Janu-Fahey Month: Absolute Zero

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I am now gonna look at a Jeff Fahey movie that in a way, I already looked before and that’s not a good sign. Okay, not long ago, I reviewed a little Asylum joint known as 100 Degrees Zero which he starred in and I referenced this movie on that review so why am I little excited by this? Well, I think I made a point about this sub-category of disaster movies that involves a lead character wanting to reunite with his or her family and I already look at those like Sharknado and 2012: Ice Age. I dislike this part of the genre so at best, I think I know how this movie is gonna end before watching it. I might be wrong since disaster movies doesn’t have that portion but I don’t know, disaster movies involving family surviving sucks for me.


And Absolute Zero is another The Day After Tomorrow knockoff which is so obvious that TV Tropes even mention it on mockbuster page so it doesn’t help. Maybe the director will give something so what has Robert Lee done? Oh crap, he has done episodes of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Uh, okay what about movies? Um, Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York which came out the same year as this movie I’m about to review? And both written by Sarah Watson? I am glad I got little to do after this movie so let’s just see how bad and predictable this movie is.


After a recent happening in Antarctica, Climatologist David Koch (Jeff Fahey) is sent there to investigate what is going on and discovered a cave with a body of an inhabitant that was frozen during the previous Ice Age along with cave paintings. His discovery is all happening while people around his area are surprisingly getting killed by ice-filled natural event which made him the only survivor in a land without any transport since it’s a disaster zone. But the movie didn’t tell us that since he immediately went back to his homeland of Miami while thinking the next ice age is happening shortly.


He is joined by friend and scientist Jeff (Michael Ryan) along with his student scientists AJ (Britt Irvin) and Phillip (Fred Ewanuick) on the investigation and is looking grim since Miami and most of America is gonna be set to absolute zero and making it an ice desert. Also, Jeff’s wife Bryn (Erika Eleniak) is involved in it along her daughter Sophie (Jessica Amlee) and David’s crooked money-hungry boss Dr Veet (Bill Dow). Okay, in truth, this movie is probably the better of those Climate Disaster films but mainly because it’s so bad and cheesy that I am honestly laughing my ass off with how inept this movie is.


I guess you could say that this is indeed a schlocky disaster movie with the usual scientific inaccuracies, the acting, the clichés and tropes and the dated visual effects. I can’t tell if Jeff enjoyed his own performance here since at times, it looks like it’s beneath him but he has been in bad movies before and the other cast members either have fun with it or took it seriously. Dr Veet is probably my least favorite character and I want him to die because he’s a stock antagonist and he did get that as the character to die after two before him and the only other least favorite is the news scenes involving which totally looks like it’s filmed someplace other than a actual newsroom.


It’s worth it for completists and bad movie night viewing sake and I could say it in any other way other than the fact that it’s at least better than the previous ones that I review… I think! But the month has come to an end and there’ll be another Janu-Fahey Month event sometime later this year which would be a different one but for now, I gonna go see what I should review next or better yet, photoshop Jeff in anything now.



Janu-Fahey Month: Outback

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So a movie starring Jeff Fahey that takes place in Australia which is where I live in, how should I take it? I mean it might be good or bad but would it matter really? Jeff Fahey in a movie taking place anywhere in the world or universe is always a question on how should I take it. I guess I should point out that it’s a Western movie so as a guy who has yet to take on Silverado, at least I’m doing a western movie anyway. Beyond that, I do see Jeff as a western type character because he has a bit of style there similar to John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.


And since it already sold me off, what about the filmmaker and well, this is good because we have Ian Berry who got his start in Ozploitation classic The Chain Reaction and does other movies like Robo Warriors which stars James Tolkan so yeah, I know James Remar is in it but if you know Janu-Fahey Month, you know my previous mention on Principal Strickland. And he did a children’s movie Joey which involves a Kangaroo that I hope is not voiced by Matt Le Blanc. He did little much except movies and television work so he went the similar route as Brian Trenchard Smith nowadays.


Taking place in the last year of the 19th century, this movie revolves around Alice Richards (Tushka Bergen) who is living in Minnamurra with a well-known house breeder James (Frederick Parslow). While she is starting her relationship with Jack Donaghue (Steven Vidler), she is also notice by James’ friend and trade owner Ben Creed (Jeff Fahey) who has a crush on her all while she is caught in a point of time where her place is facing financial troubles with neighbor Alleby (Shane Briant) and Jack’s corrupted partner Bill Thompson (Richard Moir) involved.


After her relationship with Jack ended and then fallen for Ben, Alice found a way to get her place back and that’s with Ben and Jack teaming up with other cowboys to transport her horses to Lord Kitchener (Robert Davis) so he and his troops all while Alleby’s goons try to get in their way. The plan worked with those goons killed and the horses transported and the movie ends with Alice and Creed living their lives in Minnamurra. Okay, in all honesty, this movie is good but not what I expected since in terms of western movies, I expect action which it did have and it also has romance and a bit of anything else. The thing about that is for a movie that’s supposed to cater to Western Action fans, it’s more direct to those that read those paperback romance novels.


