(Star Trek) Renegades: The Requiem, Part 1

May 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Being a fan of Star Trek franchise since my childhood, I have seen a fair share of fan productions whether it’s Phase II/New Voyages which adapts unused episodic scripts or a TNG porn parody that would work as a standalone TNG episode if you’ve taken the sex scenes out. And in 2013, production started on Star Trek: Renegades which follows the events of the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager which familiar faces like Walter Koenig, Tim Russ and Robert Ricardo along with Edward Furlong and Sean Young join in the show.

The first episode finally premiered in 2015 due to patience and crowdfunding and it is an interesting take on the franchise with the cast of characters being more rebellious than the Marquis. It had good performances, interesting storyline and alright special effects if you get used to the low-budget fan productions aspect. So since then, fans were waiting for the follow-up but something happened. Paramount decide to change guidelines for fan films and fucked with the fanbase. Granted, the first half of the second installment of the series did came out but it doesn’t have the same feel.

So Renegades (formerly Star Trek: Renegades) focused on United Federation of Planets being on its troubling times so Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ) set up a team full of criminals and non-federation officials as led by Lexxa Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson) to discover what is tearing the centuries-old government apart. The first mission was somewhat successful with Lexxa and her crew to get along and have started adventures unlike any other. That was the first episode in a nutshell. Yeah, I leave out why the Federation is in crisis and who is Lexxa’s team-mates are because basically the second episode have a sense of ignoring and changing it big time.

While the synopsis of the second episode focused primary of Chekov to resign from his position and join the renegade crew while explaining further on what’s happening, anything seems off. Truly, the character names are intact and their motivations but it stopped being Star Trek fan production and attempt to be its own thing with the title of this episode itself as a giveaway clue since this will be Walter Koenig’s final performance as Chekov (and presumably Nichelle Nichols as Uhura) and after his final performance, anything that says Star Trek will be diminished with the possible exception of few characters I mention as well as having Shree (Courtney Peldon) whose species is Andorian, an alien race that is part of Star Trek franchise.

Another point is that the costume changes occur for Federation officials with insignia being absent and speaking of which, even the word “Federation” is changed to “Confederation”so now I’m assuming this is a Star Trek universe if the Confederates won the Civil War. Interesting change but also a bit unnecessary. A big one is also the change of cast. While Adrienne, Courtney and Gary Graham remained in the cast, few others didn’t and they got killed off either off-screen or on-screen in a poor fashion.

I hate to say this and I really do but The Requiem, Part 1 might be close enough to the least-favorite thing I’ve seen happening to the franchise and at least I say “close enough” because if the guidelines didn’t change and most of the cast didn’t quit, who knows if what I said is definite or not. The storyline may be interesting and some casting performances is fine but the changes put me off big time. It also got worst when there’s a Catina Bar-like sequence with Robert Beltran making the most pointless cameo as either Chakotay or somebody else but holding the gun and having one line before he literally disappeared.

Suffice to say, I don’t know what to say about the second part when it aired. I also have a sense of predictability regarding Chekov’s character and what happens next but if I’m the reviewer who defends Into Darkness despite it being criticized for a character being whitewashed and The Wrath of Khan similarlities, then I’m also the reviewer who can’t defend Star Trek: Renegades for taking the following words “Star Trek” off the title.


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