Janu-Fahey Month: Outback

January 22, 2017 § Leave a comment

So a movie starring Jeff Fahey that takes place in Australia which is where I live in, how should I take it? I mean it might be good or bad but would it matter really? Jeff Fahey in a movie taking place anywhere in the world or universe is always a question on how should I take it. I guess I should point out that it’s a Western movie so as a guy who has yet to take on Silverado, at least I’m doing a western movie anyway. Beyond that, I do see Jeff as a western type character because he has a bit of style there similar to John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.


And since it already sold me off, what about the filmmaker and well, this is good because we have Ian Berry who got his start in Ozploitation classic The Chain Reaction and does other movies like Robo Warriors which stars James Tolkan so yeah, I know James Remar is in it but if you know Janu-Fahey Month, you know my previous mention on Principal Strickland. And he did a children’s movie Joey which involves a Kangaroo that I hope is not voiced by Matt Le Blanc. He did little much except movies and television work so he went the similar route as Brian Trenchard Smith nowadays.


Taking place in the last year of the 19th century, this movie revolves around Alice Richards (Tushka Bergen) who is living in Minnamurra with a well-known house breeder James (Frederick Parslow). While she is starting her relationship with Jack Donaghue (Steven Vidler), she is also notice by James’ friend and trade owner Ben Creed (Jeff Fahey) who has a crush on her all while she is caught in a point of time where her place is facing financial troubles with neighbor Alleby (Shane Briant) and Jack’s corrupted partner Bill Thompson (Richard Moir) involved.


After her relationship with Jack ended and then fallen for Ben, Alice found a way to get her place back and that’s with Ben and Jack teaming up with other cowboys to transport her horses to Lord Kitchener (Robert Davis) so he and his troops all while Alleby’s goons try to get in their way. The plan worked with those goons killed and the horses transported and the movie ends with Alice and Creed living their lives in Minnamurra. Okay, in all honesty, this movie is good but not what I expected since in terms of western movies, I expect action which it did have and it also has romance and a bit of anything else. The thing about that is for a movie that’s supposed to cater to Western Action fans, it’s more direct to those that read those paperback romance novels.


Again, it’s good but has a sort-of misleading effect and I dislike how they went that way. Jeff is fine and so is Steve, Tushka and Richard Moir which I didn’t know he’s in it until I watched it. As a guy who remember watching two seasons of Round The Twist during my childhood, he is a bit of delight playing a mischief businessman but with his role being minimal. Even Jeff has a role that’s more supporting than Easy Rider 2 and he’s a credited main star of the movie. It’s okay for curiosity’s sake and I know it’s not the kind of western movie for me but hey, I watched it and it is what I got. Uh, this month is already feeling a bit difficult since we have a good first role of him and a bad role with him before getting to this one. But alright, next week I look at that disaster movie I mention back in my 100 Degrees Zero review and hope it doesn’t suck.


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