Accidental Love

June 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

I was afraid that it’ll come to this. Okay, first thing I should say about this is that I forgot to mention that my last review was basically the 200th article I have posted. I was assuming it would happen within a month but hey, I hit the big 200 and of course it’s me reviewing a crappy movie. Not Twilight-related but a crappy movie nonetheless. However, I can admit that the review was a bit anti-climatic because of how I stated that there’s little to talk about The Tooth Fairy II due to the fact that it has a similar synopsis as the first movie. But hey, it now comes to the second thing which is me reviewing Accidental Love and let me talk to you about Stephen Greene that some would be surprised about.

Stephen Greene

Now Stephen Greene is a director best known for such films as See You Next Wednesday and… fine fine, he doesn’t exist. In truth, this started out as a David O. Russell vehicle but due to financial difficulties which caused the film to be delayed, David quit the project to financial difficulties and went on to finish on The Fighter. But given the movie was left unfinished, the executives took over and try to finish it… four years later! Now back in my Best/Worst of 2015 retrospective, I mention this as being part of worst of due to the unfinished effect and nearly finish a review of it at that time. But as life imitates art, I finished it just this week so at least this review is all my doing.

David O Russell

The story revolves around Alice Eckle (Jessica Biel) who was living a good life with her working as a diner waitress with Scott (James Marsden), her boyfriend and sheriff who’s a dreamboat to girls around him. As Scott takes Alice to the date, it was going smooth but with a guy fixing the restaurant’s logo near them, it didn’t go exactly as planned. And then, Alice got accidentally struck by a nail from the worker’s nail gun and she has gone to hospital to get her fixed. Again, it didn’t work exactly as planned since she doesn’t have insurance and Doctor Turnstall (Bill Hader) abort the operation. With Alice still alive but with a nail stuck inside her head, she needs help and discovers Representative Howard Birdwell (Jake Gyllenhaal) so it’s up to her to go to Washington with the aid of Reverend Norm (Kurt Fuller) and Keyshawn (Tracy Morgan), both whom has something abnormal that the hospital can’t help.

Jessica Biel

Alice finds romance with Howard but Howard himself is facing a political crisis as well as his manhood with former astronaut turned representative Pam Hendrickson (Catherine Keener) finding ways to not let a healthcare that helped Alice go through which includes causing Speaker Buck McCoy (James Brolin) to not revived from stroke, fake-outing a prepubescent scout girl (?!?) and so on. In the end, Howard finds his ways and the healthcare quietly goes through which ends with Alice and Howard as lovers, Keyshawn finding his own and Scott moving on with his former love.


There is not much said about this movie but I can see it being a mess. For one, I’ve seen movies like Flirting With Disaster and I Heart Huckabees to know it’s David O. Russell’s style of filming and there is very little style here but I can’t tell which is which. Some scenes were filmed in dutch angle but others look like it’s filmed differently and the humor is a bit slapstick but the only time I laughed is Jake Gyllenhaal acting like he’s trying out-cage Nic Cage and Paul Reubens videobombing himself in the news. Speaking of actors involved, does anybody know that James Caan was originally in the role for Buck? If the answer is no, then be surprised because a set photo of him is featured in the back of the DVD.


It’s also a very dated movie even by the time it was released with Obamacare passed into law at that time so why was this released is beyond me. I can’t bear myself to watch this again because it looks like a movie but it’s missing something. This is executive meddling at its finest and I don’t know why what was unfinished is then finished with the hands of few financiers and a former executive of Capitol who assembled it. If Alan Smithee pseudonym remained intact, this would be as big as Burn Hollywood Burn and I don’t mean it as a good way. But if there’s anything to say about this, it’s that at least I finished the review in my own writing and editing skills and with nobody taking my place on this.


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