Again, it’s good but has a sort-of misleading effect and I dislike how they went that way. Jeff is fine and so is Steve, Tushka and Richard Moir which I didn’t know he’s in it until I watched it. As a guy who remember watching two seasons of Round The Twist during my childhood, he is a bit of delight playing a mischief businessman but with his role being minimal. Even Jeff has a role that’s more supporting than Easy Rider 2 and he’s a credited main star of the movie. It’s okay for curiosity’s sake and I know it’s not the kind of western movie for me but hey, I watched it and it is what I got. Uh, this month is already feeling a bit difficult since we have a good first role of him and a bad role with him before getting to this one. But alright, next week I look at that disaster movie I mention back in my 100 Degrees Zero review and hope it doesn’t suck.

Janu-Fahey Month: Easy Rider – The Ride Back

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Well, I went from a movie but an established director… to a movie co-written by a lawyer and a crooked one at best. Now today I’m looking at Easy Rider: The Ride Back which is an unofficial prequel/sequel to a 1969 classic with you know who so no need to talk about that movie. Instead, I’m talking about the sequel which is so bad that it made a list of Cracked’s 6 Movies You Didn’t Know Had Catastropic Unofficial Sequels with a sequel to Borat that’s so Anti-Borat it hurts and Time of the Apes which is already known as a MST3K fodder.


But this movie, oh boy. Unless you read the article I mentioned, this is a movie co-written by Phil Pitzer who was a lawyer who sued the original movie’s producers and stopped them from getting the rights back which in the end, they lost. And to make it hilarious, he cast himself in this movie as well so he’s going all Tommy Wiseau on us since he also produce. As for the director Dustin Rikert, nothing much since while he did co-write it as well, he direct both of other unknown movies. Also, did you know that this movie is so far the only movie Phil has ever done to date? Pray that he didn’t bring his other script Easy Rider: The Search Continues to life but hey, where does Jeff Fahey fit into this? Well, he stars in it but is that really it?


The film focuses primary on Morgan Williams (Phil Pitzer) whom ever since the seventies has little contact with his family and friends. As his sister Shane (Sheree J. Wilson) appears in his footsteps telling him to come home, he declines at first but decides that it’s finally time to go back and see his father Wild Bill (Newell Alexander) who’s living his remaining days in nothing but a wheelchair, memories of war and with his daughter. As Morgan rides his motorcycle, his friend Wes Coast (Jeff Fahey) joins in the ride and what follows is Morgan talking about his past along with Wes Coast while Bill tells a bit of his tale about his relationship with his son ended with his friend Andrew (Rance Howard).


It’s basically a tale involving the family of a Wyatt from the first movie who died near the end and it’s slightly not the “in-name-only” kind of sequel. However, it is still unofficial in this case and it’s a sequel that either nobody knew existed or somebody knew but don’t want it to get made and yet, it exists all thanks to a lawyer who pulled a dick move to those that made the first movie. In terms of theme, it’s entirely different since the first focus on two leads travelling across America in search of their answers while scoring some cash for selling dope. This movie however is about one of the leads’ brother reuniting with the family he has left and what’s Wyatt’s purpose in this is that Phil tries to be the worst cosplayer of Peter Fonda’s well-known character ever.


Okay, he’s a supporting character and has a bit of story but you immediately get distracted by Morgan and Wild Bill’s take on the family. At best, This movie is in the same sequel section as Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. Outside of Phil, the acting is there and Jeff did okay as Morgan’s biking partner but at times, it has bad acting as well and again, this is outside of Phil. I say that because if you wanna know how Phil himself acted, there is an easy explanation. This is first (and only) acting role and it shows on why he hasn’t taking much acting school or class before this so in short, he sucks at acting.


And lastly, there are many faults on this movie that’s not in acting and story wise. The soundtrack is dull and doesn’t connect to the music from the first movie since that one has the music of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Here, it’s either forgettable country music or music that’s sung by a Bryan Adams soundalike. It’s forgettable. And how it’s played is poor since at times, you can’t hear what the actors were saying. Maybe it’s only within the first act but then again, the audio mixing is not well done.


So to sum it all up, this is a  forgettable sequel and in terms of Jeff Fahey filmography, it’s only served for completist sake. And in terms of 1960s counterculture movies, it’s worth it only if you wanna see Easy Rider have a follow-up and I see why Jeff said yes to this because maybe he’s a fan of the first movie. But the thing is that it’s beneath him and this is just a fan-fic done by a former lawyer who hasn’t done much since this movie has been made. Well, he’s starring in a documentary coming out this year but chances are it’s probably filmed around the time of this movie’s release so I still stand by one question. So I’m done talking about it so I’ll get to possibly a good movie next week.

