Boy Meets Girl

June 22, 2017 § Leave a comment

Gonna do something different this month and it is a movie of course but we live in a world where internet culture is all around us and celebrities first got famous in the internet scene before hitting mainstream. With stars like Lily Allen and Grumpy Cat, it seems the term “fifteen minutes of fame” is starting to no longer apply but it’s still around for now. And as part of LGBT Pride Movies month, I am looking at Boy Meets Girl, a 2014 movie that stars Michelle Hendley, a transgender female who first got famous as a YouTube blogger.

And there is a little to talk about director Eric Schaeffer since why he does make movies and television series before or after this movie, he also is actor when it comes to stuff like Spanglish, One Night At McCool’s and Gravity. And he’s also a blogger thanks to him writing I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single which got turned into a book and reality television series of the same name. So he knows internet, movie and acting. One thing I should add is that prior to reviewing this movie, I honestly never heard of him but who knows, maybe after this movie, I might look into more of his stuff so off to the movie first.

Taking place in Kentucky, this movie focuses of Ricky (Michelle Hendley) who’s a barista living in a small town with her family as well as her best friend Robby (Michael Welch). She does also have dreams which is to be a designer in New York as well as finding love. Her search for love takes an unexpected turn when she meets Francesca (Alexandra Turshen) who’s a wealthy girl engaged to David (Michael Galante), a marine soldier who’s nearly done his duty in Afghanistan. Their meeting went from friends first but they developed an affair which not only later angers David but frustrated Robby since he knows Ricky in high school and the fact that he dislikes her for transphobic reasons.

The affair has David gone all transphobic and wanting to know if Francesca slept with Ricky before the movie gave a twist with the fact that Ricky lost her virginity years ago with David and they kept their sex happening a secret. It didn’t take long until Francesca admit it and then David does the same and drops the transphobic act. As for Ricky, she is not only unhappy with breaking up with Francesca but that she didn’t get accepted to school for her fashion designing. Her unhappiness lead to fight with Robby before she storms out but not before Ricky’s little brother Sam (Joseph Ricci) showed Robby a video involving Ricky’s teenage past.

Robby finds Ricky and admits what he said is wrong as well as declaring his love to her. On to the following days, Robby helps Ricky out without her knowledge by setting a pledge site involving her fashion designs and upon discovering it, she has enough money to go to New York and tries again but with her best friend turned lover in the side. Now this is a pretty different kind of movie I reviewed to be honest since it is proper love story that is down to earth and almost felt biographical which is noticeable.

Like Michelle, Ricky is a video blogger and might be a famous one since David showed a YouTube video of her and Francesca upon his return to Kentucky. There are differences really like the fact that Michelle is interest in Cosmetology before being discovered by the director. And the sexual portion of the movie is pretty explanatory even by dramedy standards, Ricky talks to Robby about the differences of sex with male and female since her orientation is her choice. To keep in mind, transgender applies to any sexuality whether it’s heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality so everybody in any gender has different attraction.

The movie is actually good and worth seeking out if you want a love story that’s not in Nicolas Sparks writing territory. Michelle is good in her acting debut and Michael is also good which reminds me, he does act outside of Twilight series and I had seen him in Z Nation which is a ridiculous zombie show that I like so he has acting qualities. The dialogue is sharp, the storytelling is quirky and good and the development is fine. It’s an indie movie that deserved to be recognised and I won’t forget this. Now the month is drawing to a close so next time, I’m looking at another indie movie but it’s the one that is now becoming more known… thanks to an award show that ended in the most accidental way possible. Yeah, it’s that movie.


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