The Bibleman Show: The Six Lies Of The Fibbler

July 9, 2017 § Leave a comment

Returning to my lookback series of reviews and it has been this long hasn’t it since this is the third Bibleman episode I’m reviewing and the last time I look at the show was five years ago. So much has radically changed since then and I have that much catching up to do so this week I am looking at an episode entitled The Six Lies Of The Fibbler and already I am concerned about the title. I mean, I get what the word “Fibbler” means since it’s a mix of fibber and liar but uh, it’s a children’s show and had I not known what that word means, I would have mistaken it for a supervillain who’s into children in a Stranger Danger manner.

But I do need to recap a bit about Bibleman and I find it a bit surprise that I didn’t look much in the back story on my previous two reviews. Bibleman is a show created by former child star Willie Aames and it not gained three different incarnations but also spawned live shows, an animated series, action figures and even a board game. Really, there’s also a video game that got few infamous reviews on YouTube. I did bring up years ago that it spawned a parody on MadTV in which Michael McDonald took on the role on Bibledube and I should reviewing those but given that each sketch’s runtime is few minutes, it’s best to stick where it’s parodied from instead.

The episode begins in the home of Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) as he walks to get his helmet. Also, his home looks like a mix of medieval batcave and 1950s horror movie laboratory with chemicals. We then meet with Ashley (Ashley Perry) who’s late to see her friends for their forthcoming rehearsal and under control by the villainous known as The Fibbler (Bill Murphy) who hides in the tree, she gives lying excuses to her friends. Bibleman himself appears and checks on the rehearsal but thought he saw something but forgets about it quickly.

Ashley’s friend Ryan (Roman Sienkiewicz) then apologizes for starting the argument and thought she could help out a cassette tape full of their music. Later on, The group performs on church and was set to perform more but Ashley forgot and continues to lie in front of her friends and Miles, even with The Fibbler in the room controlling her actions in front of her and her friends. Miles changes to Bibleman later and greets people before he finally notice The Fibbler and have a lightsaber-like fight.

The fight is stopped by one of Ashley’s friends who mentioned Ashley quits the group and The Fibbler disappeared. As Bibleman returns to the Eagle Gate (which is the name of his headquarters thanks to a narration speak during this episode), he checks on profiles of villains he fought like…

He then discovers The Fibbler’s profile and thanks lord for this. On the following day, Ashley’s friends talk about them letting Ashley know that they are there for her. Miles comes in and they left but not before he talks to one of them about what’s going on. He changes into Bibleman and meets with Ashley in an empty playground (again, nothing creepy at all) about what’s going on. After few bible verses and talk, Bibleman wants Ashley to be honest and she accepts before he presumably sends her home.

Ashley meets with her friends and apologizes to her friends about her lies. They forgiven her which angered The Fibbler. He then got discovered by Bibleman and they fought again before The Fibbler is defeated and killed off by his lightsaber electrocution. The episode then ends with Miles thanking god and the group performing their song even when the credits start rolling so yeah, the episode needs to finish up fast.

Okay, outside of musical numbers and few weird paedophilac-like overtones, this episode is pretty okay. It really has been five years since I’ve seen this and oh boy, there is more to look forward to so I’ll be looking at The Bibleman Show sometime in the future so much your calendar when I’m looking at Silencing The Gossip Queen in 2022. Fine fine, I shouldn’t lie but I will be looking at that episode within the next few weeks. That, and I’ll watch others within this year and later. Either that or I’ll be looking at Bibledude instead.


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