Janu-Fahey Month: The Execution Of Raymond Graham

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And I am back to Janu-Fahey Month but given that I already released three articles in the past three days, I had to hope that I won’t be burned out because the next several days is nothing but daily reviews of Jeff Fahey movies. Okay, I kidding. I’m only doing four for this month and what better to start this season is basically his first starring role – 1985’s The Execution Of Raymond Graham. While prior to this movie, he did start off with his television role in One Life To Live as well as having a supporting role in Silverado. I may look at that movie someday but for now, one has to wonder how he got a breakout performance that nowadays is not talked about.


Which does bring a good question since this movie aired on television as live broadcast back then and the subject is pretty touchy for its time. Plus the movie is already is safe hands since it’s made by Daniel Petrie who is responsible for Cocoon: The Return and the 1994 reboot of Lassie. Yes, he did A Raisin In The Sun, Resurrection and Wild Iris but he also did many television work and used a cast of well-known stars like Robert Duvall and Ellen Burstyn so it makes me have one question – what is this movie about?


The answer however is what it says in the title itself. Raymond Graham (Jeff Fahey) is facing his final hours in Prison after the governor in his town has revived prison execution and he is put in the position that causes the public, family and friends think he should not be the first person in prison to be executed after thirteen years since what crime he commit is purely in the wrong. The crime that is the accidental murder of one Kevin Neal and Kevin’s father Jim (Josef Sommer) less forgiving and is preparing to Raymond face the death that’s coming at him.


And after less than a couple of hours with conversations and few trying to convince the governor that he should not be executed, it became that time and the movie ended as expected. Raymond Graham got executed and there is nothing to be done about it. Now I know this synopsis for the review is at best short but honestly, this is not a bad movie and it’s not just the fact that Jeff gives a convincing performance as the man facing death row but other stars in the movie actually give it their all like Josef who portrayed a father who’s lost one of his children, Lauren Metcalf giving a good role that’s far from her appearances in Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory and heck, Morgan Freeman is in this and he pulled it off as a warden even if it’s missing a Freeman-esque narration.


Okay, I kid but other than the acting, the movie gave a grim feel with its real-time technique and shows how television movies back then didn’t half-assed it, it is worth seeking out even by historic standpoint since this is made in a time when prison execution is a subject that is worth telling before we are now in a time where it’s common even if we are about to under the presidential rule of Trump. Uh, I don’t know how 2017 is gonna be but the month is so far off to a good start and this and Silverado led to Jeff starring in Psycho III which is a positive step. However, I cannot say the same for the sequel to a different movie I’m reviewing next week so maybe a good start is just a good start and nothing more.

Best Of 2016

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And now we reach the good side of why 2016 may be a bad year but there’s some good parts to it. And just to make it interesting, there’s some in the list that is baffling enough to be here. However, there is also some that has yet to be on the list since real life happens so in other words, I haven’t seen how creepy CGI Peter Cushing is Rogue One or how good Stranger Things and Atlanta is. Uh, 2016 really sucks for everybody.


Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Ultimate Cut Only) – Already talked much about this in a review I did and it’s easily placed here but not the theatrical cut since like Suicide Squad, its cut is a total clusterfuck that cannot be ignored. It is still better than Man of Steel but what further DC Extended Universe movies is gonna be like is a good question so Wonder Woman and Justice League, please don’t suck unless it unintentionally became so bad it’s good in the process.

Captain America: Civil War – It may not be as high marked as The Winter Soldier but it is an interesting follow-up to it with The Avengers (and both Black Panther and Spider-Man) being involved in the action. It also gave us a unique take of an antagonist that doesn’t go hell-bent on world domination or destruction and has a different kind of vendetta that is worth explained. That, and I did not see the twist near the end coming that led to Iron Man fighting his former team partner Captain America and for good reason. Overall, it is a better take on Civil War than the comic book it’s loosely based on did.

Deadpool – Finally we have a Ryan Reynolds superhero movie that we deserved… even though Deadpool is not really a superhero. But after Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it took a while but this is Ryan’s comeback performance that worked and it became like the comics I read in the past (which is when Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness was involved so late 90s). It has action, meta humor, sexual innuendos and Ryan Reynolds fighting villains naked (and burned). I can’t wait for the sequel even if Ryan accepts Leslie Jones to be his “loud” sidekick which I’m not sure if it would work but hey, this movie worked.

Doctor Strange – Okay, I have little expectations on this before seeing it and that’s mainly because of director Scott Derrickson who remade The Day The Earth Stood Still which I disliked and think he’s not a good filmmaker since then. But after seeing it, I could give him credit that he has made a movie that I liked and that’s with Benedict Cumberbatch being sold as the main character, Tilda Swinton giving her shot as The Ancient One (despite controversy) and Mads Mikkelson being awesome as always. It also adds the humor charm that I won’t spoil but it is worth checking out.

