Worst Of 2016

January 3, 2017 § Leave a comment

Oh right, I supposed to throw in my best and worst of lists for 2016 and honestly, I think the worst is a best way to start off with how miserable, unpredictable and nightmarish that year was. I’m just gonna write what I don’t like and not complain why I didn’t like that year because I know I’m not the only one on this.


Batman: The Killing Joke – Now outside of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, DC Movies have gotten a bad rap last year and I noticed it since two of which ends up in worst lists by anybody and any publication for various reasons. But what about The Killing Joke? Seriously, this movie is a big fuck you to Alan Moore and Batman fans since they took the most definitive Joker story ever told and add in a prologue to ruin the story along with changes to Alan Moore-portion of the story that didn’t fare better. I already wrote a review for this and there’s three others in the list that also got reviewed so suffice to say, this is the worst movie of 2016 for me and that’s saying something and it may be the worst Batman movie I ever seen.

Independence Day: Resurgence – You know what’s not in this worst list because I haven’t seen the whole of it? Bad Santa 2 and Zoolander 2. And it’s mainly because I might think it might be okay when I get around to seeing these two but these two falls to the “overdue sequels” list but to the point where it might be unnecessary and ID:R is another point where it places there. While I still give respect for its alternate history approach and few acting scores, it’s a sequel that have been two movies instead of two movies crammed into one. There’s also the quality that lost the touch of the first movie and you can see the differences there since while the first has a high budget approach, this one looks painfully like it’s an Asylum knockoff even though The Asylum already did a rip-off of Independence Day last year. Uh, what do I say but it’s not worth it? Nothing really.

Pass Thru – This one is a surprise entry and let me tell you about the vanity director that is Neil Breen. I actually first came to know of his existence in an episode of Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst back in December 2015 and I laughed out loud that I want to see Double Down myself. And this movie along with Fateful Findings and I Am Here… Now! shows that even a real estate agent and architect can make movies but the kind that is schizophrenic to the point that he might fit well in a movie adaptation of Gene Ray’s Time Cube website.

Now Pass Thru is a bad alternate take of his previous movie I Am Here… Now! but if anything, it at least is a step up from the previous movie because there is so-bad-its-good enjoyment out of it including when it involves Neil Breen wiping away the bad part of humanity or him connecting to the CGI/Stock Footage tiger. So whenever Neil releases another movie, I’ll be ready to watch and hope his future work made it to the worst lists.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens – I don’t think there is much to discuss about the movie that what I already did in a review of this. It’s still my lesser favorite of the series and chances are that it might become a second lesser favorite once Sharknado 5… Earth 0! (yes, that’s the title and I actually got the title reference) and later movies come out. I might be wrong but out of all Sharknado movies, I didn’t like this one the most because I didn’t feel any enjoyment out of it so let’s just move on to the next movie.

Suicide Squad – Oh right, I already released a review of this just yesterday so um, is there much to talk about this? Well, I do have a controversial standpoint on saying this. Not only is this one of the worst movies to come out in 2016… but it’s also one of the best movies to come out in 2016! I don’t know why but it felt like the “best worst movie” to me and I already just talked about how bad it is so yeah, I wouldn’t mind watching how bad it is again. This list is not getting better so moving on.

Television Series

The X-Files – Outside of the first and last episode of this revived “Event Series” season of The X-Files, the whole thing is just plain bad and a total cheat. There is much to complain about this from having the weakest storylines I ever seen to having a character known as Agent Einstein to the episode that ruined my chance to rewatch the show ever again. That episode being the Suicide Bomber episode which not only is a poor way of ripping it from the headlines but also involves Mulder getting high on mushrooms, dancing to Achy Breaky Heart and hanging with the cameo fanservice ghosts of The Lone Gunman. There’s more to discuss but really, just watch the “My Struggle” two-parter and ignore the rest or get the Season 10 comics which handled the continuity better even if it’s now deemed non-canonical (even if it’s executive produced by Chris Carter himself).


Train – Play That Song – Wanna know something? They released and album that is simply called Train Does Led Zeppelin II and while it’s an album that has its proceeds that goes to charity, it’s them covering an album by Led Zeppelin which I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but suffice to say, it’s one that missed the list because I have little interest in hearing it. Outside of it, I am not a fan of Train but they used to be good once. This song however is not good and falls to the same issue Patrick Monahan fell when he did Hey Soul Sister. It is bland, unoriginal (even with melody from Heart and Soul incorporated in it) and forgettable. But given that they release a new album later this year, it depends if I will really forget it.

