The Duke Of Burgundy

June 11, 2017 § Leave a comment

It’s June which is already known as LGBT Pride Month and given that I did a theme month involving LGBT-centric movies last year, I enjoyed it so much that I’m doing it again. Now going by random order like last time, I perhaps start off with a lesbian-themed movie and I do say movie instead of graphic novel series unlike last time. However, I do say that like Sunstone, this movie also has BDSM theme but in a more surreal direction. I also do note that it’s been said by some to be a lesbian version of 50 Shades of Grey which I’m unsure is a good or bad thing since I just mentioned 50 Shades in this review… and I have yet to review that one!

50 Shades Of Black

The first movie I’m reviewing for LGBT Pride Month is The Duke of Bungundy and it’s a fourth directorial effort by Peter Strickland whom I should really talk about because oh shit, has nobody seen Berberian Sound Studio? It must be seen (and heard) to be believed. He also did other stuff with Katalin Varga and one live concert film by Bjork but again, watch Berberian Sound Studio before reading this review, you would thank me later. Sorry, I got off-track there so uh, let me just review this one before I review the other one instead.


Taking place in presumably the 1970s, we meet Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) who not only studies lepidopterlogy also works as a maid in home belonging to Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen). Her work as a maid went into BDSM territory as Evelyn falls for Cynthia through punishment whenever she didn’t complete her task. Their relationship started out fine but Cynthia has second thoughts and it’s due to the fact that she’s older than Evelyn and fears that her age would affect it. And after Evelyn discovered a trunk that is considered her “punishment”, both her and Cynthia decide to go with it.


At first, the idea worked but Cynthia has some concerns and later discovered that Evelyn is trying to have her “punishment” for somebody else. Evelyn apologizes and still stays with Cynthia but their issues haven’t resolved until later and they decided to go back to the original plan ending the movie with their romance still intact.


This movie is a nostalgic mix of 1970s Jess Franco movie and a bit of David Lynch nightmarish fuel along the way. It also felt a bit post-apocalyptic with the fact that this is a movie where the cast is all female and no male in sight so I don’t know how Peter pulled it off but he did… with some females being barely seen mannequins. Heck, both Sidse and Chiara act a bit like dolls in some parts especially when Evelyn went to another world filled with butterflies and dreamy atmosphere. And lastly, the score by Cat’s Eyes adds to the flavor which makes us wonder what happens if Alison Goldfrapp decide to do a tribute to Julee Cruise.


It is worth checking and as much as this movie is erotic, it is almost safe-for-work with the exception of some sexual sequences. I know this review is short but I got heaps to do at this time so hope it’s understandable. I however don’t know how to tell you about the next movie I review… It is um, confusing and messed up! Not spoiling but let’s just say that Generation X era has some messed up movies so until then.


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