Ghostbusters – Yeah, this is on the list and I am trying to figure out why. I already said enough on the review but since then, I watched it a couple of more times and enjoy it a bit more but this is the starting point on why I said that this list is baffling. Let’s see what else is there on the list.

Star Trek Beyond – Now this is a Star Trek movie made for all audiences without going all criticism with lens flare and how Into Darkness was set out to be. It presents a tale on how the crew of Enterprise work together even if their worst danger possible and with a surprise turn from Idris Elba as what I thought was a stereotypical villain but midway through, his motivation became more open and explained and why he has issues with Starfleet. Also, it is heart-breaking since this is a swansong for Anton Yelchin after what tragically happened to him last year. I seen him in other stuff like Hearts in Atlantis and Odd Thomas and he did have acting range that is worth seeking out but he’s gone too soon and we’ll never have somebody else like him.

Suicide Squad – I already discuss enough of this on my review and worst of list so do I need to explain further?

Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie – This one I’m not sure of putting up because well, let me say this. I’m not in favor of Donald Trump as President and I’m not much a fan of Johnny Depp as I used to be but honestly, him as Trump is so baffling that it’s almost his greatest role since Ed Wood. The movie may be under an hour but this loose adaptation of Trump’s famous book is handled in Funny or Die fashion with Alfred Molina adding in the performance and Alf (yes, that Alf) appearing out of nowhere. Again, not sure if this is worth in the list but I liked it at the time. Don’t know if I will this year or later but who knows.

Television Series

Jessica Jones – Oh shit, this series is awesome. I’m actually a huge fan of her character in comics ever since I picked up the first issue of Alias and how it translate to the visual medium (I nearly said small screen but it’s a Netflix property) worked surprisingly well with twists and turns including David Tennant’s frightening turn as The Purple Man. Other than that, Krysten Ritter sold her performance as the lead and I hope to see more of her on The Defenders.

Legends Of Tomorrow – While DC is getting bad rap in terms of movies, television and comic properties on the other hand is the opposite and this show is basically second favorite next to The Flash. And with time travel and character interactions, I can’t wait to see how the second season continues when it airs later this month.


David Bowie – Lazarus – The last music video that Bowie has been involved while he’s alive. I already mention back in 2015 that Blackstar is potentially placed in Best of 2016 list and it is but before getting to a bit of the album, I have to wonder how we still cope with not just the loss of him but also Prince, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher, George Michael and many others. This song and the video is really haunting now not just for the fact with the first thing he sang on the song but how it became a grim nostalgic take to his career even with him wearing a suit he previously wore back in the seventies. And the moment he went to the closet in the video, it is him giving a disappearing act that will never be attempted again so this is his farewell whether he meant it or not and I still miss the guy.

Frank Ocean – Nikes – This year has been involved in surprise returns and Frank is part of it with him not giving one album but two and I’ll get to those but this song shows what America is like in this day and age with Frank bringing up Trayvon Martin. And it’s not just the fact that this song is presented as a tribute as well, it also proves how far Frank went from his Channel Orange days and what has he presented us now. It has a sense of artistic feel and unexpectedly so he’s Frank Ocean being himself and not imitating others like Kanye West and The Weeknd. I’ll get back to Frank shortly so on to the next one.

Radiohead – Burn The Witch – Another surprise return and this is perhaps Radiohead’s comeback single. While their previous albums have already been good, I can admit that it’s trying to recapture the unexpected magic that is Kid A and this one is not recapturing it. Instead, this is Thom Yorke and his friends as you never heard it before and it’s thanks to Colin Greenwood’s orchestral reinvention to a song that was played differently live in the years prior. And the video is a good homage to both stop-motion animation but also The Wicker Man. Heck, there’s even a post depicting an homage to a remake starring Nic Cage which I find hilarious. So after years on Radiohead trying to stop the world again with their music, 2016 is the time they did it.

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles – This one is gonna be the “All About That Bass” of this year, isn’t it? Okay, in all honesty, I never heard of them before this and don’t know what to think when Rae Sremmurd released a song that not only makes Mannequin Challenge a trend that happened but the questionable take on using The Fab Four in a song that is hardly about them. This song is weird but catchy and mesmerising at the same time. I know it’s not unlikely Hip-Hop and The Beatles mixed together (I remember hearing DJ Shadow’s The Grey Album after all) but this sounds like it’s made in a “this should not exist” and yet, it does so oh well.


Childish Gambino – “Awaken, My Love!” – I did mention that I have yet to see Atlanta and I need a good free time to binge-watch a bunch of shows but I did listen to this album and well, it’s not like Donald’s previous two albums that’s for sure. It adds a psychedelic ride to R&B and funk and we hear him sing more than giving a rap beatdown. This is New Sound Album that surprisingly worked well and I am anticipating on what he’ll do next even if it’s him playing Lando in an upcoming Han Solo prequel film.

