Janu-Fahey Month: Easy Rider – The Ride Back

January 12, 2017 § Leave a comment

Well, I went from a movie but an established director… to a movie co-written by a lawyer and a crooked one at best. Now today I’m looking at Easy Rider: The Ride Back which is an unofficial prequel/sequel to a 1969 classic with you know who so no need to talk about that movie. Instead, I’m talking about the sequel which is so bad that it made a list of Cracked’s 6 Movies You Didn’t Know Had Catastropic Unofficial Sequels with a sequel to Borat that’s so Anti-Borat it hurts and Time of the Apes which is already known as a MST3K fodder.


But this movie, oh boy. Unless you read the article I mentioned, this is a movie co-written by Phil Pitzer who was a lawyer who sued the original movie’s producers and stopped them from getting the rights back which in the end, they lost. And to make it hilarious, he cast himself in this movie as well so he’s going all Tommy Wiseau on us since he also produce. As for the director Dustin Rikert, nothing much since while he did co-write it as well, he direct both of other unknown movies. Also, did you know that this movie is so far the only movie Phil has ever done to date? Pray that he didn’t bring his other script Easy Rider: The Search Continues to life but hey, where does Jeff Fahey fit into this? Well, he stars in it but is that really it?


The film focuses primary on Morgan Williams (Phil Pitzer) whom ever since the seventies has little contact with his family and friends. As his sister Shane (Sheree J. Wilson) appears in his footsteps telling him to come home, he declines at first but decides that it’s finally time to go back and see his father Wild Bill (Newell Alexander) who’s living his remaining days in nothing but a wheelchair, memories of war and with his daughter. As Morgan rides his motorcycle, his friend Wes Coast (Jeff Fahey) joins in the ride and what follows is Morgan talking about his past along with Wes Coast while Bill tells a bit of his tale about his relationship with his son ended with his friend Andrew (Rance Howard).


It’s basically a tale involving the family of a Wyatt from the first movie who died near the end and it’s slightly not the “in-name-only” kind of sequel. However, it is still unofficial in this case and it’s a sequel that either nobody knew existed or somebody knew but don’t want it to get made and yet, it exists all thanks to a lawyer who pulled a dick move to those that made the first movie. In terms of theme, it’s entirely different since the first focus on two leads travelling across America in search of their answers while scoring some cash for selling dope. This movie however is about one of the leads’ brother reuniting with the family he has left and what’s Wyatt’s purpose in this is that Phil tries to be the worst cosplayer of Peter Fonda’s well-known character ever.


Okay, he’s a supporting character and has a bit of story but you immediately get distracted by Morgan and Wild Bill’s take on the family. At best, This movie is in the same sequel section as Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. Outside of Phil, the acting is there and Jeff did okay as Morgan’s biking partner but at times, it has bad acting as well and again, this is outside of Phil. I say that because if you wanna know how Phil himself acted, there is an easy explanation. This is first (and only) acting role and it shows on why he hasn’t taking much acting school or class before this so in short, he sucks at acting.


And lastly, there are many faults on this movie that’s not in acting and story wise. The soundtrack is dull and doesn’t connect to the music from the first movie since that one has the music of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Here, it’s either forgettable country music or music that’s sung by a Bryan Adams soundalike. It’s forgettable. And how it’s played is poor since at times, you can’t hear what the actors were saying. Maybe it’s only within the first act but then again, the audio mixing is not well done.


So to sum it all up, this is a  forgettable sequel and in terms of Jeff Fahey filmography, it’s only served for completist sake. And in terms of 1960s counterculture movies, it’s worth it only if you wanna see Easy Rider have a follow-up and I see why Jeff said yes to this because maybe he’s a fan of the first movie. But the thing is that it’s beneath him and this is just a fan-fic done by a former lawyer who hasn’t done much since this movie has been made. Well, he’s starring in a documentary coming out this year but chances are it’s probably filmed around the time of this movie’s release so I still stand by one question. So I’m done talking about it so I’ll get to possibly a good movie next week.


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