The Chainsmokers – Closer – This song has been hailed as a “Millennial Anthem” to some and I happen to be a Millennial in the sense that I’m born in 1984. However, I didn’t like it because of how lyrically bad it is and the repetitiveness of the beats and the overplaying quality. And this is the most hipster way of saying it but I liked Closer better when it’s a song by Nine Inch Nails but this, I didn’t like and yeah, it makes sense I didn’t since they got their start in a song called Selfie.

Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliott – Ghostbusters – Can I blame Pitbull for bringing back to the “soundtrack single tie-in” craze because I remember liking that mini-genre back when I was a kid in late 80s and throughout 90s and I think he’s responsible thanks to Men In Black 3 came out. After that, we have weakest form of the trend with movies like Pixels, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Suicide Squad (oh, how I wish I could talk about those few songs from that movie including the one where Joker stares at the screen in a Skrillex/Rick Ross music video) but while we do have good ones in Trolls and The Lego Movie, we still have to suffer with crap and this redo of Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters is the most painful thing I heard that year. I used to be a fan of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott back when they were at their peak and this collaboration is basically the only thing I hate about this movie.

Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know – I remember back when I thought Maroon 5 was rock band, how dumb was I think that? But honestly, ever since Move Like Jagger, I stopped caring about the band to the point that I hardly see them as a rock band and this song is just boring. The tune is weak, the chorus is repetitive and the video is unfunny. It also is sad that there’s even a remix featuring Kendrick Lamar which I don’t think I wanna hear since I like Kendrick but he did collaborate with the band before on Payphone. So yeah, Maroon 5 is fast becoming in the same place as U2 and Coldplay in a lists of bands that should be breaking up a long time ago. Uh, I didn’t like this song so boo on this one.

Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj – Side To Side – Since I brought up that Closer has an overplay quality, this one however has the way worst take of it. Out of all tracks, this is definite worst song of 2016 because it continued the production repetitiveness of music that I don’t like in these recent times and that it felt generic and bland. I actually heard few other songs by Ariana recently and I would complain the same effect but this, I hate this one more than Ghostbusters and Closer combined. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it and I still don’t like it the umpteenth time I heard it (and that reason is because my sister has different taste of music that I do since she’s younger than me so guess who likes this song).


Corey Feldman – Angelic 2 The Core – Okay, confession time. Back when I was a little kid, I honestly like Corey when it comes to movies like The Lost Boys, License To Drive and The Goonies and in a way, I still do because he does quality acting involved in some movies he starred in. As for his singing however, oh boy. I heard this album when I found out one of his tracks made it into crappy music subreddit and put myself in a endurance test not just for this album but his previous albums and there are range of differences in each album he has released. His first one is not good but I didn’t mind and his later ones is a different genre including the point when he tried to get into Nu-Metal phase but failing at it.

And now comes to Angelic 2 The Core which he had been working for over ten years and it is possibly his most passion project. The only issue is that it’s also him trying to be relevant in 2016 and it backfired badly thanks to this album, his Today performances and tweets from other celebrities defending him. Now I’m not saying Corey is bad and he has been through rough times with divorce, his buddy Corey Haim’s passing and his revealing past on being a victim of Hollywood’s Paedophile Ring that scarred him for life so I feel sorry for him. But still, his new album is at his low and I didn’t like a single track of it. Well okay, I did like Ascension Millennium but that first came out in 2014 and that is the funniest song I heard in recent times so I don’t know, look up The Needle Drop’s review of it and you see why this album is terrible from inside and out so Corey, I may like you but I think you should stop being a musician because you have done enough to the point where you keep getting hate.


Okay, this is probably the most interesting thing to say this but I think I haven’t read any comic last year that is considered for the list. Maybe there is something like David Finch’s run on Wonder Woman or something but not once have I picked a comic and didn’t like it. Maybe Civil War II since I’m not a fan of the predecessor mini-series but I only read the one released on Free Comic Book Day so as much I didn’t like 2016, it did one thing that I never expected – there’s no comic book that angered me enough to either pick up or avoid at all costs. I am sorry if that’s the case but fuck, there’s no worst comic(s) of 2016.

Yeah, this list strangely ends on an anti-climatic note but I will say that the best of lists are at least better by comparison. I don’t need to talk more about the awfulness of the year that ended on this past weekend so come back tomorrow to see what I liked (and hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass).


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