David Bowie – Blackstar – And back to Bowie. Is there anything I should discuss that I (and everybody else) already have at this point? Well, there is one. I didn’t put Lazarus cast album in the list and I would but dammit, I wanna see the show myself and the album is not enough. Yeah, it has few unreleased tracks but not enough. Back to Blackstar and it falls next to his Berlin Trilogy, Ziggy Stardust, Outside and Never Let Me Down as one of his greatest works ever… and yes, I wrote Never Let Me Down just now. It’s basically my guilty pleasure. I don’t think there’s much to say at this point.

death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Classroom Sexxtape – I bet there are many who has never heard of this one. Well okay, I became familiar with this genre known as Vaporwave thanks to Vektroid, James Ferrero and few others and dds.wmv became a surprise for this not just for this album but 2015’s I’ll Try Living Like This which that is unlike anything I heard before. But given that dds.wmv is more of a collective than a band, it is easy to know that Classroom Sexxtape is a solo work of Tech Honors instead of a collaborative piece and you could see his distorted point-of-view of Millennial culture that’s going on now. Heck, this album is the only thing that makes Miley Cyrus worth listening and I still don’t like her to this day.

Frank Ocean – Blonde/Endless – These two albums really show its own difference to each other with Blonde showing an alternative R&B feel that he is known for since Channel Orange and Endless showing a more poetic side of him even with a visual view of him and his duplicates making a stairs that went somewhere. It’ll take a while to explain why I like them both equally but in short, it’s proof that Frank Ocean is a positive voice of our time and he spoke it in a melancholy sense that made us feel what we really feel.

Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story – Speaking of Alternative R&B, this album came out of nowhere for me since prior to it, I didn’t know who he is. The album title basically speaks for himself since it’s Kevin telling us his love story even in a place he lives that supports or denies him and it presents his homo-romantic side with him taking influences from Frank Ocean and The Smiths. This album is the sleeper hit of 2016 and I do hope to see him getting more known in the future.

Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events – I know, this one is a EP but whether it means “extended play” or uses the title “mini album” instead, I’m counting this and another surprise for me since this came out very recently. Only this time, this is not NIN that’s all done by Trent Reznor but this is NIN that’s done by him with a little help from now-official band member Atticus Ross, Trent’s wife Mariqueen Maandig and friends Dave Grohl and Dave Navarro. It also has one of the most hardest and roughest songs I ever heard which is Burning Bright and makes me think Trent wants to bring lo-fi music quality to it which works. Trent recently mention that we have more NIN to come and it’s not just “Definitive Version” reissues of his side-projects but whatever it is, I hope it’s worth waiting our time.

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool – Yeah, I said that Burn The Witch is their surprise return and I brought up that is not the Radiohead album you expected to hear but I didn’t mention that it’s an album worth waiting for since it’s all studio workings of tracks that were played live before and that includes True Love Waits which already got an official release once. This is Thom Yorke giving his fans something that the fans wanted to hear for years and it is worth the wait so it’s a gift well received.

The Avalanches – Wildflower – Okay, last thing where I said that this a surprise return for me and yeah, The Avalanches did surprise us. I hope to not go repetitive that I already were but oh man, this is a surprise step-up to Since I Left You and it is not dated after their long time of working on this album and has enough cleared samples, guest stars and rhythm that makes this album a work of wonders. Like their first album, it presents nostalgia in a different fashion and this one has more to it with funky sounds and experimental direction. Wildflower is proof that The Avalanches are not a one-album wonder that we all thought were and proof that patience is indeed a virtue.


Alters – Aftershock Comics have gotten good press recently with Animosity and Insexts being sold well and this Paul Jenkins offering is also a surprise which focuses on adventures of a superheroine that has a transgender side. I like Paul’s previous works whether it’s The Sentry or Origin which finally tell Wolverine’s backstory and this one is worth checking out. So far, I’m into three issues of this and want to check out more so keep it coming.

DC Universe: Rebirth – This one shot not only restores DC fanbase after the points that is The New 52 line and the clusterfuck that is Convergence but also became controversial when Geoff Johns now is preparing to bring Alan Moore’s Watchmen characters in the DCU scene but by unexpected standards. It also gives a return of Wally West of Pre-New 52 DCU continuity in a world where there already is a Wally West and how he’s gonna fit there. I am eager to see what happens next and how Geoff will fit Watchmen in DC Multiverse.

Jessica Jones – Already brought that I like the show and Alias and I am happy that Bendis and Gaydos gives us the kind of continuing tale of the character that we all knew. And it also shows how far she went with herself, Luke Cage and so on and what mystery is lurking in the corner next like how she got out of prison for example. So Bendis, I may not be a fan of you as I once were when Ultimate Marvel Line was at its relevance but do tell her story well since you created her after all. I can’t wait to pick up the next issue.

Kim + Kim – This is what Broad City is like if the two girls were intergalactic bounty hunters. Honestly, this one is quirky and fun and it is a bit frustrating on trying to get those four issues within my area but I got it and has good storytelling, fun art and a perfect sense of character development. This is Magdalene Visaggio’s breakthrough work and I became anxious to see what kind of work she’ll do next so this is one mini-series worth seeking out even in trade paperback form.

