The Ridiculous Six (Recap Epilogue)

December 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

Merry Christmas Me. I supposed to finish up on The Ridiculous Six and yeah, I already recap the movie and brought up here and there on how bad this movie is. From the prologue, I mentioned if Adam Sandler is still a comedy genius even after all these times. And during those recaps, I brought up on the unfunny points, the baffling cameos and crap involving Rob Schneider’s donkey in which I do say it’s not a innuendo joke. Above all that, I am still talking about the movie because I mention on why I really didn’t like it so that is something worse answer so why is this movie one of the worst comedies I ever seen?


Well, before I get to my definite answer. I have thoughts involving this movie that makes me wonder. Now it is understandable that Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser is the first Happy Madison movie to be released online but only on Crackle. You can safely tell this is not theatrical release material because not the fact that it’s a sequel made several years late and for little reason but the fact that it looks like a very, cheap low-budget product. Compare this movie with the first one and you notice the difference in style. It’s a movie that looks more like an extended comedy sketch made by Funny or Die or College Humor but has David Spade and few actors from the first movie reprising their roles.


Despite that, it became the most viewed movie on the site and I know the news of The Ridiculous Six shortly before this premiered. It makes me wonder if it’s cheap and low-budget like the other one and surprisingly, it’s not. It definitely is more of a movie than a sketch. The budget, the effects, the cast and the setting is all there and it baffles me that Adam and his crew put their whole time and money to make this. So remember my previous joke that this movie is on Netflix because internet streaming movie is the future? That is not the case since after the critical failings of his previous movies, it led to Adam signing a five-picture deal with the streaming service and The Ridiculous Six is one of them but despite the fact that it is most viewed by Netflix subscribers, it still is critically bashed whether it’s the humor or the Apache culture controversy.


And then, I thought of something that clicks me. This is what it’s like for Adam to be stuck in Direct-To-Video failures. It’s basically this to Ernest Goes To School in terms of it but while Jim Varney still has an audience at that time and his direct-to-video works has its own praise, Adam however got the opposite approach. While he is gonna have another theatrical performance in Noah Baumbach’s The Story of The Day, it’s easy to know that 2016 is the first year that Happy Madison Productions didn’t release anything theatrical and it’ll be a while before we see a movie poster with Adam Sandler’s name and face on your local cinema. For all we know, it might not even happen so Direct-To-Netflix is where his comedy material is ending up now.


Since I just mention his comedy material, this is where it comes in and this is what I actually think of this movie. Outside of it being obviously unfunny, the reason is that there’s no point to watch this movie. It is a failed parody of The Magnificent Seven franchise and western movie genre. And speaking of parody, the other reason that there’s no point is because Seth McFarlane beat them to the punch back in 2014 with A Million Ways To Die In The West and it causes The Ridiculous Six to be a washed-up, irrelevant product and that’s the reason.


And speaking of having no point, let’s look at the lead’s arc. We start off with Tommy already living a good home and having a good fiancée and we end with the same exact thing. And with the exception of Danny, his brother’s are the same start and finish points of their arcs meaning their lives were good anyway. Ramon is living home with his pet goat, Lil’ Pete is happy as usual, Herm remains a mountain man and Chico is already a notable pianist within and outside the tavern so what makes a poor excuse for a plot is throwing their father to the mix and the adventure occurs but near the end, the father took a villainy turn and all their time travelling and doing heist after heist is a waste of time for them. At least Danny has a semblance of a plot which could be its own movie but the other five, their journeys are just filler time for them.


So yeah, this movie is old and not worth it and yet, it’s already watched by his fans and anti-fans alike so of course, we got four other Adam Sandler/Happy Madison movies coming. The Do-Over already came out and Adam’s buddy Kevin James got his True Memoirs of an International Assassin (which strangely enough is not a Happy Madison joint) and those two didn’t fare well so what are we gonna think of Sandy Wexler or the second season of Real Rob or anything else? Chances are we gonna think the same as this movie meaning that it’ll be disliked and not worth its existence other than Adam swimming on a pool full of green notes and that’s the obvious reality of it. It shows on how low can he go when he went from a comedy genius in the past to a hack in the present and I now wait for the day when we have no more movies from him.


I’m done talking about this because it’s getting too long anyway so overall, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Life Day and more. I am now gonna get a couple of my stuff done before Janu-Fahey Month is set so until then.


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