on so he caught the five outside but Ramon is near him so as he attempts to knock him out with a shovel, he… uh, instead beheads him. The five were shocked before Herm decides to imitate headless Smiley shooting in the sky and they all laughed and a man just died in front of them no less. They sleep out in the fire again but not before they perform a musical number (including Ramon’s goat singing). The night ends with Herm imitating headless Smiley again and that’s it.


I don’t know what to say about this. This is so far a ridiculous (no pun intended), dumb parody that amounts to little-to-no laughs and it’s still not over yet. The thing that disturbs me is that I just watched Rob Schneider beheaded Harvey Keitel and that’s like a no-no but it’s on the screen and adds to the lamest form of shock humor imaginable. I’m only halfway there so next time, we get to them playing baseball, Pete proving that his neck is really strong and… the worst movie pun reference I have ever, ever heard.


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