Snotgirl – I actually love this series and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s written by Bryan Lee O’Malley of Scott Pilgrim fame or that it focuses on a female character that I should not feel for but I do and Lottie Person is no Scott Pilgrim but a fashion blogger caught in a strange world filled with love triangle, murder and boogers. It may as well be the kind of comic my little sister would love but she doesn’t read comics so it’s just me taking that job I guess.

Young Animal Imprint – I am mixed about this. In the past, I’m a fan of Gerard Way in terms of his music work and his comics have a hit and miss quality. And then, I heard the controversy that involves Hart Fisher which is best to look for yourself. But this one is almost like a resurrection of DC’s Vertigo line except that Vertigo is still around. So I picked up these four comics and they are in its own takes. Doom Patrol is my favorite but mainly because I like the comic back when it’s written by Grant Morrison and I see the influences here. Mother Panic shows the dark side of Gotham City that we didn’t know. Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye is strange but fun take on obscure DCU character and Shade The Changing Girl is surprisingly awesome as well and you should pick that one up. So far, this is a imprint that caught my eye (not cybernetic of course) and I am eager to check future issues out.

Phew, I’m done talking about Best of 2016 in a extensive and a bit tangential way possible but I’ll have time checking those I haven’t and I don’t know what 2017 is gonna be like in many months to come but I do expect the unexpected so let’s see what happens next. And yeah, Janu-Fahey Month starts this week so come back tomorrow for what I should pick.

Worst Of 2016

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Oh right, I supposed to throw in my best and worst of lists for 2016 and honestly, I think the worst is a best way to start off with how miserable, unpredictable and nightmarish that year was. I’m just gonna write what I don’t like and not complain why I didn’t like that year because I know I’m not the only one on this.


Batman: The Killing Joke – Now outside of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, DC Movies have gotten a bad rap last year and I noticed it since two of which ends up in worst lists by anybody and any publication for various reasons. But what about The Killing Joke? Seriously, this movie is a big fuck you to Alan Moore and Batman fans since they took the most definitive Joker story ever told and add in a prologue to ruin the story along with changes to Alan Moore-portion of the story that didn’t fare better. I already wrote a review for this and there’s three others in the list that also got reviewed so suffice to say, this is the worst movie of 2016 for me and that’s saying something and it may be the worst Batman movie I ever seen.

Independence Day: Resurgence – You know what’s not in this worst list because I haven’t seen the whole of it? Bad Santa 2 and Zoolander 2. And it’s mainly because I might think it might be okay when I get around to seeing these two but these two falls to the “overdue sequels” list but to the point where it might be unnecessary and ID:R is another point where it places there. While I still give respect for its alternate history approach and few acting scores, it’s a sequel that have been two movies instead of two movies crammed into one. There’s also the quality that lost the touch of the first movie and you can see the differences there since while the first has a high budget approach, this one looks painfully like it’s an Asylum knockoff even though The Asylum already did a rip-off of Independence Day last year. Uh, what do I say but it’s not worth it? Nothing really.

Pass Thru – This one is a surprise entry and let me tell you about the vanity director that is Neil Breen. I actually first came to know of his existence in an episode of Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst back in December 2015 and I laughed out loud that I want to see Double Down myself. And this movie along with Fateful Findings and I Am Here… Now! shows that even a real estate agent and architect can make movies but the kind that is schizophrenic to the point that he might fit well in a movie adaptation of Gene Ray’s Time Cube website.

Now Pass Thru is a bad alternate take of his previous movie I Am Here… Now! but if anything, it at least is a step up from the previous movie because there is so-bad-its-good enjoyment out of it including when it involves Neil Breen wiping away the bad part of humanity or him connecting to the CGI/Stock Footage tiger. So whenever Neil releases another movie, I’ll be ready to watch and hope his future work made it to the worst lists.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens – I don’t think there is much to discuss about the movie that what I already did in a review of this. It’s still my lesser favorite of the series and chances are that it might become a second lesser favorite once Sharknado 5… Earth 0! (yes, that’s the title and I actually got the title reference) and later movies come out. I might be wrong but out of all Sharknado movies, I didn’t like this one the most because I didn’t feel any enjoyment out of it so let’s just move on to the next movie.

Suicide Squad – Oh right, I already released a review of this just yesterday so um, is there much to talk about this? Well, I do have a controversial standpoint on saying this. Not only is this one of the worst movies to come out in 2016… but it’s also one of the best movies to come out in 2016! I don’t know why but it felt like the “best worst movie” to me and I already just talked about how bad it is so yeah, I wouldn’t mind watching how bad it is again. This list is not getting better so moving on.

