The Ridiculous Six (Recap Part 4)

December 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Finally, I gonna finish up reviewing the movie in detail and it is sad that instead of looking up any Christmas movie this year, I am stuck with this. Then again, I planned this extended review for a long while and think this month is an ideal to place because it’s already barely one year since this came to Netflix so this is such an anniversary I am getting myself involved in. And given that, there’s no bad movie dropping this month related to either Adam Sandler or Christmas so yeah, ain’t that something. I don’t know what I will look at next December but it is safe to say that it’s me going back to basics I guess.


The brothers are near Silver Canyon but needed a stop and stay with Tommy asking Danny to see the photo of Frank back when he was part of the gang years ago and not only noticing that Cicero is next to him but has a tattoo on his hand that triggers Tommy’s past and finding out Cicero is the one who killed his mother. When the night came, Tommy sneaks away leaving his brothers behind to finish the business by himself and he has reached the Canyon with Cicero and Frank there. Tommy throws the money at Cicero and he takes it but not before Tommy stops and talking about his mother’s death before he throws a knife at Cicero.


As Cicero died, Cicero’s gang prepares to kill Tommy but not only his brothers appeared by The Left-Eye Gang decide to help the brothers out. Frank however stops the battle before it started by handling them the money and the gang rides away. And the brothers finally meet the brother before Tommy tell him he’s still has cash enough to help his old man. However, it turns out Frank double-crosses his sons with the gang returning and with one kidnapping Smoking Fox so yeah, the battle is back on with one of the package revealed to be a bomb that exploded and Danny saving Tommy’s life when Frank shoots him. Danny then imagined Tommy as Lincoln by giving thanks for the save (and with a goat being Lincoln’s wife).


While Frank is taking Smoking Fox hostage and Tommy is after his father, the others are finding their way of survival with The Left-Eye Gang revealing to Clem that they faked losing their right eyes which got him enraged. Over at the cave, Tommy managed to rescue his fiancée while trapping his father and leaving him there with his own skills. The battle ended and Lil Pete writes another letter with his brothers now living in the village, Tommy and Fox getting married, Chico playing a piano with his penis and The Left-Eye Gang (and Mark Twain for some unknown reason) being wedding guests there. Besides Frank who might be left for dead, everybody lived happily after.


The movie finally ends and yet, this part of the recap is short. Well of course, I have stuff to say on what I think about the movie but looking back, I think I already did. I asked myself in the prologue on if Adam is still a comedy icon in this day and age, I brought up that it’s on my Worst of 2015 list and I present many reasons on why this movie sucks so what else is there to say about it? Well, I brought up on why I truly didn’t like it despite all I presented so what actual reason is my dislike for this movie? I hate to say it but it’s a big reason enough to make an epilogue out of it so I do apologize if I delay the inevitable but do trust me, it is a reason enough to give on why I may not review another Happy Madison Production stuff either for a long time or for good.


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