Janu-Fahey Month: Absolute Zero

January 30, 2017 § Leave a comment

I am now gonna look at a Jeff Fahey movie that in a way, I already looked before and that’s not a good sign. Okay, not long ago, I reviewed a little Asylum joint known as 100 Degrees Zero which he starred in and I referenced this movie on that review so why am I little excited by this? Well, I think I made a point about this sub-category of disaster movies that involves a lead character wanting to reunite with his or her family and I already look at those like Sharknado and 2012: Ice Age. I dislike this part of the genre so at best, I think I know how this movie is gonna end before watching it. I might be wrong since disaster movies doesn’t have that portion but I don’t know, disaster movies involving family surviving sucks for me.


And Absolute Zero is another The Day After Tomorrow knockoff which is so obvious that TV Tropes even mention it on mockbuster page so it doesn’t help. Maybe the director will give something so what has Robert Lee done? Oh crap, he has done episodes of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Uh, okay what about movies? Um, Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York which came out the same year as this movie I’m about to review? And both written by Sarah Watson? I am glad I got little to do after this movie so let’s just see how bad and predictable this movie is.


After a recent happening in Antarctica, Climatologist David Koch (Jeff Fahey) is sent there to investigate what is going on and discovered a cave with a body of an inhabitant that was frozen during the previous Ice Age along with cave paintings. His discovery is all happening while people around his area are surprisingly getting killed by ice-filled natural event which made him the only survivor in a land without any transport since it’s a disaster zone. But the movie didn’t tell us that since he immediately went back to his homeland of Miami while thinking the next ice age is happening shortly.


He is joined by friend and scientist Jeff (Michael Ryan) along with his student scientists AJ (Britt Irvin) and Phillip (Fred Ewanuick) on the investigation and is looking grim since Miami and most of America is gonna be set to absolute zero and making it an ice desert. Also, Jeff’s wife Bryn (Erika Eleniak) is involved in it along her daughter Sophie (Jessica Amlee) and David’s crooked money-hungry boss Dr Veet (Bill Dow). Okay, in truth, this movie is probably the better of those Climate Disaster films but mainly because it’s so bad and cheesy that I am honestly laughing my ass off with how inept this movie is.


I guess you could say that this is indeed a schlocky disaster movie with the usual scientific inaccuracies, the acting, the clichés and tropes and the dated visual effects. I can’t tell if Jeff enjoyed his own performance here since at times, it looks like it’s beneath him but he has been in bad movies before and the other cast members either have fun with it or took it seriously. Dr Veet is probably my least favorite character and I want him to die because he’s a stock antagonist and he did get that as the character to die after two before him and the only other least favorite is the news scenes involving which totally looks like it’s filmed someplace other than a actual newsroom.


It’s worth it for completists and bad movie night viewing sake and I could say it in any other way other than the fact that it’s at least better than the previous ones that I review… I think! But the month has come to an end and there’ll be another Janu-Fahey Month event sometime later this year which would be a different one but for now, I gonna go see what I should review next or better yet, photoshop Jeff in anything now.



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