Television Series

The X-Files – Outside of the first and last episode of this revived “Event Series” season of The X-Files, the whole thing is just plain bad and a total cheat. There is much to complain about this from having the weakest storylines I ever seen to having a character known as Agent Einstein to the episode that ruined my chance to rewatch the show ever again. That episode being the Suicide Bomber episode which not only is a poor way of ripping it from the headlines but also involves Mulder getting high on mushrooms, dancing to Achy Breaky Heart and hanging with the cameo fanservice ghosts of The Lone Gunman. There’s more to discuss but really, just watch the “My Struggle” two-parter and ignore the rest or get the Season 10 comics which handled the continuity better even if it’s now deemed non-canonical (even if it’s executive produced by Chris Carter himself).


Train – Play That Song – Wanna know something? They released and album that is simply called Train Does Led Zeppelin II and while it’s an album that has its proceeds that goes to charity, it’s them covering an album by Led Zeppelin which I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but suffice to say, it’s one that missed the list because I have little interest in hearing it. Outside of it, I am not a fan of Train but they used to be good once. This song however is not good and falls to the same issue Patrick Monahan fell when he did Hey Soul Sister. It is bland, unoriginal (even with melody from Heart and Soul incorporated in it) and forgettable. But given that they release a new album later this year, it depends if I will really forget it.

The Chainsmokers – Closer – This song has been hailed as a “Millennial Anthem” to some and I happen to be a Millennial in the sense that I’m born in 1984. However, I didn’t like it because of how lyrically bad it is and the repetitiveness of the beats and the overplaying quality. And this is the most hipster way of saying it but I liked Closer better when it’s a song by Nine Inch Nails but this, I didn’t like and yeah, it makes sense I didn’t since they got their start in a song called Selfie.

Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliott – Ghostbusters – Can I blame Pitbull for bringing back to the “soundtrack single tie-in” craze because I remember liking that mini-genre back when I was a kid in late 80s and throughout 90s and I think he’s responsible thanks to Men In Black 3 came out. After that, we have weakest form of the trend with movies like Pixels, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Suicide Squad (oh, how I wish I could talk about those few songs from that movie including the one where Joker stares at the screen in a Skrillex/Rick Ross music video) but while we do have good ones in Trolls and The Lego Movie, we still have to suffer with crap and this redo of Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters is the most painful thing I heard that year. I used to be a fan of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott back when they were at their peak and this collaboration is basically the only thing I hate about this movie.

Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know – I remember back when I thought Maroon 5 was rock band, how dumb was I think that? But honestly, ever since Move Like Jagger, I stopped caring about the band to the point that I hardly see them as a rock band and this song is just boring. The tune is weak, the chorus is repetitive and the video is unfunny. It also is sad that there’s even a remix featuring Kendrick Lamar which I don’t think I wanna hear since I like Kendrick but he did collaborate with the band before on Payphone. So yeah, Maroon 5 is fast becoming in the same place as U2 and Coldplay in a lists of bands that should be breaking up a long time ago. Uh, I didn’t like this song so boo on this one.

Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj – Side To Side – Since I brought up that Closer has an overplay quality, this one however has the way worst take of it. Out of all tracks, this is definite worst song of 2016 because it continued the production repetitiveness of music that I don’t like in these recent times and that it felt generic and bland. I actually heard few other songs by Ariana recently and I would complain the same effect but this, I hate this one more than Ghostbusters and Closer combined. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it and I still don’t like it the umpteenth time I heard it (and that reason is because my sister has different taste of music that I do since she’s younger than me so guess who likes this song).


Corey Feldman – Angelic 2 The Core – Okay, confession time. Back when I was a little kid, I honestly like Corey when it comes to movies like The Lost Boys, License To Drive and The Goonies and in a way, I still do because he does quality acting involved in some movies he starred in. As for his singing however, oh boy. I heard this album when I found out one of his tracks made it into crappy music subreddit and put myself in a endurance test not just for this album but his previous albums and there are range of differences in each album he has released. His first one is not good but I didn’t mind and his later ones is a different genre including the point when he tried to get into Nu-Metal phase but failing at it.

And now comes to Angelic 2 The Core which he had been working for over ten years and it is possibly his most passion project. The only issue is that it’s also him trying to be relevant in 2016 and it backfired badly thanks to this album, his Today performances and tweets from other celebrities defending him. Now I’m not saying Corey is bad and he has been through rough times with divorce, his buddy Corey Haim’s passing and his revealing past on being a victim of Hollywood’s Paedophile Ring that scarred him for life so I feel sorry for him. But still, his new album is at his low and I didn’t like a single track of it. Well okay, I did like Ascension Millennium but that first came out in 2014 and that is the funniest song I heard in recent times so I don’t know, look up The Needle Drop’s review of it and you see why this album is terrible from inside and out so Corey, I may like you but I think you should stop being a musician because you have done enough to the point where you keep getting hate.


Okay, this is probably the most interesting thing to say this but I think I haven’t read any comic last year that is considered for the list. Maybe there is something like David Finch’s run on Wonder Woman or something but not once have I picked a comic and didn’t like it. Maybe Civil War II since I’m not a fan of the predecessor mini-series but I only read the one released on Free Comic Book Day so as much I didn’t like 2016, it did one thing that I never expected – there’s no comic book that angered me enough to either pick up or avoid at all costs. I am sorry if that’s the case but fuck, there’s no worst comic(s) of 2016.

Yeah, this list strangely ends on an anti-climatic note but I will say that the best of lists are at least better by comparison. I don’t need to talk more about the awfulness of the year that ended on this past weekend so come back tomorrow to see what I liked (and hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass).

Suicide Squad

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Finally, the last movie I reviewed in what has been said by everybody as the worst year in current history and one of which came out around this time. Now even though this is part of Zack Snyder retrospective, there are points on why Suicide Squad should have been not included. For one, it’s directed by somebody else and he gets executive producer credit which means if I review this, I should review Tales of the Black Freighter and 300: Rise of the Empire as well. But that is not the reason. Another point is that it’s part of DC Extended Universe franchise that he help created so that means Wonder Woman should be reviewed. Although, that’s also not the reason why it’s included in the retrospective. There is a honest reason on why it’s included in the retrospective but let me save that for later because it will make sense.


Now to talk about David Ayer and I seen plenty of his stuff before. He started out writing material for The Fast and The Furious and Training Day and those movies may not be for me but at that time, I liked it. And it’s until his directorial debut in Harsh Times that got him noticed with Street Kings, End of Watch and Fury. I can see why he is suitable for this movie (but not sure about Gotham City Sirens but we’ll see) since it is a kinetic action movie with differences of authorities and anti-authorities and his motif shows there and here so I can’t think of somebody else directing this. Maybe Michael Bay or Peter Berg but they have more misses than David so let’s see how this one fares.


Following the events of Dawn of Justice, Amanda Weller (Viola Davis) is set to greenlight the project “Task Force X” to the government in order to use highly-skilled and/or metapowerful criminals to fight the evil that is similar to Superman. As led by Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), the group consists of expert assassin Deadshot (Will Smith), bankrobber Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), gang member El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), cannibal Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), swordswoman Katana (Karen Fukuhara), mercenary Slipknot (Adam Beach) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who’s a known partner to Batman’s archenemy The Joker (Jared Leto).


Also joining in the team is Rick’s girlfriend June Moore (Cara Delevingne) who is possessed by a sorceress known as The Enchantress. However, The Enchantress instead draws her revenge to mankind with her brother Incubus (Alain Chanoine) so it’s up to Amanda’s Task Force X to retrieve the escort that’s near the whereabouts of The Enchantress and Incubus who’s rampaging the city. All while Harley Quinn is planning her escapes to reunite with The Joker thanks to Belle Reve security officer Griggs (Ike Barinholtz) being involved after his excessive gambling during his break.


I should not spoil any further and for good reason because this movie must be seen to believe. And I’m not saying it in the sense that this movie is good. I’m actually saying it in the sense that it’s bad instead. This is nothing but a glorious trainwreck that you can’t look away from and it is a disaster worth noticeable. From reshoots, stage direction, the fact that the characters have been introduced a couple of times and others. It’s like previous year’s Fantastic Four reboot but unlike that movie, Suicide Squad has a sense of enjoyment and scene-stealing performances from Margot, Jared (whom more of his scenes should be left in and that’s for either cuts) and Jai who plays the most Australian stereotype I’ve seen since Yahoo Serious movies.


As for others, they didn’t do much. Some of them were acting bored or not having much care for the product and that’s noticeable for Will and Viola. Heck, Adam is barely in this and he died shortly after the mission started so he’s a redshirt with no backstory (which other characters have) and is forgotten about a few minutes after. And the origin of the team is poorly-handled since yes, it focuses on the formation but given that one of the members is a villain and the mission for the team is to retrieve somebody who wanted to be escort out of the city is weak. It’s as if The Avengers were formed not to get Loki for starting chaos in New York but to get Rick Jones who’s within a block radius.


But beyond that, there are other faults and all I say is just see the movie for itself to see how enjoyably bad it is. And it now comes to this – why is this movie directed by David Ayers including in a retrospective of movies directed by Zack Snyder? I explained two points which is not the reason and you might be laughing at this but it’s also directed by Snyder. I am not kidding about that. Remember that scene when The Flash makes an appearance during Captain Boomerang’s backstory? Yeah, this is the sequence he directed so those 95% may be Ayer’s baby but only five percent belongs to somebody else so it’s as acceptable to be here as much as somebody doing a Quentin Tarantino retrospective which includes Sin City because he guest directed it.


Might be cheating but it’s my site and I can do whatever the fuck I want so Suicide Squad is now part of Zack Snyder’s filmography. But it would now be a while before I get to Justice League so other than that, it’s already 2017 so time to fill in those worst and best lists of my own before we get to what I hope is a better Janu-Fahey Month than last year.

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